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This is a list of the Maronite patriarchs of Antioch and all the East, the primate of the Maronite Church, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches. Starting with Paul Peter Massad in 1854, after becoming patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch, they assume the name "Peter" (Boutros in Arabic, بطرس ), after the traditional first Bishop of Antioch, St. Peter, who was also the head of the Apostles. The official title that the Maronite Patriarch assumes is "Patriarch of Antioch and All the East". To this date 15 patriarchs have been canonized by the Catholic Church, with an extra two being beatified but not yet canonized.

For the Patriarchs of Antioch before John Maron, see List of Patriarchs of Antioch.

List of Patriarchs of Antioch and all the Levant of the Maronite Church[edit]

A famous list of Maronite Patriarchs of Antioch was written and published by Giuseppe Simone Assemani,[1] and Simon Awad, which follows the Series of Maronite Patriachs written by Patriarch Estephan El Douaihy in the 17th century,[2] but it is incomplete for the first centuries. Besides the Assemani's list, another more detailed list was written in Bejjeh in 1766 by Georges Saad.[3]

In the list here below the names shifted on the right are not included in the incomplete Assemani's list and derive from the Bejjeh list.

Patriarchs of Antioch before the Maronite-Greek schism, 1st century–686[edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Period Notes
1 St. Peter (c. 44–c. 53)
2 St. Evodius (c. 53–c. 69)
3 St. Ignatius (c. 70–c. 108) Who was martyred in the reign of Trajan. His seven epistles are unique sources for the early Church.
4 St. Heron (107–127)
5 Cornelius (127–154)
6 Eros (154–169)
7 St. Theophilus (c. 169–c. 182)
8 Maximus I of Antioch (182–191)
9 St. Serapion (191–211)
10 St. Asclepiades the Confessor (211–220)
11 Philetus (220–231)
12 Zebinnus (231–237)
13 St. Babylas the Martyr (237–c. 250) Who, according to Nicephorus, was martyred in the reign of Decius.
14 Fabius (253–256)
15 Demetrius (256–260) Who was taken captive by the Persians under Shapur
16 Paul of Samosata (260–268) Was supported by Zenobia, deposed by Emperor Aurelian; in Paul's time Lucian of Antioch was head of the Antiochene catechetical school.
17 Domnus I (268/9–273/4) Was supported by Emperor Aurelian.
18 Timaeus (273/4–282)
19 Cyril (283–303)
20 Tyrannion (304–314)
21 Vitalius (314–320)
22 Philogonius (320–323)
23 St. Eustathius (324–330)
24 Paulinus I (330, six months) Formerly bishop of Tyre, Semi-Arian and friend of Eusebius of Caesarea.
25 Eulalius (331–332)
26 Euphronius (332–333)
27 Flacillus or Facellius (333–342) In whose time renovations were made to the great church of Antioch, according to Nicephorus.
28 Stephen I (342–344) Arian and opponent of Athanasius of Alexandria, deposed in 344.
29 Leontius the Eunuch (344–358) Arian.
30 Eudoxius (358–359) Formerly bishop of Germanicia, later (360–370) bishop of Constantinople, Homoian.
31 Anianus (359) Immediately deposed.
32 St. Meletius (360/1–362) Semi-Arian, deposed in the reign of Valens for Homoiousian leanings.
33 Paulinus II (362–388)
34 Evagrius (388–393)
35 St. Flavian I (399–404)
36 Porphyrus (404–412)
37 Alexander (412–417) He ended the schism with the Eustathians in 415.
38 Theodotus (417–428) (alternately 420–429)
39 John I (428–442) Condemned the First Council of Ephesus in the Nestorian controversy.
40 Domnus II (442–449) Deposed by the Second Council of Ephesus.
41 Maximus II (449–455) Appointed by Emperor Theodosius II, accepted the Council of Chalcedon, deposed under unclear circumstances.
42 Basil of Antioch (456–458) Chalcedonian.
43 Acacius of Antioch (458–461) Chalcedonian.
44 Martyrius (461–470) Chalcedonian, deposed by general Zeno.
45 Julian (471–476) Chalcedonian, exiled by Peter the Fuller.
46 Stephen II (477–479) Chalcedonian.
47 Calendion (479–before 488) Chalcedonian, opposed the Henoticon, exiled by Zeno, replaced by Peter the Fuller.
48 Palladius (488–498) Chalcedonian, accepted the Henoticon.
49 St. Flavian II (498–518) Chalcedonian, accepted the Henoticon, deposed by Emperor Anastasius I.
50 Paul II the Jew (518–521)
51 Euphrasius (521–528)
52 St. Ephrem of Amid (528–546)
53 Domnus III (546–561)
54 Anastasius I (561–571/594)
55 Gregory I (571–594/599) Brief interruption by Anastasius I of Antioch in 594.
56 St. Anastasius II (599–610)
57 Gregory II (610–620)
58 Anastasius III (620–628)
59 Macedonius (639–662)
60 George I (662–669)
61 Macarius (669–681)
62 Theophanes (681–684)

