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This is a list of characters from the film Balto and its sequels.

Main characters[edit]


First appearance Balto
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Kevin Bacon and Maurice LaMarche
Species Lupine/Canine
Gender Male
Family Jenna (mate), Boris (brother/best friend), Aleu (daughter), Kodi (son), Dingo (son), Saba (daughter), Aniu (deceased mother)

Balto is the title character and protagonist of the film "Balto" and its related sequels. The character of Balto was based on a real dog that lived in Nome in 1925. Similarly to the film character, the real Balto gained fame as the lead dog of a sled team that was the last team on a mission to relay antitoxin to Nome, where an outbreak of diphtheria was occurring. While the real Balto was a Siberian Husky, the film instead portrays Balto as a wolf/husky hybrid. In the film series, Balto is said to be the offspring of a female wolf and a male husky. According to Balto, he was separated from his mother while he was young, and was raised by Boris, a snow goose. As a result of his wolf heritage, Balto was disdained by most of the citizens and relentlessly teased by the dogs of Nome.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Balto is very strong and handsome, but unkept. He resembles a wolf more than a dog. He has brownish-gray fur with a grey belly and light brown eyes. He has large paws which he attributes to his wolf heritage. He is shown to be one of the swiftest dogs in town as well as the fastest, after winning a race in the first film. As an additional result of his wolf heritage, he has keen senses, and is fairly strong. Balto is shown to be capable of climbing a cliff, as well as holding his own in a fight with a bear.


The first film revealed that, possibly as a result of his treatment, Balto was insecure regarding his wolf heritage. Citizens of Nome generally feared him due to misconceptions about his wolf-like appearance. Despite this, Balto is very wise, patient, selfless and very courageous. He is also very humble and friendly, willing to give up his own life to make sure that others were safe. He usually tries to avoid using force, in favor of intelligence. He also appears to possess leadership traits. By the time of the second film, Balto has apparently come to terms with what he is but does not tell his pups about their lineage until his daughter Aleu is threatened by a hunter. Balto is shown to have a love for dog-sled racing and later develops a love for flying in the third film.


Balto is first seen watching a dog sled race, when he notices a young girl named Rosy lose her hat. Balto outruns the incoming team to retrieve the hat, partly to impress Jenna, Rosy's husky. However, Rosy's father warns Rosy away out of fear of Balto's wolf heritage, hurting Balto's feelings. Later, he runs into Steele, the lead dog of the winning team, who taunts Balto regarding his hybrid status. That night, Balto attempts to romantically flirt with Jenna, but she is distracted. Her owner, Rosy, has become quite sick, worrying Jenna. Balto leads Jenna underneath the doctor's office, where the two overhear the doctor give the diagnosis. Rosy, along with several other children, has contracted diphtheria. While antitoxin could cure her, the doctor is out and must wait for an incoming shipment. When other methods of transporting the antitoxin fail, the medicine is shipped by rail. Because the rail line ends at the town on Nenana, a sled team will transport the medicine from Nenana to Nome. Out of a desire to help the children, Balto decides to enter a race which would choose the fastest dogs for the sled team. Balto wins easily, but is barred from the team when Steele reveals Balto's wolf heritage, by stomping on Balto's foot (the musher assumed that Balto was aggressive).

When the team is later reported lost, Balto makes the decision to track them down. Though Boris and Jenna, along with Polar Bears Muk and Luk, follow Balto, Balto is forced to go on alone when Jenna is injured in a fight with a grizzly bear. Balto soon finds the team in dire straits. The musher has been injured, stranding the team. Balto offers to lead the team back, but Steele, the lead dog who have lost his mind and gone insane, refuses. Steele attempts to attack Balto, but falls off a cliff. Balto takes over as lead dog, but becomes lost because Steele deliberately changed the marks Balto used to mark the trail. Balto, and the medicine fall off a cliff. Balto is uninjured, but presumes that he has failed. A wolf soon appears and attempts to communicate. Balto turns away, but then notices the unharmed crate of medicine. Balto realizes that his wolf heritage can be a strength and howls with the wolf as a sign. Balto is able to drag the crate up the cliff, and reunite with the team. After facing several other perils, Balto is able to safely lead the team home by relying on his sense of smell. Balto and the team eventually return home to a grateful Nome. The other dogs who are in the boiler room realizes they been lied by Steele and Dixie smacks Steele in the face for his lies and they angrily leaves him behind ignoring his pleads. He is invited into the Doctor's office, where a recovering Rosy thanks Balto for his actions.

