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Created by Sebastian Ortega
Starring Carla Peterson (actress)
Luciano Castro
Muriel Santa Ana
Sandra Ballesteros
Lola Berthet
Chela Cardal
Pablo Cedrón
Rita Cortese
Santiago del Moro
Matias Desiderio
Rafael Ferro
Juan Gil Navarro
Marcela Kloosterboer
Agustina Lecouna
Nahuel Mutti
Violeta Urtizberea
Luis Ziembrowsky
Reina Reech
Mario Moscoso
Theme music composer Alejando Sergi
Opening theme "Enamorada"
by Miranda!
Ending theme "Hola"
by Miranda!
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Spanish and Portuguese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 150
Producer(s) Celina Amadeo
Pablo Cullel
Running time 45 minutes
Original network América 2
Original release August 28, 2007 – April 29, 2008
Followed by Amanda O

Lalola (" lal♂l♀ ") was an Argentine television comedy show that aired from 28 August 2007 to 29 April 2008. It was broadcast by TV channel América 2. It starred Carla Peterson and Luciano Castro as protagonists.

The show won nine Martín Fierro Awards for 2007, and also the Gold Prize.

A pilot for an American version, entitled "Eva Adams", was filmed for the Fox network starring Rhea Seehorn and James Van Der Beek. It was envisioned as a dramedy, in the vein of how Yo soy Betty la fea was adapted for American audiences as Ugly Betty, but wasn't picked up for a regular series.


Ramiro "Lalo" Padilla (played by Juan Gil Navarro) is the director of the media company "High Five", editor of the famous magazine Don, and has many women around him. Romina (played by Marcela Kloosterboer), who is in love with Lalo, decides to punish his lack of commitment to her. She hires a witch to cast a spell on him, which turns him into a very beautiful woman, as Romina wanted him to know what it is like for a woman who is being harassed.

Lalo (now played by Carla Peterson) awakes as a woman, in a state of utter confusion. However, Lalo's friend Graciela ("Grace") Neira (played by Muriel Santa Ana) believes what happened as she heard Romina's phone call to Lalo's home saying what she did. As it seems unlikely anyone else will believe that Ramiro has been magically transformed, so Ramiro assumes a new identity: Dolores "Lola" Padilla, cousin of Lalo. Lalo "had to make an urgent trip to Germany because his father became ill", and has appointed Lola to take his place. While trying to find a way to change back, there are a whole new set of challenges to face that Lalo didn't have to experience before, both within and outside the workplace.

The show has been officially remade in 12 other countries: Portugal, Chile, Peru, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. All of these remakes start with mostly the same initial premise but many of them head in very different narrative directions and ultimate conclusions than the original show.

Theme Songs[edit]

This telenovela has two theme songs, Hola and Enamorada. Both are sung by Miranda!.

International broadcast and remakes[edit]

Flag Region/Country Network/Channel Native title of remake Type: Remake Original airing Info
Belgium Belgium vtm LouisLouise (English: LouisLouise) Remake September 24, 2008 It premiered on September 24, 2008 as LouisLouise.
Chile Chile Canal 13 Lola Remake September, 2007 Premiered in September 2007 as Lola.
GreeceCyprus Greece, Cyprus ANT1 Λόλα ("Lola") Remake September 22, 2008 in Greece;
September 29, 2008 in Cyprus
Λόλα ("Lola"), a Greek version of the series, aired from September 2008 to July 2009 in Greece and Cyprus. The series starred Anta Livitsanou and Thanasis Efthimiadis.
India India Sony Entertainment Television (India) Bhaskar Bharti Remake May 25, 2009
Indonesia Indonesia Indosiar Pejantan Cantik Remake 2010 This series is scheduled to air in late 2010. It will star the best on-screen comedian couple of Indonesia, Agnes Monica and Okan Kornelius. These actors appeared together in the drama Kawin Muda ("Early Marriage") in 2008.
Peru Peru Frecuencia Latina Network LaLola (English: LaLola (lal♂l♀) Remake January 20, 2011 LaLola (lal♂l♀) premiered on January 13, 2011 starring Gianella Neyra and Cristian Rivero.
Philippines Philippines GMA Network LaLola (English: LaLola (lal♂l♀) Remake October 13, 2008 LaLola (lal♂l♀) premiered on October 13, 2008 starring Rhian Ramos and JC de Vera.
Portugal Portugal TVI Ele é Ela (“He is She”) Remake October, 2009
Ukraine Ukraine 1+1 Маргоша (“Margosha”) Russian version (remake) February 7, 2009
Russia Russia STS Маргоша (“Margosha”) Russian version (remake) September 7, 2009
Spain Spain Antena 3 Lalola Remake July 6, 2008 Spanish remake starring Marina Gatell
Turkey Turkey Kanal 1 (Turkey) Ece Remake A Turkish remake named Ece was canceled mid-season due to poor ratings.
Vietnam Vietnam VTV3 Cô nàng bất đắc dĩ” (English: "Unavoidable Girl") Remake July 6, 2009 A Vietnamese version called Cô nàng bất đắc dĩ ("Unavoidable Girl") premiered on July 6, 2009. It airs every Monday to Wednesday at 9 PM. The series was set to have 150 episodes. Production was ultimately concluded at 100 episodes[1] but still did have a proper series finale.
India India FIRANGI -World ki best Kahaniyan (India) Lalola Dubbed into Hindi February 25, 2008 The show was dubbed and aired in India as a flagship show for the channel firangi at prime timing and dual slots of 5pm and 9pm. The show had a very successful run and was remade in India by SET.
Flag Region/Country Network/Channel Native title of the show Type: Original version Original airing Info
Arab League Arab World MBC4 مسلسل لولا” (“Lalola”) Original September 18, 2010 The series was premiered on September 18, 2010 on MBC4 broadcast via NileSat and ArabSat. It airs every night at 17:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC. It's dubbed in Egyptian Arabic with its original name "Lalola".
Brazil Brazil SBT Lalola Original January 21, 2008 Ramiro, Facundo and Aguirre were respectively renamed Camilo, Fernando and Andrei in the dubbing. The first three episodes aired without breaks.
Czech Republic Czech Republic TV Barrandov Lalola Original January 21, 2009 Premiered on TV Barrandov.
Georgia (country) Georgia Rustavi 2 Lalola Original October, 2008
Malaysia Malaysia TV3 Lalola Original April 23, 2009 The series premiered on April 23, 2009, replacing Telemundo’s Marina. It airs every Monday to Thursday at 3:00 PM. Starting October 2009, it airs in Malay dubbing with English subtitles.
Poland Poland TV4 Lalola Original 2008 Polish version kept its original title, “Lalola” and was broadcast in 2008.
Russia Russia Domashny Лалола (“Lalola”) Original October 4, 2010
Slovenia Slovenia TV3 Slovenia Lalola Original
Serbia Serbia TV Kosava Lalola Original May 12, 2008 - January 2009
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Televizija OBN Lalola Original
Turkey Turkey Comedy Smart Lalola Original
Zambia Zambia MOBI TV Zambia Lalola Original June 2007 - February 2008 OBI TV Zambia aired 145 episodes of the original version in English. It aired on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.
Armenia Armenia Shant TV "Lalola" Original