Taiyō Matsumoto

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Taiyō Matsumoto
Taiyō Matsumoto - Lucca 2017 03.jpg
Born (1967-10-25) October 25, 1967 (age 51)
Area(s)Manga artist
Notable works
Tekkonkinkreet, Ping Pong, Blue Spring
AwardsTezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, 2011 for Takemitsuzamurai with Issei Eifuku

Taiyō Matsumoto (Japanese: 松本大洋, Hepburn: Matsumoto Taiyō, born October 25, 1967) is a manga artist from Tokyo. He made his debut with STRAIGHT in Morning, Kodansha's monthly seinen manga magazine, but is known for his works with Kodansha's rival publisher Shogakukan, including Tekkonkinkreet, Ping Pong and Number Five[1]. He has received critical praise for his unconventional and often surrealist art style. Ping Pong and Blue Spring have been adapted into live-action feature films. Animation studio Studio 4°C adapted Tekkonkinkreet into an animated feature film. In 2007 he received an Excellence Award for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival for the art of Takemitsu Zamurai. He is the cousin of Santa Inoue, another manga artist.


Matsumoto originally wanted to be a soccer player, but changed to artist as an occupation instead. After his initial success in the Comic Open contest, he began touring France in 1986, an event that became a significant point in his career. The manga he produced covers a variety of topics, from sports to family comedies to science fiction epics.[2]

In 1993, he began work on the Tekkonkinkreet manga, which became a success in the Big Spirits magazine, and published a series of short stories in a collection called Nihon no Kyodai that was publicized at the time by Comic Aré magazine. Ping Pong appeared in Big Spirits in 1996, soon followed by the series No. 5 in the Shogakukan magazine in 2001.[2]

The Tekkonkinkreet anime was released in Japan in late 2006, and both the anime and manga have been published in English.[3]


Title Year Notes Refs[4]
Straight (ストレート) 1989 Morning Kodansha Comics, 1 vol.
Zero 1991 Big Comic Spirits Special, 2 volumes
Zero: God Save the Knuckle! Big Spirits Comics, 2 volumes; Big Comics, 1 vol.
Hana Otoko (花男, A Boy Meet a Papa and Baseball) 1992 Big Comics, Big Spirits Comics Special, 3 volumes
Blue Spring 1993 Anthology collection of short stories
Published by Shogakukan, 1 volume
Tekkonkinkreet (Black & White) 1993–94 Serialized in Pulp and Big Comic Spirits
Published by Shogakukan, 3 volumes
Nihon no Kyōdai (日本の兄弟, Brothers of Japan) 1995 Mag Comics, 1 volume
100 1995 Big spirits comic special, 2 volumes
Ping Pong 1996–97 Serialized in Big Comic Spirits
Published by Shogakukan, 5 volumes
GoGo Monster 2000 Published by Shogakukan, 1 volume [13][14]
No. 5 2000–05 Serialized in Ikki magazine
Published by Shogakukan in 8 volumes
Hana (, Flower) 2002 stage play adapted to manga novella, 1 volume
with Issei Eifuku (writer)
2006–10 Serialized in Big Comic Spirits
Published by Shogakukan, 8 volumes
Shingo () Big Comics Ikki, 8 volumes, Ikki Comics, 4 volumes
Sunny 2010–15 Serialized in Monthly Ikki
Published by Shogakukan, 6 volumes
Sanī yōyō-tsuki gentei tokusōban (Sunnyヨーヨー付き限定特装版, Sunny Yo-Yo Special edition) Ikki Comix, Ann Comics, 2 volumes
Chaoanfanteriburu (チャオアンファンテリブル, Chao Anne fan Terrible)
Taiyo Matsumoto / Katsuki Tanaka / Hiro Sugiyama
Tokyo Comic Insider, 1 volume


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