The sequel shows that Balto has fathered a litter of puppies with Jenna. All of the puppies look like Jenna except for the final puppy, Aleu, who is said to look and act more like a wolf even than Balto does. As a result, Aleu is not adopted like her siblings and lives with Balto until she grew up and is one year old. For a time, Balto is troubled by reoccurring dreams involving a raven and a pack of wolves. Aleu is kept ignorant of her wolf heritage until she is threatened by a hunter for her wolf-like appearance. Balto reveals that he knew little of his mother, except that she had white fur, because they had been separated when he was young. However, Aleu chooses to run away. Balto tracks Aleu, following the raven from his dreams. Eventually he finds her, but Aleu wishes to learn who she is and refuses to return home. The two eventually encounter a pack of wolves led by the elderly, but wise Nava. Balto learns that the pack is starving because their main food source, caribou, disappeared the year before. One wolf, Niju, wants to steal food from other creatures to survive. Nava tells of visions that he has been given by the white wolf, Aniu, that a new leader will take over and lead the pack. Nava believes Balto to be the destined leader of the pack. Aleu is somehow able to discover, through a mysterious ability, that the caribou had crossed an ice bridge to another area the year before. Balto decides to lead the pack across when the bridge reforms. When the time comes, Nava is separated and Aleu goes back to assist him. The two are nearly attacked by Niju, but Balto intervenes. Balto soon realizes that the pack is leaderless. Nava is too old to make the swim, and so Aleu decides to remain and lead the pack, fulfilling Nava's visions. Balto decides to return home, but before he can, he sees Aniu, the white wolf, and realizes that she was his wolf mother.

In the third film, Balto becomes fascinated with flying. He befriends a plane pilot named Duke (Keith Carradine) and faces his fear of disappointing his son, Kodi (Sean Astin), to help him win a sled race and protect his job as a sled dog from Duke. Later on in the race, Duke crashes along with a stowaway Boris in his plane. Balto, arriving back at Nome, thinks that something has gone amiss. When Balto asks Kodi if he would help him find Duke, Kodi refuses and Balto sets off alone to find Duke and Boris. After Jenna scolds Kodi for not following Balto, Kodi has an attack of conscience and persuades his team to go and help his father. Balto along with Stella (Boris' new girlfriend), Muk and Luk find Boris and Duke and survive a moose attack. The others take Boris home, while Balto drags Duke back the slow way, hauling him over a sheet of metal. Balto nearly dies when he almost plunges off a cliff, before Kodi and his team rescue him and take Balto and Duke home. At the end of the film, Duke rebuilds his plane, names it after his rescuer, and Balto's dream of flying is fulfilled when Duke gives him a ride.


First appearance Balto
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Bridget Fonda and Jodi Benson
Species Canine
Gender Female
Family Balto (Mate), Rosy (owner), Aleu (daughter), Kodi (son), Dingo (son), Saba (daughter), Aniu (deceased mother-in-law)

Jenna is a Siberian Husky and is Balto's mate and mother of Aleu, Kodi, Dingo, Saba and two other pups. She was voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first film, and Jodi Benson in the two sequels.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Jenna has red fur, which most of her puppies received except for Aleu, and usually wears a dark orange bandanna around her neck. She also has creamish white fur on her underbelly, legs, face, chest and tail. Jenna's character design was based on movie actress, Bridget Fonda.


Jenna has loved Balto since they met. When Balto, along with Muk, Luk and Boris left to save Nome, she, followed their scent. She saved Balto from a wild grizzly bear, and just before she and all of Balto's companion's left (due to Jenna's injured paw), Jenna gave Balto her bandanna. When Balto returned with medicine, they officially became mates. Jenna usually stays behind on Balto's adventures, despite asking to help. Jenna also cared a lot for her puppies, but was willing to find them homes after 8 weeks. Jenna disliked Steele for his snide remarks about Balto, and his arrogant attitude, and always stuck up for Balto whenever she was there, even scolding Steele and calling him a "glory-hound." Though she never said anything about the flirtatious remarks that Steele tried on her, she always turned him down ("I don't know Steele, suddenly I lost my appetite" [After Steele asked her out])

Jenna is very kind and gentle, and is very protective not only of her pups, but also of her owner, Rosy. When Rosy's hat fell out of her hand and into the path of Steele and his team, as Rosy tried to reach for it, Jenna grabbed her coat from behind; Balto later got the hat. She is kindhearted but also rather intelligent, as she was the only one in Nome that Steele was unable to fool. Unbeknownst to Rosy, Jenna is also very cunning (tricking Steele into burning his tail by using his infatuation of her against him), and even has fight instincts in her; she helped fight off a wild bear that was menacing Balto and the others, although her right paw ended up hurt.


Jenna was sold to Rosie when she was only 8 weeks old. Jenna mentioned this in Balto II: Wolf Quest. Jenna first met Balto when he saved her master's hat (there is some doubt of this, as they already knew one another by name)

She had befriended (and also fell in love with) Balto and after he saved Rosy, she decided to spend the rest of her life with him and in the second movie, she gave birth to a litter of pups.

When their daughter Aleu ran away Jenna attempted to follow Balto but he insisted that she stay behind, and that it was a father/daughter thing. When Balto was chosen to help their son Kodi save his job a few years later, she encouraged Balto to help.

Balto was worried that he would let the team down and that he was not a hero, but Jenna reassured him that if he could save a whole town, then he could help save Kodi's job. After Balto left to save Duke by himself, Jenna scolded Kodi for letting Balto go by himself and convinced Kodi to follow him.


