Lard (band)

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Origin Chicago, Illinois, USA
Genres Industrial metal, industrial rock, hardcore punk
Years active 1988–2000 (on hiatus)
Labels Alternative Tentacles
Associated acts Dead Kennedys
Website Lard
Members Jello Biafra
Al Jourgensen
Past members Paul Barker
Jeff Ward
Bill Rieflin
Mike Scaccia
Rey Washam

Lard is a hardcore punk/industrial band founded in 1988 as a side project by Jello Biafra (vocals), Al Jourgensen (guitar), Paul Barker (bass), and Jeff Ward (drums).[1] Biafra is perhaps best known as the former frontman of the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys. Jourgensen is the founder and only continuous member of industrial metal band Ministry, of which Barker was an official member between 1986 and 2004, and Ward was also once a touring member. Over the years, several other members of Ministry played with Lard, namely Bill Rieflin, Mike Scaccia, and Rey Washam.

Like most of Biafra's work, Lard's songs are angrily political (the War on Drugs is a particularly common theme) but often have a tinge of humour.

Lard have not officially toured and have only performed live a handful of times, mostly around the San Francisco area (where Jello lives and operates his Alternative Tentacles record label). The band played during Ministry's 1988 tour and throughout their 1989-1990 dates, once in Chicago after wrapping the recording of The Last Temptation Of Reid, once at the conclusion of a Ministry concert in Los Angeles (March 24, 2003), and at the San Francisco (September 26, 2004),Portland (September 28, 2004) and Seattle (September 29, 2004) dates of Ministry's Evil Doer tour. Because its key members are active with other projects, it is unlikely that the band will tour.

According to a March 2009 interview with Jourgensen, he and Biafra are working on a new Lard album, which is being recorded in Jourgensen's El Paso studio.[2] However, according to a January 2010 interview with Jello Biafra, he indicated that a new Lard album was unlikely, saying "Me and Al have talked about it for years, but we’ve never been able to nail down a time to try and put it together.".[3]


Compilation appearances[edit]

Release date Song Title Label
1992 "Drug Raid at 4am" The Bat Is Back - An Alternative Tentacles Records Sampler Alternative Tentacles
1994 "Forkboy" Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack for an Oliver Stone Film Nothing Records
Selections From Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack for an Oliver Stone Film Nothing Records/Interscope Records
The Futility of a Well Ordered Life Alternative Tentacles
1996 Music from and Inspired by Natural Born Killers, an Oliver Stone Film Nothing Records/Interscope Records
1997 "I Wanna Be a Drug Sniffing Dog" Mind the Gap Volume 14 Gonzo Circus
The Virus That Would Not Die! Alternative Tentacles
"Generation Execute" Rock Sound Volume 9 Rock Sound
1998 "The Power of Lard" The New, The Classic & The Unexplored Visions Magazine
The Record Shop - 30 Years of Rough Trade Shops V2 Records, Inc.
2000 "Ballad of Marshall Ledbetter" Movie Madness Riffage Records


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