Patriarchs during the Marada states, 686–1099[edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Notes
English Arabic
63 St. John Maron I مار يوحنا مارون الأول 63rd after Saint Peter. First of the Maronite patriarchs (b. 628, consecrated 686, d. 707)
64 Cyrus قوروش Son of Saint John Maron's sister
65 Gabriel I جبرائيل الأول Last patriarch to reside in Kfarhi monastery
66 John Maron II يوحنا مارون الثاني Also known as John Maron II. At this point the Patriarchate moved to Yanou', Byblos
67 John II يوحنا الثاني Originating from Byblos, also known as John I (or John III considering John Maron I and John Maron II)
68 Gregory II غريغوريوس الثاني -
69 Stephen III اسطفانوس الثالث -
70 Mark مرقس -
71 Eusebius أوسابيوس Also known as Hoaushab (حوشب)
72 John III يوحنا الثالث Also known as John II of Hama (or John IV considering Youhanna Maron, Youhanna Maron II and Youhanna I). During his reign, the Fourth Council of Constantinople convened in the year 869
73 Joshua I يشوع الأول
74 David I داوود الأول -
75 Gregory III غريغوريوس الثالث -
76 Theophylact ثاوفيلكتوس Also known as Habib or John V Habib
77 Joshua II يشوع الثاني Yeshu II of Damascus
78 Domitius ضوميطيوس Domitius of Beirut
79 Isaac اسحق -
80 John IV يوحنا الرابع Also known as John III (John VI)
81 Simeon I شمعون الأول Also known as Semaan (سمعان)
82 Jeremiah I إرميا الأول Also known as Jeremiah I
83 John V يوحنا الخامس Also known as John IV (John VII)
84 Simeon II شمعون الثاني -
85 Simeon III شمعون الثالث -

Patriarchs during the Crusades 1099–1305[3][edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Birthplace Period Position Notes
English Arabic
86 Joseph I Al-Jirjissi يوسف الأول الجرجسي - 1100–1120 - First contact with the Crusaders
87 Peter II بطرس الأول - 1120–1130 - Patriarchate moves to Mayfuq, Byblos
88 Gregory IV غريغوريوس الرابع Halat, Byblos 1130–1141 - -
89 Jacob I يعقوب الأول Ramat, Batroun 1141–1151 - -
90 John VI يوحنا السادس Lehfed, Byblos 1151–1154 - Also known as John V (John VIII)
91 Peter III بطرس الثالث - 1154–1173 - -
92 Peter IV بطرس الرابع - 1173–1189 - -
93 Peter VI بطرس الخامي - 1189–1199 - -
94 Jeremiah II Amsheeti إرميا الثاني العمشيتي Amsheet, Byblos 1199–1230 - Also known as Jeremiah II. Took part in the Fourth Lateran Council in Rome
95 Daniel I دانيال الأول Shamat, Byblos 1230–1239 - -
96 John VII يوحنا السابع Jaj, Byblos 1239–1245 - Also known as John VI (John IX)
97 Simeon IV سمعان الرابع Bilaouza Jibbet 1245–1277 - -
98 Jacob II يعقوب الثاني - 1277–1278 - Also known as Jacob II
99 Daniel II دانيال الثاني Hadchit, Bsharri 1278–1282 - -
100 Luke لوقا Benahran, Koura 1282–???? - Schism and two rival patriarchs
101 Jeremiah III إرميا الثالث Demalsa, Byblos 1283–1297 - Also known as Jeremiah III

Patriarchs during the Mamluk rule, 1305–1516[edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Birthplace Period Position Notes
English Arabic
102 Simeon V شمعون الخامس - 1297–1339 Bishop of Cyprus -
103 John VIII يوحنا الثامن Aqura, Byblos 1339–1357 - Also known as John VII
104 Gabriel II جبرائيل الثاني Hjoula, Byblos 1357–1367 - Martyred at the hand of the Mamluks
105 David II داوود الثاني - 1367–1404 - -
106 John IX El-Jaji يوحنا الثامن الجاجي Jaj, Byblos 1404–1445 Patriarchal emissary (نائب بطريركي) Also known as John VIII. At this time the Patriarchate moved to Kannoubine
107 Jacob III El-Hadathi يعقوب الثالث الحدثي Hadath El Jebbeh, Besharri 1445–1468 Bishop of Mar. Yohanna, Besharri Also known as Jacob of Hadath
108 Joseph II El-Hadathi يوسف الثاني الحدثي Hadath El Jebbeh, Besharri 1468–1492 Patriarchal emissary (نائب بطريركي) Known as Joseph of Hadath and Ibn Hassan

