Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
Kaguya-sama - Love is War, volume 1.jpg
The cover of the first volume.
かぐや様は告らせたい ~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~
(Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Ren'ai Zunōsen)
GenreRomantic comedy[1]
Written byAka Akasaka
Published byShueisha
English publisher
  • Miracle Jump (2015—2016)
  • Weekly Young Jump (2016—present)
Original runMay 19, 2015 – present
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Dōjin-ban
Written byShinta Sakayama
Published byShueisha
MagazineTonari no Young Jump
Original runJune 14, 2018 – present
Kaguya-sama o Kataritai
Written byG3 Ida
Published byShueisha
MagazineWeekly Young Jump
Original runJuly 26, 2018 – present
Anime television series
Directed byMamoru Hatakeyama
Written byYasuhiro Nakanishi
Music byKei Haneoka
StudioA-1 Pictures
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, GTV, GYT, BS11, MBS, CTV, TVN
Original run January 12, 2019 – present
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War (Japanese: かぐや様は告らせたい ~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~, Hepburn: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Ren'ai Zunōsen, lit. "Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to: The Geniuses' War of Love and Brains") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. The series is published in English by Viz Media. Two spinoff manga launched in 2018, and an anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered in January 2019.


Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya appear to be the perfect couple. Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family, and Miyuki is the top student at the school and well-known across the prefecture. Although they like each other, they are too proud to confess their love as they believe whoever does so first would lose. The story follows their many schemes to make the other one confess.



Kaguya Shinomiya (四宮 かぐや, Shinomiya Kaguya)
Voiced by: Aoi Koga[2]
The titular character of the series, Kaguya is the vice president of Shuchiin Academy's student council. She has black hair and ruby eyes. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and wealthy girl with her family owning one of the largest business conglomerates in Japan.Ch. 1 Initially, she was a cold-hearted and calculating girl who had very few friends besides her personal assistant Ai and junior high friend Chika prior to joining the student council. Throughout the series, both she and Miyuki strive to make the other person confess their love to them, mutually treating the situation as a game of sorts. Her knowledge about relationships and sex is extremely limited due to her upbringing, to the point where she originally thought "doing it" was about a kiss. She is occasionally jealous of Chika's outgoing personality and bust size. In addition to student council, she participates in the archery club.Ch. 28 Despite her moments of appearing murderous and cunningly evil, Kaguya is a very kind girl who cares deeply for her friends and does what she think is right regardless of her family's motto of never trusting others.
Miyuki Shirogane (白銀 御行, Shirogane Miyuki)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa[2]
Miyuki is the student council president of Shuchiin Academy.Ch. 1 He is the top student of the school who has also placed second overall in national mock exams, much of it is through studying all the time.Ch. 4 Miyuki has light, messy hair, and a glaring look, a result of lacking sleep and drinking coffee regularly. He engages in mental battles with his colleague Kaguya in order to get her to confess to him, and tries to avoid being the confessor or in an embarrassing situation, imagining that Kaguya could then look down on him and say, "How cute". Miyuki is inexperienced with romance and relationships, despite being regularly asked by classmates for advice on them. He struggles with physical sports that involve skills, although that is not because of lack of strength or stamina, as he commutes to school by bicycle.Ch. 23 He has a paralyzing fear of bugs, especially cockroaches.Ch. 7, 15 He is also a poor singer, having faked singing the school's anthem for years.Ch. 33 Some of his weakness he is able to overcome with hard effort and training by Chika. Because his father is unemployed and his mother does not support them, he and his sister Kei often take part-time jobs.