First appearance Balto
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Bob Hoskins and Charles Fleischer
Nickname(s) Uncle Boris, Mr. Optimism
Species Goose
Gender Male
Family Balto (adoptive son), Stella (girlfriend)

Boris Goosinov (called Uncle Boris by Muk, Luk, Aleu, and sometimes Balto) is a Russian snow goose who raised Balto from a pup. He speaks with a heavy Russian accent (but in the close captions for Balto II: Wolf Quest, it says that Boris has a Yiddish accent).

He is voiced by Bob Hoskins in the first film, and Charles Fleischer in the direct-to-video films. (Hoskins and Fleischer respectively portrayed Eddie Valiant and the voice of Roger Rabbit in Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)

In the first film, Boris mentions his last name is "Goosinov" ("Heel, boy! Boris Goosinov is no spring chicken!").

Physical Appearance[edit]

Boris has the appearance of the average snow goose. White feathers with black tipped wings and headdress. Boris is afraid of heights.


Boris in the first film, at first, was dismissive of Balto's attempts to "find a dog he doesn't like to save a town full of people that doesn't like him".

However, when Balto showed him the sick children, he quickly changed his attitude and accompanied him until he had to help Muk and Luk return Jenna home after she was injured.

He had great faith in Balto when he left, telling him: "A dog cannot make the journey alone, but maybe a wolf can". Boris also was afraid of the local bully Steele.

In the 2nd film, Boris told Balto that even though he didn't want to believe it, Aleu would be half-wolf. Boris was also revealed to be superstitious and believed in mystical stuff. In the 3rd film, he developed a crush on a goose named Stella, but lied about flying with her to hide his fear of heights.


Boris was born in Russia. It is unknown how he ended up in Nome since he has a fear of heights. Sometime in Boris' life, he discovered a young Balto and raised him as his adoptive son.

When Balto left to save Nome several years later, Boris waited for Balto's return. Boris became the pups' babysitter in the 2nd film. When Balto left to find Aleu, Boris once again waited for Balto's return with Jenna.

Two years later, he fell in love with a migrating snow goose named Stella. After Stella became mad with him, she chased him onto a plane which then crashed.

Balto, Stella, Muk, and Luk eventually found Boris in the wreck-site and carried him back to Nome. Boris then made up with Stella and confessed to her his fear of heights. Later they became a couple.

Muk & Luk[edit]

Muk and Luk
First appearance Balto
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Phil Collins
Kevin Schon
Species Polar bear
Gender Male
Family Each other (brothers)

Muk and Luk are two polar bears who usually like to play pranks on Boris. They are presumably brothers. Most about Muk and Luk's origin is unknown. Muk and Luk live in the forests of Alaska. They are often seen visiting Boris and Balto.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Muk and Luk resemble the Polar Bears indigenous to the Arctic Circle. Muk has a solid black nose while Luk's is red, and both have thick white fur coats. Muk is the smaller of the two while Luk maintains a large physic, yet glutton size and does not speak.


Both Muk and Luk show very peculiar personalities and traits for their own species. Both are fun loving and care free. Seemingly the only thing they take serious in their lives is the well being of their friends in family. Particularly their "Uncle" Boris and Balto. Muk has shown to be the more intelligent of the two, but Luk also contributes mumbling words of wisdom on the given occasion. Unlike the average Polar Bears, Muk and Luk show no solid traits that usually pertain to the largest bears in America (possibly because they are still young). They always seem to find the best in every situation, no matter how grim it might be.


Very little is told about the past lives of Muk and Luk before the events in Balto. During the film both are known to the goose Boris and Balto. They seem to have been separated from their family at a young age, and were taken in by a probably reluctant Boris. They now refer to him as their Uncle and only remaining family. During the events of Wolf Quest, they continue to share a strong familial bond with Boris, as well as Balto's family. They remain behind in Balto's quest to find his daughter.

Later on during Wings of Change, they continue to reside in the wilderness around Nome. They also aid Balto in his quest to rescue the stranded pilot Duke from the Alaskan Wilderness, telling him the exact location of his downed bush plane. After aiding Balto in a confrontation with two wild Bull Moose, they return to a life of little cares and pestering of their Uncle and closest friends.


First appearance Balto II: Wolf Quest
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Lacey Chabert
Species Wolf/Canine
Gender Female
Family Kodi (brother), Dingo (brother), Saba (sister), Dakota (Brother) Yukon (sister) Boris (uncle), Balto (father), Jenna (mother), Aniu (deceased grandmother)

Aleu, is a wolfdog and the daughter of Balto and Jenna. Aleu appeared in Wolf Quest and made a second appearance as a puppy during Balto's flashback in the song "You Don't Have To Be A Hero" during Wings of Change. Her name might come from the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of Alaska.


Aleu has sandy-grey fur, with a lighter underbelly and blue eyes. While mostly looking like her father she shares some similarities to her mother.


She is very stubborn and brave, prone to not listening to her father. She was also disdainful of her wolf blood (though she eventually learns to accept it).

