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Level 27 Clothing
Industry Clothing
Founded 2000[1]
Key people
Billy Martin
Steve Sievers

Level 27 Clothing (sometimes typeset as "LeVeL 27 Clothing" to fit the logo) was an American clothing company founded in 2000 and owned by Billy Martin from the band Good Charlotte and his best friend from high school, Steve Sievers.

The name "Level 27" comes from Billy Martin's lucky number "27" and "Level" being a video game reference. The brand has many different styles of clothing and designs. All designs are created by Billy Martin himself. Martin jokingly said that the reason for starting the company was because "we're not really good at playing guitar so we need other things to occupy us."

People Wearing Level 27[edit]

In New Found Glory's video for their cover of Kiss Me, guitarist Steve Klein can be seen wearing the Level 27 "Rib" t-shirt.
Bert McCracken of The Used can also been seen wearing Level 27 in their video for Taste Of Ink. James "The Rev" Sullivan in his early pictures from Avenged Sevenfold can also be seen wearing a black level 27 polo

The Closing of Level 27[edit]

On December 22, 2009 Billy Martin announced via Twitter and the clothing line's homepage that the clothing line will not continue into 2010. When he started the company with Steve it was meant to be a creative outlet for their art and has done well in serving that purpose. Both now have websites where their artwork can be purchased and/or viewed. Both Billy and Steve are moving onto different projects. Billy now has his art website bloodzilla.myshopify.com and Steve has his cartoon show Supa Pirate Booty Hunt where he does the voice of Daniel the Turtle www.supapiratebootyhunt.com

Billy mentioned that he never meant to be a clothing designer but the experience has been a great and rewarding time. He also mentioned that Level 27 opened up the door to many new opportunities to show his creativity.

As a show of support to their customers all items were marked down to 99 cents through the end of December.