Chika Fujiwara (藤原 千花, Fujiwara Chika)
Voiced by: Konomi Kohara[3]
Chika is the student council secretary of Shuchiin Academy. She is a very cheerful and friendly girl with fair skin, shoulder-length silver hair (light pink in the anime adaptation), busty chest (compared to Kaguya's), and blue eyes; she wears a black bow on her bangs. She appears clueless to the romantic scheming between Kaguya and Miyuki, but has been friends with Kaguya since junior high.Vol. 1, Ch. 7 profile, Ch. 20 She comes from a notable political family: her great-grandfather was a prime minister, her uncle is a government official, and her mother was a diplomat.[1] She is the second of three sisters in her family.Vol. 4 Her father is fairly strict, screening her from reading racy material such as shojo manga or playing video games. She also has a dog named Pesu.Ch. 8
Chika's hobbies include German strategy board games, puzzles, and "subculture" (non-mainstream) activities.Ch. 7 profile At school she is a member of the traditional games club, which plays tabletop games,Ch. 28 and she is also gifted in music, having won piano competitions when she was younger, and directing the class song.Ch. 33 There are several stories where Chika has intensively coached and trained Miyuki on skills that the latter lacks, such as playing volleyball, singing, overcoming fear of blood and guts, and traditional dancing. After each session, she vows not to teach him anymore, but succumbs to his pleas that call her a dependable friend or the only one who can help.Ch. 23, 33, 49, 84 Ai Hayasaka considers her a formidable rival due to her unpredictable behavior.Ch. 29 Academically she ranks in the middle of her class; her grades have dropped because of all the time she spends dealing with Miyuki and Kaguya.Ch. 30
Ai Hayasaka (早坂 愛, Hayasaka Ai)
Voiced by: Yumiri Hanamori[3]
Ai is Kaguya's personal assistant and childhood friend; having grown up with her when they were babies, and later when they were seven.Vol. 2, Ch. 29 profile Her family has been serving the Shinomiyas for generations.Ch. 19 She has short strawberry blond hair. At school, she acts like a popular fashionable girl who wears her skirt short, a loose collar, fancy nails, and accessories, all of which push the dress code.Ch. 25, 29 She keeps her association with Kaguya a secret from Miyuki and Chika. When Miyuki visits, she dresses as a maid named Smithy A. Hayaska (スミシー・A・ハーサカ, Sumishī A hāsaka),Ch. 35 who attends an all-girls school and who flirts with Miyuki.Ch. 58 When Chika visits, she dresses as a male butler. Ai is more socially aware than Kaguya, and can be calculative at times, but is also very sensitive as she too longs for a normal high school life and a boyfriend, which results in her teasing Kaguya frequently.Ch. 42 She eventually tells Miyuki who she really is and becomes his friend, while teasing Kaguya that friendship is the first step to a relationship.Ch. 108
Yu Ishigami (石上 優, Ishigami Yū)
Voiced by: Ryōta Suzuki[3]
Yu is Shuchiin Academy's student council treasurer and an underclassman to the other members.Ch. 24 He is a dark-haired boy with an emo-looking haircut with bangs covering one of his eyes. The second son of a small toy manufacturer, he only attended school because his father forced him to, and was a truant until Miyuki recruited him to be treasurer. He usually keeps to himself and wears headphones while playing video games out of his portable game console, however, he is a keen observer of people, noticing things that other do not wish to reveal, but occasionally getting in trouble for pointing out those things.Ch. 28, profile He is afraid Kaguya might kill him because Kaguya tends to give him threatening glares and comments.Vol. 3 Chika will also occasionally beat him up for making inappropriate comments.Vol. 3
As the story goes on, Yu becomes more open with the council, particularly with Kaguya who begins to enjoy his presence as a junior, as he's shown to be very honest and sincere of others to the point where he will damage his own reputation in order to save others from being hurt. A background story reveals that in junior high, he tried to protect a girl that he liked from her potentially abusive boyfriend, but got suspended and was then shunned by her and his classmates. When Yu randomly joins the cheer squad, Miyuki is able to figure out his back story and supports him. He overcomes the trauma of seeing the girl again.Ch. 85-90 He starts to like Tsubame, his senior and the vice-captain of the cheer squad. During the school festival, he casually gives Tsubame a heart-shaped gift, but is unaware that it symbolized that he was confessing to her.