Although she never realized it, Aleu acted more like a wolf than a dog; she had a reputation for being aggressive and had a high prey drive and stronger predatory instincts than a common dog. It is unknown how she developed her prey drive, as neither Balto nor Jenna possessed a prey drive.

Despite a very emotional blow at the hands of her father, the two reconcile at the end of her journey, and she remains very closely tied to Balto despite leaving him perhaps forever.

In most peoples hopes of Universal Studios is that they will make another movie about her returning home. She also has a friendship tied to Muk and Luk as well as her mother and family.


Aleu was born to Balto and Jenna within the same litter as her brother Kodiak. She is most likely to be the youngest. She bore great resemblance to a wolf more so than her siblings and also acted more like a wolf unlike her more canine siblings who have been adopted. As a result, she was never adopted. Aleu spent a year with Balto and Jenna, one day believing that a human would adopt her for who she was.

A year later when she grew up, after a nearly costly encounter with a local Inuit Hunter, Balto was forced to reveal to his daughter that she bore the physical appearances and characteristics of a wolf, even more so than Balto himself. This caused Aleu a great deal of distress and emotional turmoil. She chose to run far from Nome, her father naturally giving chase alone despite Jenna's wishes.

Aleu would eventually come into contact with a wolf pack led by Nava, which also included the extremely vicious wolf Niju. Balto did manage to catch up to his daughter, but she refused to return to the life offered with her family at Nome. Through a series of spiritual events, Balto, Nava, and eventually Aleu herself come to realize with the aid of her spirit guide Maru that she was destined to lead the pack towards a better future.

At the end of the events in Wolf Quest, she bids her father a very emotional farewell, informing him to deliver her best love to Jenna. She then disappears across the Bering Sea. Her future and whereabouts are now unknown. It is unknown if she already has a mate in her clan. She has a strange supernatural power that allows her to have visions of the past or future, as well as read minds. This is shown by her eyes lighting up.


Kodiak (Kodi)
First appearance Balto II: Wolf Quest
Last appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Sean Astin
Species Canine
Gender Male
Family Aleu (sister), Dingo (brother), Saba (sister), Boris (uncle), Balto (father), Jenna (mother), Aniu (deceased grandmother)

Kodiak (Kodi) is the son of Balto and Jenna, and plays a major part in Balto III: Wings of Change, where he has a job as a local mail-dog. Kodi also had first appeared in Wolf Quest as one of the puppies born by Jenna and is adopted. His name may be in reference to the Kodiak Islands, off the coast of Alaska. Unlike Aleu, he and all of the other pups have no knowledge of their wolf ancestry.


Unlike his sister, Kodi mainly takes after his mother. His fur is dark red with a sandy underbelly. He has a white stripe that goes from between his eyes to the tip of his nose.


Kodi has appeared to display a similar personality to Balto. Kodi has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but also has his faults (such as allowing Balto to attempt a rescue mission into the Alaskan frontier alone for the sake of keeping his job). He remains fiercely loyal to his friends. Going to such heights such as forsaking his family's wishes to keep them content. He is also laid-back and cool-headed.

He has a strong drive and passion for sled racing and wishes to push himself to the limits due to events in his childhood, where he was physically the weakest of the entire litter (obviously the runt of the litter). Shares a strong bond with his father due again to his childhood experiences and is extremely proud to be his son.


Kodiak was born to Balto and Jenna within the same litter as his sister's Aleu and Saba. It is unknown where he resides in the order of age but many fans consider him to be the youngest of the group although he is the oldest due to his larger size and mature voice. He is as younger than Ralph and Kirby but is still older than Dusty. As a pup, Kodi was always ready to engage in activities with his brothers and sisters, but found himself unable to keep up with running activities. Although this left Kodi dismayed, never believing himself capable, this allowed him to build a closer relationship with his father Balto, who would run with his son constantly until the day he would finally outrun him.

Sometime between the events of Wolf Quest and Wings of Change, or even before, Kodi attained a very high interest in the local mail team, specifically in becoming lead dog. Most likely due to his father's past with sled dog racing. Sometime during that period he attained a position on the mail team and displayed superb skills with his job.

During the events of Wings of Change, Kodi displayed a wide variety of traits that showed how easily swayed he was by his friends. Such as valuing their position on the team and overall welfare over that of a human being's life. This trait colliding roughly with both his parents. Later on his true personality revealed itself when he chose to pursue and aid his father in rescuing the pilot Duke, over the initial wishes of his comrades. Kodi's future remains unknown, but it can be said that he continues with his mail duties and remains close to his parents in Nome.

Other Characters & Allies[edit]

Nikki, Kaltag & Star[edit]

Nikki, Kaltag, and Star
First appearance Balto
Portrayed by Jack Angel (Nikki)
Danny Mann (Kaltag)
Robbie Rist (Star)
Species Canine
Gender Male

Nikki, Kaltag, and Star aided Balto in the run for the serum. Nikki is the oldest of the three and Star is the youngest of the three. The three were made very famous by their constant rags about Steele and other characters behind their backs (mainly between Nikki and Kaltag). Star joins in with a very random and straight to the point reply, resulting in a hit to the head by Kaltag, though once he saw it was coming and hit himself instead. However, they also play the additional role early in the film as bullying cronies of Steele, aiding him in his vicious ridicule of Balto's heritage. Later on during the events of the relay, Balto would gain the trust and admiration of all three when he successfully leads them across the dangerous Alaskan wilderness and also by retrieving the medicine from the bottom of a deep ravine.

