List of National Historic Landmarks in West Virginia

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This article includes a List of National Historic Landmarks in West Virginia, as well as a list of National Park Service administered areas in West Virginia.

National Historic Landmarks in West Virginia[edit]

There are 16 National Historic Landmarks in the state. The following is a complete list.

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[1] Landmark name Image Date designated[2] Location County Description
1 Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church
Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church
October 5, 1992
39°20′20″N 80°01′07″W / 39.3388548502°N 80.0185436005°W / 39.3388548502; -80.0185436005 (Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church)
Taylor Where the Mother's Day holiday was started.
2 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops
1970 HAER photo
July 31, 2003
39°27′39″N 77°57′34″W / 39.460833°N 77.959444°W / 39.460833; -77.959444 (Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops)
Berkeley Architecturally significant railway buildings, also where the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began.
3 Campbell Mansion
Front of the house
April 19, 1994
40°12′21″N 80°32′51″W / 40.2057321567°N 80.5476076794°W / 40.2057321567; -80.5476076794 (Campbell Mansion)
Brooke Home of Alexander Campbell, founder and president of Bethany College
4 Clover Site
Clover Site
April 27, 1992
Address Restricted

Cabell Archaeological site.
5 Davis and Elkins Historic District
Davis and Elkins Historic District
June 7, 1998
38°55′44″N 79°50′57″W / 38.9289808836°N 79.8492664145°W / 38.9289808836; -79.8492664145 (Davis and Elkins Historic District)
Randolph Historic district including Graceland and Halliehurst mansions
6 Elkins Coal and Coke Company Historic District
1970 HAER photo
May 4, 1983
39°32′42″N 79°48′35″W / 39.545000°N 79.809722°W / 39.545000; -79.809722 (Elkins Coal and Coke Company Historic District)
Preston 140 beehive coke ovens, the last operated in the United States.
7 Grave Creek Mound
Grave Creek Mound
July 19, 1964
39°55′00″N 80°44′42″W / 39.91676°N 80.744978°W / 39.91676; -80.744978 (Grave Creek Mound)
Marshall The United States' largest cone-shaped burial mound, 62 feet (19 m) tall, 240 feet (73 m) diameter at base.
8 The Greenbrier
North Entrance of The Greenbrier from inside
June 21, 1990
White Sulphur Springs
37°47′07″N 80°18′30″W / 37.7854°N 80.3083°W / 37.7854; -80.3083 (The Greenbrier)
Greenbrier Hotel and emergency relocation center for the U.S. congress.
9 Matewan Historic District
View of Matewan Historic District
February 18, 1997
37°37′23″N 82°09′59″W / 37.623056°N 82.166389°W / 37.623056; -82.166389 (Matewan Historic District)
Mingo Site of bloody 1920 coal miners' strike depicted in John Sayles' film Matewan
10 Old Main, Bethany College
Eastern front of Old Main
June 21, 1990
40°12′14″N 80°33′37″W / 40.2038891197°N 80.5603100305°W / 40.2038891197; -80.5603100305 (Old Main, Bethany College)
Brooke Historic main building on Bethany College campus.
11 Reber Radio Telescope
Reber Radio Telescope
December 20, 1989
Green Bank
38°25′42″N 79°49′04″W / 38.428307822°N 79.8179043296°W / 38.428307822; -79.8179043296 (Reber Radio Telescope)
Pocahontas First parabolic radio telescope, built by amateur astronomer Grote Reber.
12 Traveller's Rest
Traveller's Rest
November 28, 1972
39°23′17″N 77°54′03″W / 39.388056°N 77.900833°W / 39.388056; -77.900833 (Traveller's Rest)
Jefferson Homestead of General Horatio Gates and a rare surviving example of Virginia architect John Ariss's work.
13 Alexander Wade House
Alexander Wade House
December 21, 1965
39°37′31″N 79°57′30″W / 39.625271°N 79.958328°W / 39.625271; -79.958328 (Alexander Wade House)
Monongalia Home of innovative educator Alexander Wade.
14 West Virginia Independence Hall
West Virginia Independence Hall, 2006
June 20, 1988
40°03′53″N 80°43′20″W / 40.064742°N 80.722142°W / 40.064742; -80.722142 (West Virginia Independence Hall)
Ohio Site of 1861–1863 pro-Union government of Virginia.
15 Weston Hospital
Weston State Hospital
June 21, 1990
39°02′19″N 80°28′17″W / 39.03861°N 80.4713889°W / 39.03861; -80.4713889 (Weston Hospital)
Lewis One of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the United States.
16 Wheeling Suspension Bridge
View from the Wheeling Suspension Bridge from 1977.
May 15, 1975
40°04′06″N 80°43′38″W / 40.0682684288°N 80.7273516865°W / 40.0682684288; -80.7273516865 (Wheeling Suspension Bridge)
Ohio World's first long suspension bridge.

National Park Service Areas in West Virginia[edit]

Also of historical interest is:

Other National Park Service-administered areas in West Virginia are:

There are no National Battlefields or other National Park Service units in West Virginia.

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  1. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  2. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.

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