Miko Iino (伊井野 ミコ, Iino Miko)
Miko is a first-year student and a classmate of Yu. A member of the discipline committee, she first appears at the end of Miyuki's first student council term, where she runs as a competing candidate for the next student council president. She wishes to impose more orderly and proper behavior on the students, with rules such as: making guys have crew cuts, having girls wear long skirts, and forbidding relationships. Despite being outspoken and strongly opinionated, she is very shy and fearful of public speaking. She is only able to speak her mind at the candidate speeches when Miyuki changes the situation into a one-on-one conversation and debate. Although she loses the election, she gets a sizable number of votes; her peers, who had made fun of her previous pathetic turnouts, begin to respect and admire her. She then joins the student council as an auditing officer.Vol. 7
Miko comes from a family of skilled attorneys. Academically she is at the top of her class. She admires Chika for her music skills as a pianist, but loathes Yu for being lazy and not taking schoolwork seriously. She occasionally thinks of Miyuki and Kaguya to be a massive playboy or sadistically evil respectively, as she has often caught them in inappropriate romantic situations.Vol. 7 She listens to messages that boost her self-esteem.Ch. 95


Nagisa Kashiwagi (柏木 渚, Kashiwagi Nagisa)
Voiced by: Momo Asakura[4]
Nagisa is a classmate who occasionally asks Kaguya about what to do in her relationships.Ch. 16, 48 Early in the series, she is confessed to by a classmate, and ends up accepting.Ch. 6 She has short dark hair and wears a double-banded hairpin on one side. She is the daughter in a wealthy shipbuilding family.[5] She academically ranks in the top ten of the class.Ch. 30 She later observes that perhaps Kaguya and Miyuki do like each other.Ch. 52 She exhibits many girlfriend behaviors such as talking a lot, being moody, or even jealous to the point where she hires a private detective to spy on her boyfriend to see if he is having an affair, later making up with him by being very physically bold and passionate.Ch. 76, 96 She is one of the few people that Kaguya confides in when she faces romantic issues, and vice versa.
Kashiwagi's boyfriend (男子生徒, Danshi seito, lit. "male student")
Voiced by: Taku Yashiro[4]
Kashiwagi's boyfriend is a classmate who regularly asks Miyuki for love advice. When Miyuki recommends he boldly confess to Kashiwagi, he does so, and they become a couple. He is the son of a hospital director.Ch. 6 His name is later revealed to be Tsubasa, but they continue to refer to him as Kashiwagi's Boyfriend.Ch. 109[6] His cluelessness about sharing details about his successful relationship annoys the council members.
Kei Shirogane (白銀 圭, Shirogane Kei)
Voiced by: Sayumi Suzushiro[4]
Kei is Miyuki's little sister who is the student council treasurer in the junior high school. Kaguya admires her because she is much like her brother as she is fairly serious; that being with her is like being with Miyuki.Ch. 39, 52 She is also very budget conscious, taking on a part-time newspaper delivery job to help her family pay the bills. She is rebellious when it comes to interacting with her brother, finding him to be annoying and not fashionable, but still cares for him and ensures that he presents a good image when he is in front of her classmates. She is good friends with the Fujiwaras both her classmate Moeha, and Chika. Despite not interacting with Kaguya much, Kei tries to get to know Kaguya better and is happy when she makes little breakthroughs.Ch. 52
Moeha Fujiwara (藤原 萌葉, Fujiwara Moeha)
Moeha is Chika's little sister who is in junior high.Ch. 39, 52 She is the student council vice-president at the junior high. She admires Miyuki as well and hopes to confess someday. She has a habit of voicing dark ideas, which unnerve Kaguya a great deal.
Kobachi Osaragi (大仏 こばち, Osaragi Kobachi)
Kobachi is Miko's classmate with the glasses and a member of the disciplinary committee.Ch. 85 She has been looking after Miko for over 10 years.Ch. 103 She later starts to date the Captain of the Cheer Club.
Tsubame Koyasu (子安 つばめ, Koyasu Tsubame)
Tsubame is a third-year student who is vice-captain of the cheer squad and a rhythmic gymnast. She is very popular. She encourages Yu in the cheering activities. Later on Yu inadvertently confesses to her, much to her and everyone else's shock. While she initially intends to reject him gently, Kaguya convinces her to think on it, and learn more about Yu before deciding. She decides to respond to his confession later, without realizing that he does not even know he has confessed.