Star would make the infamous "They should build a statue of him!" comment at the conclusion of the film, which Kaltag agreed with instead of smacking him on the head. It is unknown what has become of the trio after the events in Balto, for there is no mention or appearance of them in either Wolf Quest or Wings of Change (although there are brief appearances of Nikki and Kaltag in Wings of Change: during the E.D.A.S where Kaltag barks from a window and Nikki barks from the far right corner of the street next to JOHN'S BAR). Kaltag is still golden, but Star is brown in the preview of the movie.

They were voiced respectively by Jack Angel (Nikki), Danny Mann (Kaltag), and Robbie Rist (Star).


First appearance Balto II: Wolf Quest
Portrayed by David Carradine
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Family Unknown (although he refers other pack members as "brothers")

Nava is an elderly wolf who was the wise leader of the wolf pack and was encountered by Balto and Aleu in Wolf Quest.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Being very old among his pack (Around 9–11 years possibly), Nava's fur was a very dull Grey with his underbelly being pure white. Nava was also fairly larger than some of the others of his pack. He does not appear to bear any permanent markings.


Nava was firm with his beliefs in the spiritual ways and laws of the pack, his more peaceful views coming into conflict with those of the younger and more militant wolf known as Niju. Nava also was shown to willingly hear everyone's opinion on something, including Niju's. He was instrumental in showing Aleu what she truly wanted in life, and discovered that it was she, not Balto, who was meant to lead the pack onwards.


Nava first appeared as the shaman and Leader of a Wolf Pack. He tells his pack as well as Balto and Aleu that one day soon, they will be led by a new leader, "the one who is wolf but does not know."During the climax of the film, Nava was attacked by Niju and shoved into the ice cold waters beneath the ice. Although rescued by Balto and Aleu, he chose to remain behind on the Alaskan mainland with Balto; giving control of the pack's future and well being to Aleu.

After discussing the future with Balto, Nava informed him that he would find the also stranded Niju. Stating that they were still a pack and that they needed each other. The two bid a fond farewell, Nava disappearing into the wilderness. His current whereabouts are unknown. He has a supernatural power that allows him to fuse with the elements. It is said that Nava might be Balto's father. Balto's mother, Aniu changes into the raven and some say it might be possible that Nava changes into a husky, possibly Balto's missing father.

He was voiced by David Carradine.

Kirby, Dusty & Ralph[edit]

Kirby, Dusty & Ralph
First appearance Balto III: Wings of Change
Portrayed by Carl Weathers (Kirby)
Charity James (Dusty)
Bill Fagerbakke (Ralph)
Species Canine
Gender Two Males, One Female
Family Kodi (friend)

Three huskies and malamutes who reside in the Alaskan town of Nome and serve as the traditional threesome that was evident in the two previous installments. All three dogs play a backup role in the third film Balto III: Wings of Change as friends and fellow mail team members to Balto and Jenna's son Kodiak. Kirby appears to be the oldest of the group (but he's younger than Star) and Dusty the youngest Malamute Alaskan of the group. All three are highly committed and proud of their jobs, a trait that plays a heavy impact upon Kodi throughout the course of the film.

Kirby is the Husky Siberian cocky member of the trio and the lead dog on the sled team. He also insists that, as the lead dog, they need to defeat Duke and his bush plane in the race, but is easily passed up in favor of Balto. Ralph is the husky and more laid back of the trio, usually serving as the blunt of pranks yet voice of quiet reason and complaints. Dusty is the only female in this group.

All three dogs eventually supported Kodi's decision to help the human Duke, despite the fact he threatened to take their jobs away. They proceeded to aid Kodi and Balto in Duke's rescue. It is unknown what has become of them after Wings of Change, but it can be assumed they all continue to run alongside Kodi on the mail team.

They are voiced respectively by Carl Weathers, Charity James and Bill Fagerbakke.


Duke was an air pilot who appeared in Balto III: Wings of Change. Although friendly and very kind towards Balto and his friends, he pushed for a race between himself and the local mail team; as to determine which could carry the mail quicker. Although Duke had the advantage at the midway point of the race, a buildup of ice on his plane's wings caused him to crash land deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Unknown to him, Boris had mistakenly boarded the plan after a run-in with Stella. He was injured in the crash, but was discovered by Balto who proceeded to return him to Nome. Without aid, Balto carried Duke as far as he was able, and nearly fell prey to the deep bowels of an ice canyon had it not been for the sudden arrival of his son Kodi and his fellow mail team dogs Dusty, Kirby, and Ralph.

