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List of Iyengars is a list that includes people who are verifiably Iyengars. Iyengars are a caste with origins in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Spiritual Leaders[edit]

Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Administrators and Politicians[edit]

  • T. S. S. Rajan - Indian politician and freedom-fighter. Member of the Imperial Legislative Council (1934–1936), Minister of Public Health and Religious Endowments (Madras Presidency) (1937–1939), Minister of Food and Public Health (Madras Presidency) (1946–1951)
  • C Rajagopalachari - Bharat Ratna, Freedom fighter, national leader, the first Indian Governor General of Independent India and also the Chief Minister of State of Madras.
  • Shamaiya Iyengar - The minister of the police and the post office (also served as the head of the intelligence department) during the time of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.


  • K.R.Parthasarathy- Professor Emeritus at the Indian Statistical Institute of New Delhi



Carnatic Musicians[edit]


  • Rangachar Narayana Iyengar - Renowned Civil Engineer, Director, Center for Disaster Mitigation (CDM) at Jain University, Bangalore.


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