Maki Shijo (四条 眞妃, Shijō Maki)
Maki is a classmate and friend of Nagisa. She has short hair styled in short pigtails. She is friends with Nagisa and is secretly jealous of Nagisa's relationship with her boyfriend, as she too liked Kashiwagi's Boyfriend, but could not confess before. As a branch member of the Shinomiya clan, she is Kaguya's second cousin twice removed so she sometimes refers to Kaguya as "Auntie". Miyuki and Yu observe she acts very tsundere (cold on the outside but wanting to be affectionate), and similar to Kaguya in personality.Ch. 89 She declares Yu and Miyuki as her friends, due to their support in helping her process her failed romance, much to Kaguya's horror (Since it would mean that Miyuki has another female friend).
Karen Kino (紀 かれん(きの かれん), Kino Karen) and Erika Kose (巨瀬 エリカ(こせ エリカ), Kose Erika)
Kaguya's schoolmates in the mass media club who are the subject of the spinoff series Kaguya-sama o Kataritai . They idolize the student council but have no real clue what they do. Karen has light brown straight hair and is the daughter of the CEO of a major publishing company.Ch. 12 Erika has black hair styled in a ponytail and the daughter of a family that makes miso.Ch. 15



Aka Akasaka launched the series in the June issue of Shueisha's Miracle Jump magazine on May 19, 2015.[7][8] The series switched to the publisher's seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump on March 24, 2016.[9][8] A special chapter ran in the debut issue of Young Jump Gold on May 18, 2017.[10] North American publisher Viz Media announced their license to the series during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con International on July 20, 2017.[8] A spinoff manga by Shinta Sakayama, titled Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Dōjin-ban (かぐや様は告らせたい 同人版, lit. "Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to - Dōjin Edition"), launched on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website on June 14, 2018, and is serialized on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.[11] A yonkoma spinoff, written by G3 Ida and titled Kaguya-sama o Kataritai (かぐや様を語りたい, lit. "We Want to Talk About Kaguya"), launched in Young Jump on July 26, 2018. The yonkoma focuses on two newspaper/press club girls who idolize Kaguya and the gang but have no clue what really goes on inside the student council.[11]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 March 18, 2016[12]ISBN 978-4-08-890432-0March 6, 2018[13]ISBN 978-1-9747-0030-1
  1. "I Will Make You Invite Me to a Movie"
  2. "I Will Make You Play Old Maid"
  3. "I Don't Know Kaguya All That Well
  4. "Miyuki Wants to Figure Out the Answer"
  5. "Kaguya Wants It"
  1. "Miyuki Wants to Hide His Ignorance"
  2. "Chika Wants to Go Somewhere"
  3. "Kaguya Wants to Be Figured Out"
  4. "Kaguya Wants to Walk"
  5. "The Student Council Wants to Play a Prank"
Chika gives a pair of movie tickets to Miyuki but he tries to set up his invitation to Kaguya so as to not make it a love confession. Kaguya, who had planted the tickets, tries to use her acting emotions to sway Miyuki. Kaguya and Miyuki agree to play a game of old maid where the winner gets to command the loser to do something. Miyuki wins, and takes one of the movie tickets, saying Kaguya can do whatever she wants with the other one. They show up at the theater at the same time, but Kaguya hesitates on picking a seat next to Miyuki without telling him she wants to sit next to him. Later, Chika shares some word/phrase puzzles with Kaguya. Miyuki cannot help but listen in, but struggles to solve them. When Miyuki brings his homemade lunch and shares some with Chika, Kaguya glares angrily at the two. A boy asks Miyuki for love advice while Kaguya listens in. Chika wants to go on a summer trip for the student council; Miyuki and Kaguya debate whether to go to the mountains or the ocean. Kaguya challenges Miyuki to a game of 20 questions to see if he knows what she likes. Kaguya has to walk to school. While Miyuki is napping at his desk, Kaguya tries to influence his REM sleep, but Chika arrives and plays a prank.