Once returned to Nome, Duke decided to build another plane, and in honor of the canine who saved his life, he named it the "Balto Flyer". His final gift to Balto was the thrill of a flight high above the Alaskan landscape, something Balto truly wanted to experience.

He was voiced by veteran actor Keith Carradine.


An attractive female snow goose who takes a liking to Boris and becomes his girlfriend in Wings of Change. Boris lies to her about having injuries which stop him from flying. She discovers Boris's lie about his "flight injuries" and chases him onto Duke's plane which later crashes, and she starts worrying. In the end, Boris apologizes to her and she forgives him. Stella is voiced by Primetime Emmy-winning actress Jean Smart.

First appearance Balto (as a child and adult)
Balto II: Wolf Quest (mention, but not seen)
Balto III: Wings of Change (cameo during the opening)
Portrayed by Juliette Brewer (as a child) and Miriam Margolyes (as adult in Balto)
Species Human
Gender Female
Family Jenna (pet)
Her parents (Balto only)
Her granddaughter (Balto only)


Rosy is an elderly woman and the previous owner of Jenna when she was a little girl.

In 1925, Rosy was seen when she first got her first sled by her parents which she's really happy. During a dog-sled race, Rosy's hat blew away into the racing track.

Then, Balto retrieved the hat and return it to her which she replies "Balto, what a crazy thing to do to show off with a pretty girl." After Balto returned the hat, Rosy's father pulled her away from him and told her that he was part wolf. She still feel bad for Balto and told her father that he hurt his feelings after calling Balto for being a half wolf.

Later, Rosy caught Diphtheria along with the rest of the children in the town of Nome.

Rosy was cured after Balto arrived with the medicine. She was the only human in the town who accepted Balto while the citizens of Nome, including Rosy's own parents, hated and feared him.

70 years later, Rosy was a grandmother and told her granddaughter about the story of Balto. She was voiced by Juliette Brewer as a girl, and played by Miriam Margolyes as an adult.

Rosy was mentioned several times during Wolf Quest, but was an off-screen character. Rosy had a cameo during the opening credits in Wings of Change.

Rosy's parents[edit]

Although Rosy liked Balto, her parents feared him. When Balto returned Rosy's hat, her father pulled her away from Balto and told her that Balto is part wolf. However, at the end of the first movie, the whole town rejoices when Balto returns with the medicine and the townspeople, including Rosy's parents, now see who he really is and lets him see Rosy after receiving her treatment.

It can be said that they continue to allow the previously untrustworthy Balto into their lives and home; seeing as how he fathered a litter of puppies with the family's prized husky Jenna.

Her father was voiced by William Roberts and her mother was voiced by Sandra Dickinson.

The White Wolf[edit]

The White Wolf, known as Aniu in the sequel, is an arctic wolf that appeared to remind Balto of his wolf heritage after he had fallen down a cliff and given up all hope. According to Wolf Quest, she was Balto's apparently deceased mother. Balto was separated from Aniu at an early age and never saw her again. Aniu made an appearance in Wolf Quest, where she revealed herself as the black raven who had been guiding Balto the entire time in spirit and Balto when Balto fell off a cliff, trying to save the antitoxin. A topic of hot debate among Balto fans is that of the white wolf's appearance in the first Balto film; where she appeared to help him accept who he truly was. It is yet unknown if this wolf was meant to also be Balto's mother or simply a representative of the dormant heritage Balto continues to ignore up until that point of the film. Though it is finally revealed in Wolf Quest that she is indeed Balto's mother, himself calling her the latter. This was, however, not the intention of the original film where the White Wolf was not meant specifically to be either parent of Balto, but instead a manifestation of Balto's inner voice, telling him to take ownership and use that part of him that he has always been ashamed of. She makes no appearance in Wings of Change.

She was voiced by Monnae Michaell.


Muru is Aleu's spirit guide and the son of Kahu and Quillaq. He has the appearance of a mouse in the Wolf Quest, and performs the song, "Who Are You". At the end of Wolf Quest, he is seen sitting next to Aleu, and howling alongside her, forever ready to guide her in future endeavors.

He was voiced by actor Peter MacNicol.

Dixie & Sylvie[edit]

Dixie and Sylvie are a pair of female dog gossipers in Balto. Dixie is a Pomeranian and Sylvie is an Afghan Hound. Both appear to be good friends of Jenna and both also having a crush on Steele. They and the other dogs soon discovered Steele's true nature and turned their backs on him and Dixie calls him a disposable. In Wings of Change, Sylvie makes a cameo in the alley way with several other dogs. Dixie and Sylvie are both voiced by Sandra Dickinson.

Mel & Dipsy[edit]

Mel and Dipsy are two dogs who replaced Dixie and Slyvie in Wings of Change. Mel is a paranoid Welsh Terrier while Dipsy is an obese and carefree English Cocker Spaniel. Dipsy has a fondness of food, particularly stealing it from her long-suffering owner Mr. Gunderson and Mel is worried by the smallest of things, such as the mail being late, in case the dogs fall over a cliff, are buried under an avalanche or are bleeding to death after a grizzly attack, the progress during the race, fearing that the mail has fallen out of the sled, they were attacked by bears or Kodi became travel-sick and when the plane is missing and that the search party will be out for weeks, thanks to the millions of miles between Nome and White Mountain. Much like the original gossipers, both appear to be friends with Jenna. Mel and Dipsy are voiced by David Paymer and Kathy Najimy.


