Lenine, Crimea

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Lenino / Yedi Quyu — Еди Къую
Lenino is located in Crimea
Location of Lenino within Crimea
Coordinates: 45°17′51″N 35°46′26″E / 45.29750°N 35.77389°E / 45.29750; 35.77389Coordinates: 45°17′51″N 35°46′26″E / 45.29750°N 35.77389°E / 45.29750; 35.77389
Country Disputed
 Russia,  Ukraine
Republic Crimea
Region Lenine Raion
Elevation 30 m (100 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total 7,875
Time zone MSK (UTC+4)
Postal code 298200 — 298203
Area code(s) +7-86557

Lenino (Russian: Ленино / Еды-Кую; Ukrainian: Ленiне / Еди Къую; Crimean Tatar: Lenino / Yedi Quyu}), is an urban-type settlement in the east of Crimea. It is located in the southwestern portion of the Kerch Peninsula. It is the administrative center of Lenine Raion. Population: 7,875 (2014 Census).[1]


The settlement have different names according to Russia's administration of Republic of Crimea and Ukraine's Autonomous Republic of Crimea: the former uses Lenino/Lenine while the latter has used Yedi Quyu since 2016. The naming applies to Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages. As the Ukrainian government exercises no control over the peninsula, the renaming has had no practical effect. See Crimean Crisis for more details.

The name "Yedi Quyu" in Crimean Tatar language, means "Seven Wells". Until 1957, it was known as Sem Kolodezey (Russian: Семь Колодезей; Ukrainian: Сім Колодязів) which also means "Seven Wells" in Russian/Ukrainian, but then was renamed after Vladimir Lenin. The railway station by the Dzhankoy-Kerch branch located in the settlement is still called Sem Kolodezey.


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