2 July 19, 2016[14]ISBN 978-4-08-890468-9May 1, 2018[15]ISBN 978-1-9747-0031-8
  1. "Kaguya Wants to Trade"
  2. "Kaguya Wants to be Stopped"
  3. "Kaguya Wants to Put Her Lips on It"
  4. "Miyuki Shirogane Still Hasn't Done It"
  5. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Escape"
  1. "Kaguya Wants to Handle It"
  2. "Kaguya Wants Affection"
  3. "The Student Council Wants It to Be Said"
  4. "Kaguya Wants Him to Send It"
  5. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Talk"
Miyuki tries to get Kaguya to ask him for his LINE ID on his new smartphone, while Kaguya, who had secretly arranged the circumstances, does the same. When Kaguya gets a love letter, Miyuki tries to stop her from going without confessing. While having coffee, the cups accidentally get switched, causing Miyuki to struggle with the implications of an indirect kiss. When Chika and Miyuki read a women's magazine article about teens doing it, Kaguya thinks it's not a big deal, misunderstanding the euphemism. While organizing some boxes, Miyuki is paralyzed by a cockroach, while Kaguya tries to use the opportunity to act scared in order to get closer to Miyuki. A girl asks Kaguya for advice on whether she should break up with her boyfriend, when Chika intervenes with her own plans. When Chika gives cat ears to Kaguya and Miyuki, the latter two become really shy because of the cuteness of each other's appearances. The council plays the forbidden word game. Kaguya hesitates about texting Miyuki, so her assistant Ai Hayasaka has her call him instead. At the event with the French high school student council, Miyuki discovers he is the least fluent of the Japanese student council members in French, so he tries hard to pretend to know what's going on.
3 October 19, 2016[16]ISBN 978-4-08-890508-2July 3, 2018[17]ISBN 978-1-9747-0032-5
  1. "Kaguya Wants to Be Covered"
  2. "Chika Fujiwara Wants to Be Eaten"
  3. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Show Off"
  4. "Yu Ishigami Wants to Live"
  5. "Kaguya Wants to Be Noticed"
  1. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Work"
  2. "Kaguya Wants to Control It"
  3. "Kaguya Wants Him to Join In"
  4. "Ai Hayasaka Wants to Stave Them Off"
  5. "Miyuki Shirogane Can't Lose"
Kaguya and Miyuki try to get each other to ask to share an umbrella. Chika and Kaguya read a shojo manga comic that has some racy scenes. When Miyuki realizes he can't play volleyball to support a school club, Chika coaches him. Treasurer Yu Ishigami wants to quit the student council because he is afraid that Kaguya will kill him. Ai does Kaguya's nails so Kaguya can get Miyuki to notice. Kashiwagi's boyfriend asks for Miyuki advice on holding hands, Chika (along with Kaguya) intervenes again. Chika discovers that Kaguya can't stop laughing when the word "wiener" is mentioned. Yu talks with Miyuki about balancing the books and whether to raise club fees. Ai alters Miyuki's coffee so that he falls asleep next to Kaguya, and tries to distract Chika and the others from entering the student council room. The student council prepares for semester final exams.
