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Kakapir (Urdu: کاکاپیر‎) is a fishing village in Karachi, ssSindh]], Pakistan. It is located in Keamari Town on the western end of Sandspit Beach, before the start of Hawke's Bay Beach. Mauripur lies to its north. Ethnically, the population is almost entirely Sindhi. The inhabitants claim to be descendants of the original indigenous inhabitants of Karachi and the Sindh coast. There are several ethnic groups in Kakapir including Muhajirs, Sindhis, Balochis, Memons and Bengalis.

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Coordinates: 24°50′42.59″N 66°54′0.16″E / 24.8451639°N 66.9000444°E / 24.8451639; 66.9000444