List of Indian members of the Indian Civil Service

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This page contains a list of British Indians members of the Indian Civil Service (ICS) in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Name Year of Examination Year of Joining Year of Resignation/Disqualification Rank Final Posting
Satyendranath Tagore 1863 1864 Judge, Satara
Romesh Dutt 1869 1871 Commissioner (offgt.) of Orissa; later Dewan, Baroda
Behari Lal Gupta 1869 1871 Sessions Judge, Bengal; later Chief Minister, Baroda
Surendranath Banerjee (later Sir) 1869 1871 1871 (Disqualification) Minister in the Dyarchy Cabinet in Bengal, 1921-1926
Ananda Ram Baruah 1870 1872 The first ICS from Assam/North-East District Magistrate and Collector in Bengal
Krishna Govinda Gupta (later Sir) 1871 1873 Commissioner, Bengal; later member, Secretary of State's Council, UK
Brajendranath De 1873 1875 17th Magistrate and Collector of Hooghly, (1910); also Commissioner (offg.), Burdwan, Bengal (1905)
Perungavur Rajagopalachari (later Diwan Bahadur and Sir) 1886 1888 Chairman of the Madras Legislative Council
Basanta Kumar Mullick 1887 1889 Puisne Judge of the Patna High Court
Albion Rajkumar Banerjee (later Sir) 1894 1895 Prime Minister of Kashmir; Dewan of Mysore
Atul Chandra Chatterjee (later Sir) 1896 1897


Name Year of Examination Year of Joining Year of Resignation/Disqualification Rank Final Posting
Sarat Kumar Ghosh (later Sir) 1903 1903 Chief Justice of Jaipur & of Kashmir
Gurusaday Dutt 1905 1905 First Indian to come first in any part of the Open Competitive Services examination; 1st (in the 2nd Part) Secretary, Local Self Government and Public Health
Benegal Narsing Rau (later Sir) 1908 1909 Prime Minister of Kashmir
Benegal Rama Rau (later Sir) Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi (later Sir) Governor of the Punjab
Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari Jr. (later Sir) 1918 1919 Governor of Assam
Sukumar Sen 1919 1921 Chief Election Commissioner of India
Subhas Chandra Bose 1920 1921 1921(Resignation) 4th
Y. N. Sukthankar (later CIE) 1921 Second Cabinet Secretary of India
Sudhansu Kumar Das 1921 Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India
K. P. S. Menon First Foreign Secretary (India)
Nilakanta Mahadeva Iyer (later CIE) 1922
Binay Ranjan Sen (later CIE) 1922
N. R. Pillai (later Sir) 1923 First Cabinet Secretary of India
C. S. Venkatachari 1923 Chief Minister of Rajasthan
Girija Shankar Bajpai (later Sir) Governor of Maharashtra
Annada Shankar Ray 1927
Birendra Narayan Chakraborty 1928
Subimal Dutt 1928 Foreign Secretary (India)
Dharma Vira 1931 Governor of West Bengal
Bhairab Dutt Pande Governor of West Bengal
Lallan Prasad Singh Aditya Nath Jha Last posting First Lt. Governor of Delhi Governor of Assam
Lakshmi Kant Jha Indian Ambassador to United States
Haribhai M. Patel Defence Minister, Government of India
MS Randhawa 1934 Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh
Maharaj Sri Nagendra Singh President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague
K.B. Lall Secretary, Defence, GOI
Tarlok Singh 1937 Member of the Planning Commission of India
Triloki Nath Kaul


Ambassador, Foreign Secretary
Govind Narain 1939 Governor of Karnataka
H.V.R. Iyengar Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
S. Jagannathan Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Chandrika Prasad Srivastava (later Sir) Secretary General of International Maritime Organization, London
Nirmal Kumar Mukarji 1941 1943 Governor of Punjab
Bhagwan Singh (later Captain) 1946 Indian High Commissioner to Fiji