4 January 19, 2017[18]ISBN 978-4-08-890572-3September 4, 2018[19]ISBN 978-1-9747-0049-3
  1. "Chika Fujiwara Wants to Test You"
  2. "Kaguya Wants To Be Hated"
  3. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Sing"
  4. "Kaguya Wants To Take Him Home"
  5. "Chika Fujiwara Wants to Pay a Visit"
  1. "About Kaguya Shinomiya, Part 1"
  2. "Kaguya Won't Forgive"
  3. "Kaguya Wants to Forgive"
  4. "Kaguya Wants Her to Say It"
  5. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Go Somewhere"
5 April 19, 2017[20]ISBN 978-4-08-890623-2November 6, 2018[21]ISBN 978-1-9747-0050-9
  1. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to See You"
  2. "Ai Hayasaka Wants to Get Soaked"
  3. "Chika Fujiwara Really Wants to Eat it"
  4. "I Can't Hear the Fireworks, Part 1"
  5. "I Can't Hear the Fireworks, Part 2"
  1. "Kaguya Doesn't Want to Avoid Him"
  2. "Kaguya Wants Him to Choose"
  3. "The Student Council Has Not Achieved Nirvana"
  4. "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Gut It"
  5. "Kaguya Wants to Celebrate"
6 July 19, 2017[22]ISBN 978-4-08-890702-4January 1, 2019[23]ISBN 978-1-9747-0138-4
7 October 19, 2017[24]ISBN 978-4-08-890762-8March 5, 2019[25]ISBN 978-1-9747-0139-1
8 January 19, 2018[26]ISBN 978-4-08-890840-3
9 April 19, 2018[27]ISBN 978-4-08-890891-5
10 June 19, 2018[28]ISBN 978-4-08-891041-3
11 September 19, 2018[29]ISBN 978-4-08-891094-9
12 December 19, 2018[30]ISBN 978-4-08-891178-6


An anime television series adaptation was announced by Shueisha on June 1, 2018.[31] The series will be directed by Mamoru Hatakeyama and written by Yasuhiro Nakanishi, with animation by A-1 Pictures. Yuuko Yahiro is providing the character designs, while Jin Aketagawa is the sound director. Kei Haneoka is composing the series' music.[32] The series premiered on January 12, 2019, broadcasting on MBS, Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, Chukyo TV, and TV Niigata.[32][33] The series is listed for 12 episodes.[34] Masayuki Suzuki, Rikka Ihara, and Yoshiki Mizuno performs the series' opening song "Love Dramatic feat. Ihara Rikka," while Halca performs the series' ending theme song "Sentimental Crisis."[3][35] Aniplex of America have acquired the series in North America, and are streaming the series on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and FunimationNow.[36] In Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab is simulcasting the series within the region.[37]

No. Title[38][39] Original air date[40]
1"I Will Make You Invite Me to a Movie"
Transcription: "Eiga ni Sasowasetai" (Japanese: 映画に誘わせたい)
"Kaguya Wants to Be Stopped"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Tomeraretai" (Japanese: かぐや様は止められたい)
"Kaguya Wants It"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Itadakitai" (Japanese: かぐや様はいただきたい)
January 12, 2019 (2019-01-12)
Chika has movie tickets to give to Miyuki, who puzzles over whether to invite Kaguya. However, Kaguya, who had planted the tickets, wants Miyuki to invite her. When Kaguya gets a love letter, Miyuki tries to stop her from going without confessing. When Miyuki brings his homemade lunch and shares some with Chika, Kaguya glares angrily at the two and gets jealous of their feeding each other.
2"Kaguya Wants to Trade"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Kōkan Shitai" (Japanese: かぐや様は交換したい)
"Chika Wants to Go Somewhere"
Transcription: "Fujiwara-chan wa Dekaketai" (Japanese: 藤原ちゃんは出かけたい)
"Miyuki Wants to Hide His Ignorance"
Transcription: "Shirogane Miyuki wa Kakushitai" (Japanese: 白銀御行は隠したい)
January 19, 2019 (2019-01-19)
Miyuki tries to get Kaguya to ask him for his LINE ID on his new smartphone, while Kaguya, who had secretly arranged the circumstances, does the same. Chika wants to go on a summer trip for the student council; Miyuki and Kaguya debate whether to go to the mountains or the ocean. A boy asks Miyuki for love advice on whether to confess to classmate Nagisa Kashiwagi while Kaguya listens in.
3"Miyuki Shirogane Still Hasn't Done It"
Transcription: "Shirogane Miyuki wa Mada Shitenai" (Japanese: 白銀御行はまだしてない)
"Kaguya Wants to Be Figured Out"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Ateraretai" (Japanese: かぐや様は当てられたい)
"Kaguya Wants to Walk"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Arukitai" (Japanese: かぐや様は歩きたい)
January 26, 2019 (2019-01-26)
When Chika and Miyuki read a women's magazine article about teens doing it, Kaguya thinks it's not a big deal, misunderstanding the euphemism. Kaguya challenges Miyuki to a game of 20 questions to see if he knows what she likes. Kaguya has to walk to school; she hopes to meet Miyuki along the way, but is sidetracked by an elementary school student who wants her to help walk to school.