Patriarchs during the Ottomans, 1516–1918[edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Birthplace Period Position Notes
Portrait English Arabic
109 Simeon VI El-Hadathi سمعان السادس الحدثي Hadath El Jebbeh, Besharri 1492–1524 Patriarchal emissary (نائب بطريركي) -
110 Moses Saade موسى سعادة Kafroun, Akkar 1524–1567 Bishop of Sayyde and Houqa -
111 Michael I Rizzi ميخائيل الأول الرزي Bkoufa, Ehden 1567–1581 Bishop of Mar; Antonios Kozhaya -
112 Sergius Rizzi سركيس الرزي Bkoufa, Ehden 1581–1597 Patriarchal emissary -
113 Joseph III El-Rizzi يوسف الثالث الرزي Bkoufa, Ehden 1597–1608 Patriarchal emissary -
114 John X Makhlouf يوحنا العاشر مخلوف Ehden, Zghorta 1608–1633 Patriarchal emissary Also known as John IX
115 Greorge II Omaira جرجس (جورج) الثاني عميرة Ehden, Zghorta 1633–1644 Bishop of Ehden -
116 Joseph IV Halib يوسف الرابع حليب Aqoura, Byblos 1644–1648 Bishop of Saida and Sour -
117 John XI El-Bawwab يوحنا الحادي عشر البواب Safra, Keserwan 1648–1656 Patriarchal emissary Also known as John X
118 George III Beseb'ely جرجس (جورج) الثالث البسبعلي Sebaal, Zghorta 1656–1670 Patriarchal emissary -
119 Bl. Stephen IV El-Douaihy اسطفانوس الرابع الدويهي Ehden, Zghorta 1670–1704 Bishop of Cyprus
120 Gabriel III جبرائيل الثالث Blouzan, Keserwan 1704–1705 Bishop of Aleppo Also known as Gabriel II of Blaouza
121 Jacob IV Awad يعقوب الرابع عوّاد Hasroun, Bsharri 1705–1733 Bishop of Tripoli -
122 Joseph V El-Khazen يوسف الخامس الخازن Jounieh, Keserwan 1733–1742 Bishop of Ghosta
123 Simeon VII Awad سمعان السابع عوّاد Hasroun, Bsharri 1742–1756 Bishop of Damascus -
124 Tobias El Khazen طوبيا الخازن Beqaata, Keserwan 1756–1766 Bishop of Cyprus -
125 Joseph VI Estephan يوسف السادس اسطفان Ghosta, Keserwan 1766–1793 Bishop of Beirut -
126 Michael II Fadel ميخائيل الثاني فاضل Beirut 1793–1795 Bishop of Beirut -
127 Philip Gemayel فيليبس الجميّل Bikfaya, Metn 1795–1796 Bishop of Cyprus -
128 Joseph VII Tyan يوسف السابع تيّان Beirut 1796–1809 Bishop of Damascus; ونائب بطريركي -
129 John XII Helou يوحنا الثاني عشر الحلو Ghosta, Keserwan 1809–1823 Bishop of Haifa; ونائب بطريركي -
130 Joseph VIII Hobaish يوسف الثامن حبيش Sahel Alma, Keserwan 1823–1845 Bishop of Tripoli Patriarchate moved to Bkerke
131 Joseph IX El Khazen يوسف التاسع الخازن Ajaltoun, Keserwan 1845–1854 Bishop of Tripoli 1845 events
132 Paul III Peter Massad بولس الثالث بطرس مسعد Ashqout, Keserwan 1854–1890 Patriarchal emissary (نائب بطريركي) 1860 events, since his election "Peter" was added to the patriarcal nouns.
133 John XIII Peter El Hajj يوحنا الثالث عشر بطرس الحاج Dlebya, Batroun 1890–1898 Bishop of Baalbek -

Patriarch during modern Lebanon, 1918–present[edit]

Order Name of Patriarch Birthplace Period Position Notes
Portrait English Arabic
134 Bl. Elias Peter Hoayek الياس بطرس الحويّك Halta, Batroun 1898–1931 Bishop of Haifa; نائب بطريركي Birth of Greater Lebanon
135 Anthony I Peter Arida أنطونيوس الأول بطرس عريضة Becharri 1931–1955 Bishop of Tripoli -
136 Paul IV Peter Meouchi بولس الرابع بطرس المعوشي Jezzine 1955–1975 Bishop of Sour (Tyre)
137 Anthony II Peter Khoraish أنطونيوس الثاني بطرس خريش Ain Ebel, Bint Jbeil 1975–1986 نائب بطريركي Abdicated
138 Nasrallah Peter Sfeir نصرالله بطرس صفير Rayfoun, Kesrwan 1986–2011 Bishop of Sarba and Damascus Abdicated

Patriarch Emeritus, Cardinal of the Catholic Church

139 Bechara Peter Al-Rahi بشارة بطرس الراعي Hemlaya, Metn 2011–present Bishop of Byblos Incumbent Patriarch


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