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Kusza Coat of Arms
Battle cry: NE CEDE ARDIUS (Yield Not Unto Difficulties)[citation needed]
Alternative names NIEZAPOMINAJKA (Forget-Me-Not)[citation needed]
Earliest mention
Families several

Kusza (pronounced Ku-Sha) is a Polish coat of arms.

Families using the main variant of the coat are: Bystrycki,[1][2][3] Bystrzycki,[2] Korejwa or Koreywa,[1][2][3] Leszczynowicz,[3] Kosicki,[1] Kuszcz,[1][2][3] Kuszczyński,[1][2][3] Maszkiewicz,[1][2][3] Maślakiewicz,[1][2][3] Oławski,[1][2][3] and Otawski.[3]

Families using Kusza II are Bajrasz,[1] and Czyczuda.[1]




There are four variations of this coat of arms:

  • KUSZA I "On a red field, a silver crossbow, without the arrow, and pointing downwards"
  • KUSZA II "On a red field, a silver crossbow, without the arrow, pointing upwards"
  • KUSZA III "On a red field, a silver crossbow, with a cyphered arrow, pointing upwards, and beneath the charge three silver chevrons (battons)"
  • KUSZA IV "On a red field, a silver crossbow (with an arrow), pointing downwards, sometimes upwards".

Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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