4"Kaguya Wants Affection"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Medetai" (Japanese: かぐや様は愛でたい)
"The Student Council Wants It to Be Said"
Transcription: "Seitokai wa Iwasetai" (Japanese: 生徒会は言わせたい)
"Kaguya Wants Him to Send It"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Okurasetai" (Japanese: かぐや様は送らせたい)
"Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Talk"
Transcription: "Shirogane Miyuki wa Hanashitai" (Japanese: 白銀御行は話したい)
February 2, 2019 (2019-02-02)
The student council prepares for an upcoming visit from their sister academy in France as Kaguya and Miyuki each try putting on cat ears. The student council plays a "forbidden word" game to find out who will go shopping. Kaguya stresses over what to text Miyuki until her personal assistant forces the issue by calling him from Kaguya's phone. The student council finally hosts the French students, but Miyuki is shocked to find out he's the only student who doesn't know any French beyond basic phrases. When the headmaster sends a cruel French girl to test Miyuki's resolve, her insults have no effect, but Kaguya scares the girl off with even harsher language.
5"Kaguya Wants to Handle It"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Konashitai" (Japanese: かぐや様はこなしたい)
"Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Show Off"
Transcription: "Shirogane Miyuki wa Misetsuketai" (Japanese: 白銀御行は見せつけたい)
"Kaguya Wants to Be Covered"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Sasaretai" (Japanese: かぐや様は差されたい)
February 9, 2019 (2019-02-09)
Nagisa Kashiwagi asks Kaguya for advice on breaking up with her boyfriend, but Kaguya, lacking experience, tries to help the girl find her boyfriend's good points, inadvertently revealing her own desires. Miyuki trains hard at volleyball to avoid looking dumb in front of the student body in a week, with Chika helping him train. When Kaguya is forced to walk home on a rainy day, both she and Miyuki try to make the other open an umbrella first.
6"Yu Ishigami Wants to Live"
Transcription: "Ishigami Yū wa Ikinobitai" (Japanese: 石上優は生き延びたい)
"Chika Fujiwara Wants to Test You"
Transcription: "Fujiwara Chika wa Tesuto-shitai" (Japanese: 藤原千花はテストしたい)
"Kaguya Wants to Be Noticed"
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Kizukaretai" (Japanese: かぐや様は気づかれたい)
February 16, 2019 (2019-02-16)
Yu Ishigami, the introverted Treasurer of the Student Council, asks Miyuki if he can resign his position, suspecting that Kaguya wants to kill him after he asked her if she was in love with Miyuki. Chika gives the other Student Council members a psych test from a magazine, but Kaguya plans ahead to turn it into an advantage over Miyuki. Ai Hayasaka, Kaguya's personal assistant and schoolmate, tries to improve Kaguya's personal image by doing her nails, making her feel extra self-conscious the next day.
7Transcription: "Shirogane Miyuki wa Hatarakitai" (Japanese: 白銀御行は働きたい)
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Iretai" (Japanese: かぐや様は入れたい)
Transcription: "Kaguya-sama wa Taetai" (Japanese: かぐや様は堪えたい)
February 23, 2019 (2019-02-23)


The series had sold over 1 million copies as of July 2017.[41]

Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network gave the first two volumes of the manga a positive review, calling it "one of the more unique rom-com premises out there". She noted that the second volume was better than the first, indicating development on the part of the author, and commenting that it boded well for the lastingness of the series. She was more ambivalent about the art, saying that it lacked polish and that faces in particular tended to suffer.[1]


  • ^ "Ch." and "Vol." are shortened forms for chapter and volume of the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War manga
  • ^ "Ep." is shortened form for episode and refers to an episode number of the Kaguya-sama anime television series


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