Kiz Bridge

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Kiz Bridge
Qız Körpüsü
Kiz Bridge
Coordinates 37°11′34″N 47°29′26″E / 37.1927°N 47.4905°E / 37.1927; 47.4905Coordinates: 37°11′34″N 47°29′26″E / 37.1927°N 47.4905°E / 37.1927; 47.4905
Crosses Qizil Üzan
Locale Mianeh, Iran
Other name(s) Qizil Üzan Bridge
Construction end Seljuk Empire era
Kiz Bridge is located in Iran
Kiz Bridge
Kiz Bridge
Location in Iran

Kiz Bridge (Persian: پل‌دختر‎, Azerbaijani: Qız Körpüsü-قيز کۆرپۆسۆ) is a historical bridge near the Mianeh in East Azerbaijan.

The age of the bridge is unknown, some archaeologists date it to the Sassanid era while other attribute to as being 8th centuryAD Muslim era construct. The bridge is constructed of three arches with the center arch narrower than the respective side arches.

The bridge was refurbished in 1913 but it was destroyed in 1925 during the separatist insurrection following the 1921 coup d'état.