Doc is an old Saint Bernard who appears in the first film. He first appears while telling the other dogs of Nome that Steele and his team had missed their second checkpoint and had become lost. Later when the other dogs learned that Steele that lied to them about Balto and the team being frozen to death in the storm thus revealing his true nature, he turned his back on him. Doc later appears in the third film during the E.D.A.S. He is voiced by Donald Sinden.


The Terrier is a Scottish Terrier who appears in Balto II: Wolf Quest who tells Balto that Jenna gave birth to some puppies. The Terrier is hyper-active and barks continuously which Boris gets annoyed by. He later appears during the E.D.A.S scene in Wings of Change. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.



First appearance Balto
Portrayed by Jim Cummings
Species Canine / Alaskan Malamute
Gender Male
Family Unknown

Steele is an Alaskan Malamute in Balto. He was voiced by Jim Cummings.

Physical Traits & Appearance[edit]

Despite remarks by his musher and others that Steele might be "losing his edge" (after losing to Balto at the beginning of the film), Steele still has remarkable strength and speed close to that of Balto's.

He was able to survive a fall down a cliffside, knocked down a dead tree, burned by a furnace (thanks to Jenna) and smashed through a closed door while pinning both Balto and Jenna.

Steele is an image of physical perfectness among the local dogs. He is covered in jet black fur with a pure white underbelly and face. It is hinted that he is also a pure-bred, pedigree Alaskan Malamute.


Steele is proud, snide, and jealous representing all of which Balto despises. His hatred for Balto is made out of pure jealousy (as Balto beat him to the finish line).

He also likes Jenna, but she was able to see his lies while she loves Balto the pure-hearted instead which further strengthens Steele's hatred and jealousy towards Balto.

He is also a crafty liar, claiming that Balto and the rest of the team had died and at the end of the film the undoing of his lies causes him to be shunned and hated by those who used to respect him.

Steele had no chance of going back on the sled team for it is possible that Balto had replaced him.


Steele was the lead dog on the best dog racing team in Nome, he first encountered Balto (in the movie Steele's behavior towards Balto is an obvious indication that they have met on prior occasions) after being defeated by the latter in a race while rescuing Rosy's hat.

Steele's behavior and hatred became worst when Jenna, the most beautiful female dog and his love interest, starts to fall in love with Balto - as well as Balto is faster, smarter and stronger than Steele (although the people and dogs of Nome love Steele while hated Balto).

Out of jealousy, Steele felt Balto was a threat so he bullied Balto. When the town became sick, there was a relay race to choose who would be on the sled dog team that would relay the medicine.

Despite being deliberately kicked off the course by a competitor, Balto was the rightful winner of the race (by taking a special & longer route to catch up), but right after the race ended, Steele tells Balto that he'll never be a sled dog which Jenna scolds Steele for being a glory-hound.

Shortly after that, Steele stomped on Balto's paw as a musher reached to pet him, forcing Balto to growl in pain and bare his teeth, making the humans believe that the wolf-dog to be aggressive and dangerous especially with his teeth.

This causes Balto to be disqualified from the race despite being the victor.

Steele became the leader of the sled team to return the medicine to Nome, managing to lead the team successfully to Nenana and halfway back to Nome before becoming lost.

Balto discovered Steele and his team at the edge of a large ravine. Despite Balto's pleas for Steele to let him help them back to Nome (knowing that the children would die if the medicine does not get there in time), Steele attacks Balto, making obvious he thinks Balto as a threat to his position.

Balto refused to fight back, but still managed to escape Steele who ends up tumbling off the nearby cliff in his unstable mindset when Steele grabbed for the orange bandana around Balto's neck that Jenna gave to Balto.

Having demonstrated his good nature and noble intention to bring the serum back to Nome at all costs, Balto gains the unconditional support of the other dogs on the team. They pick up the trail and head back without Steele.

Despite his state, Steele managed to follow Balto's trail back to Nome, along the way marking all of the trees to disorient him.

This clearly shows he doesn't care that the children die with out the medicine or about the safety of his team and that he is just more care about his fame and glory, showing his true colors.

On his return to Nome he claimed that Balto and the rest of the team had frozen to death and that Balto had fallen off of a cliff and also stating that Balto made Steele promise to take care of Jenna.

Then, Jenna realizes that Balto would have never told Steele such a thing and tells all the other dogs who believe Steele's story that he's lying. Steele's strategy initially managed to catch Balto off his guard, resulting in him becoming lost as well.

Despite this, Balto manages to believe in who he truly is, catches on to Steele's trick and follows the trail he himself had marked (using only his smell) back to Nome.

