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Below is a list of actors and actresses that are part of the cast of the American police procedural drama television series NCIS.

Cast members[edit]

Note: Only characters appearing in more than one episode and only when the actor contributes new material to an episode appear in this list.

Character Season
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Season 10 Season 11 Season 12

Main cast[edit]

Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon
Caitlin Todd[A] Sasha Alexander Sasha Alexander   Sasha Alexander  
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly
Abby Sciuto Pauley Perrette
Donald "Ducky" Mallard David McCallum
Timothy McGee Sean Murray Sean Murray
Ziva David   Cote de Pablo  
Jenny Shepard[B]   Lauren Holly  
Leon Vance   Rocky Carroll Rocky Carroll
Jimmy Palmer[C] Brian Dietzen Brian Dietzen
Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop   Emily Wickersham


Ari Haswari Rudolf Martin   Rudolf Martin  
Victoria Mallard   Nina Foch  
Sarah McGee   Troian Bellisario   Troian Bellisario  
Kelly Gibbs   Mary Mouser Brenna Radding   Sam Schuder  
Shannon Gibbs   Darby Stanchfield   Darby Stanchfield Aviva (young) Aviva (young)
Darby Stanchfield
  Darby Stanchfield  
Eli David   Michael Nouri   Michael Nouri
Ben Morrison (young)
Ben Morrison (young)  
Jackson Gibbs   Ralph Waite  
Jackie Vance   Paula Newsome   Paula Newsome  
Jared Vance   Khamani Griffin   Akinsola Aribo  
Kayla Vance   China Anne McClain   Kiara Muhammad
Anthony DiNozzo Sr.   Robert Wagner
Breena Slater   Michelle Pierce   Michelle Pierce   Michelle Pierce
Rachel Cranston   Wendy Makkena   Wendy Makkena  
Kyle Davis   Daniel Louis Rivas  
Diane Sterling   Melinda McGraw
Jake Malloy   Jamie Bamber

NCIS and Navy employees[edit]

Tom Morrow Alan Dale   Alan Dale
Gerald Jackson Pancho Demmings   Pancho Demmings  
Stan Burley Joel Gretsch   Joel Gretsch  
Paula Cassidy Jessica Steen  
Chris Pacci Tim Kelleher   Tim Kelleher  
Cassie Yates   Tamara Taylor  
Charles Sterling   Michael Bellisario  
Cynthia Sumner   Stephanie Mello  
Mike Franks   Muse Watson
Michelle Lee   Liza Lapira   Liza Lapira  
Nikki Jardine   Susan Kelechi Watson  
Brent Langer   Jonathan LaPaglia  
Chad Dunham   Todd Lowe  
Phillip Davenport   Jude Ciccolella   Jude Ciccolella  
Susan Grady   Jackie Geary   Jackie Geary  
Riley McCallister   Michael O'Neill  
E.J. Barrett   Sarah Jane Morris  
Simon Cade   Matt Willig  
Gayne Levin   Alimi Ballard  
Clayton Jarvis   Matt Craven  
Ned Dorneget   Matt Jones   Matt Jones
Jerome Craig   Greg Germann  
Sarah Porter   Leslie Hope

Other agencies[edit]

Tobias Fornell Joe Spano
Faith Coleman Alicia Coppola  
Ron Sacks   Don Franklin  
Hollis Mann   Susanna Thompson   Susanna Thompson
Trent Kort   David Dayan Fisher   David Dayan Fisher  
Michael Rivkin   Merik Tadros  
Amit Hadar   Arnold Vosloo   Arnold Vosloo  
Abigail Borin   Diane Neal
Malachi Ben-Gidon   TJ Ramini  
Ray Cruz   Enrique Murciano  
Samantha Ryan   Jamie Lee Curtis  
Zoe Keats   Marisol Nichols


Mamoun Sharif   Enzo Cilenti  
René Benoit ("La Grenouille")   Armand Assante  
Saleem Ulman   Omid Abtahi  
Alejandro Rivera   Marco Sanchez   Marco Sanchez  
Paloma Reynosa   Jacqueline Obradors  
Agah Bayar   Tamer Hassan   Tamer Hassan
Jonas Cobb   Kerr Smith  
Jonathan Cole   Scott Wolf  
Sean Latham   Philip Casnoff  
Harper Dearing   Richard Schiff  
Ilan Bodnar   Oded Fehr  

Other characters[edit]

Jeanne Benoit   Scottie Thompson  
Damon Werth   Paul Telfer   Paul Telfer  
Young Gibbs   Sean Harmon  
Leyla Shakarji   Tehmina Sunny   Tehmina Sunny  
Carol Wilson   Meredith Eaton   Meredith Eaton   Meredith Eaton  
Margaret Allison Hart   Rena Sofer  
Young Ziva   Gabi Coccio  


The show has had crossovers with its parent show JAG:

In addition, there are multiple crossovers of characters appearing with NCIS: Los Angeles:

  • Rocky Carroll who portrays Leon Vance, appeared in the first three, and sixth, seasons.
  • Pauley Perrette who plays Abby Sciuto, appeared in two episodes of Season 1.
  • David Dayan Fisher who appears as Trent Kort, appears in the first season finale.
  • Michael Weatherley will appear during the seventh season as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Several starring cast members of NCIS: Los Angeles were introduced in the two-part NCIS episode "Legend":

Characters from NCIS often appear on NCIS: New Orleans

Several NCIS: New Orleans main cast members were introduced during the Eleventh Season of NCIS

Guest stars[edit]


A Sasha Alexander reprised her role as Kate in an uncredited voice role in the Season 8 episode "A Man Walks Into a Bar...". Alexander did not appear in any new original material for the Season 9 episode "Life Before His Eyes", only appearing using digitally manipulated CGI footage from the season 2 episode "SWAK".
B Lauren Holly did not appear in any new original material for the Season 9 episode "Life Before His Eyes", only appearing using digitally manipulated CGI footage from the season 5 episode "Judgement Day".
C Brian Dietzen appeared as a guest star in his appearances up until Season 6 when he was credited on screen as "Also starring". He was formally promoted to a series regular in Season 10.[1]


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