Kumbhir-class tank landing ship

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L-32, L-34, L-21, L-22 LSTs and LCUs beached.jpg
L-21 Guldar and L-22 Kumbhir (two ships in the middle)
Class overview
Name: Kumbhir class
Operators:  Indian Navy
Preceded by: Gharial class (Polnocny-A)
Succeeded by: Magar class
Completed: 8
Active: 4
Retired: 4
General characteristics
Type: Tank landing ship
Displacement: 1,120 tons (standard)
Length: 83.9 m (275 ft)
Beam: 9.7 m (32 ft)
Speed: 18 kn (33 km/h; 21 mph)
Complement: 40 (incl 5 officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
SRN 7453 radar
Armament: 2 x AK-230 30mm guns
4 x CRN-91 AA (Naval 30mm Medak) guns, MANPAD's.
Aircraft carried: 1 HAL Chetak

Kumbhir-class landing ships are medium amphibious warfare vessels of the Indian Navy.[1]

Ships of the class[edit]

 Name   Pennant   Homeport   Commissioned   Decommissioned   Status 
INS Ghorpad L14 Visakhapatnam 21 December 1974 11 January 2008
INS Kesari L15 15 August 1975 8 May 1999
INS Shardul L16 24 December 1975 June 1997
INS Sharabh L17 27 January 1976 15 July 2011
INS Cheetah L18 Port Blair February 1985
INS Mahish L19 4 June 1985
INS Guldar L21 December 1985
INS Kumbhir L22 November 1986

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