Balto's return results in him being accepted as a beloved hero and the undoing of Steele's lies cause the other dogs of Nome to consider Steele as a glory hound and a jealous liar, leaving him behind alone in the boiler room as he tried to explain to them but they angrily refuse to listen at the climax of the movie.

This is a complete reversal of their roles in the beginning of the movie where Steele was the town's most popular dog and Balto was the hated outcast.

It is unknown what became of Steele after the events in Balto for he is never seen or mentioned in the sequels Wolf Quest or Wings of Change. It is possible that he may have left Nome at some point after the movie, and may have even been ostracized by the other dogs of Nome, due to his unforgivable intentions and lies.

However Phil Weinstein explained that in the original script for Wings of Change, Steele would be one of the volunteers who would help Balto on his search for Duke. This would indicate that Steele eventually changed his ways.


First appearance Balto II: Wolf Quest
Portrayed by Mark Hamill
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Family Unknown

Niju was a young and vicious wolf in Balto II: Wolf Quest.

Physical Traits & Appearance[edit]

Niju was impressively built, being the second largest (Nuk being larger due to his massive appetite) and almost certainly being the strongest member of the wolf pack which allowed him to intimidate and defeat other wolves, easily tackling and overpowering Aleu and throwing off Nava. His fur was brown with a greyish blue underbelly. His only markings were dark patches around his eyes like Steele. In the film, his whiskers were purposely made more noticeable.


Unlike the elderly leader Nava, Niju was a very militant and arrogant wolf, fully willing to break the rules of the land and steal for what he desired, though seemingly doing so because of the desire to live. He was also shown to suffer from a fear of change (cainotophobia) which probably caused his cruel actions as Nava claimed that Niju would willingly starve or die than leave his homeland.


Niju planned to take over the wolf pack with the aid of his followers, Nuk, Yak, and Sumac. Eventually the wolf pack started to turn towards Niju and started to follow him, but when the ice bridge that led to the caribou formed, the entire pack including Nuk, Yak, and Sumac turned back to Nava, Balto, Aleu. Niju also attempted to kill the pack leader Nava as well as Aleu, but his plans were foiled by Balto. When Niju was given the opportunity to lead the pack, his "fear Of change" got the better of him and he fled into the forest. Nava claimed to Balto after they were off the ice that he would go and find Niju and that "one would not be whole without the other."

Niju was voiced by veteran voice actor Mark Hamill.

Yak, Sumac & Nuk[edit]

Yak, Sumac and Nuk were three wolves who served as the replacement for the original trio and Niju's followers in Balto II: Wolf Quest.

Yak seems to be the most intelligent, but seems to have an increasing difficulty with fleas. Sumac is the smallest and most skittish individual, as well as laughing frequently. Nuk is the largest yet least intelligent member, personallly claiming he’d rather just eat than use his brain. They have tufts of hair on the tips of their ears like a lynx and a bobcat.

Yak, Sumac, and Nuk refused to continue forth with Niju's evil plan when they finally realized the truth of the situation around them. The three aided Aleu in her return to the ice flow, resulting in her takeover of the pack's future. They disappeared across the ocean with Aleu and the rest of the wolves.

Yak, Sumac, and Nuk were voiced by Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen, and Joe Alaskey respectively.

Grizzly Bear[edit]

Grizzly Bear
First appearance Balto
Last appearance Balto II: Wolf Quest
Portrayed by N/A
Species Grizzly Bear
Gender Male
Family Unknown

A giant dangerous Grizzly Bear appears in the original film Balto and Balto II: Wolf Quest. During the wolf-dog's journey to find the missing relay anti-toxin team. The bear appeared to be stalking the group consisting of Balto, Boris, and Muk and Luk for several moments before Balto finally caught scent of the danger. A fierce confrontation erupted between the crazed giant and Balto.

Although small and more agile, the wolf-dog was unable to avoid the behemoth; becoming trapped and nearly crushed beneath its paw. Had it not been for the swift arrival of Jenna, Balto would have easily been killed. Still relentless, the Grizzly injured Jenna and managed to engage Balto once more. Having learned a strategy, Balto lured the heavy creature onto the frozen ice; managing to dispose of the giant in the icy depths of the lake at nearly the cost of his own life.

When Aleu leaves the crystal and jewel cave and sees day light, a huge mean, and furious Grizzly Bear attempts to kill Aleu. Balto arrives, distracts the bear, saves Aleu, they both escape and the bear disappears.

Bull Moose[edit]

During the events of Balto III: Wings of Change, Balto, along with Stella, Muk and Luk, descend deep into the territory of the very dangerous and crazed male moose. Despite warnings from Muk and Luk, Balto insisted that they press on in order to rescue the downed bush pilot Duke, as well as Boris. The group encounters one very unintelligent, yet formidable Bull Moose, and only upon the arrival of yet another territorial Moose do they manage to escape from the obsessed duo. The bull moose served as the replacement for the original crazed grizzly bear that appeared in the previous two films.

Both Moose take on a very Italian like personality in heavy reference to the mob genre ("You talkin' to me?"). They are both voiced by experienced voice actor Maurice LaMarche.

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