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Kumi University (KUMU)
Motto Godliness and Excellence for Servanthood
Type Private
Established 2004
Vice-Chancellor Lyu
Administrative staff
120+ (2012)
Students 1,000+ (2012)
Location Kumi, Uganda
Campus Rural
Website Homepage

Kumi University is a private University in Uganda.


The university is in Kumi Town, Kumi District, eastern Uganda, approximately 150 miles (240 km) north-east of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[1] The coordinates of Kumi University Main Campus are 1° 28' 21.00"N, 33° 51' 45.00"E (Latitude:1.4725; Longitude:33.8625).[2] In 2007, the university established a second campus in the town of Soroti, 54 kilometres (34 mi) north-west of Kumi Town.[3] The Soroti Campus handles the evening programs offered by the university.[4]


The institution was founded in 1996 by a Korean missionary couple; Hyeong Lyeol Lyu and Min Ja Lee, under the name African Leaders Training Institute. In 1999, the name was changed to Kumi University.

The university was fully accredited by the Ministry of Education & Sports in 2004. Arrangements are underway to attain a university charter.[5] Efforts are underway to start a medical school at this university.[6]


As of August 2012, the university had the following functioning faculties:[7]

  • Faculty of Education and Languages
  • Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Management Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine - In the planning stage


Courses offered lead to the award of certificates, diplomas, and bachelor's degrees. The following degree courses were offered at Kumi University as of August 2012:[8]

Faculty of Education and Languages[edit]

Faculty of Science[edit]

Faculty of Social Sciences and Management Studies[edit]

In addition to the degree courses, the university offers many diploma and certificate courses in the same or related fields.

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Coordinates: 01°28′21″N 33°51′45″E / 1.47250°N 33.86250°E / 1.47250; 33.86250