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This is a list of contestants who have appeared on the American television show RuPaul's Drag Race. Contestants compete against each other and are progressively eliminated, until just a winner remains, who is crowned "next drag superstar". They are judged by drag queen RuPaul and her panel of judges. The series first aired in 2009 and as of 2017, there have been nine seasons of the show. A total of 113 different participants have been selected as finalists in the show in its eight years running, with eight drag queens - BeBe Zahara Benet, Tyra Sanchez, Raja, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Bianca Del Rio, Violet Chachki, and Bob the Drag Queen being crowned so far as "America's Next Drag Superstar". In addition, an All-Stars season aired in 2012 featuring twelve returning contestants from the first four seasons, each competing for a place in the "Drag Race Hall of Fame". The season was won by Chad Michaels, previously a runner-up in season four. In 2015, it was announced All Stars had been renewed and a second season premiered on August 25, 2016.[1] The second season was won by Alaska, who was previously a runner-up in season 5.[2]

Contestants usually apply to be on the show, or attend casting calls, but the series has been known to recruit contestants via online casting. Season 1 contestant Nina Flowers, season 2 contestant Jessica Wild, season 5 contestant Penny Tration, and season 6 contestant Darienne Lake were all selected to participate by an audience vote via the show's official website. RuPaul and Santino Rice personally chose season 3 contestants Venus D-Lite and Delta Work at an open casting call in Hollywood. All contestants selected must be 21 years of age or older at the time of taping.

Some contestants have identified as transgender during or after the competition. Season 2 contestant Sonique, season 3 contestant Carmen Carrera, season 4 contestants Kenya Michaels and Jiggly Caliente, season 5 contestant Monica Beverly Hillz, season 6 contestant Gia Gunn, and season 9 contestant Peppermint (drag queen) are the series' only transgender participants. Sonique, Carmen, Jiggly, Kenya and Gia competed while identifying as males and began identifying as transgender females after their respective eliminations. Monica was the first contestant in the history of the competition to participate while already identifying as female, though she only outed herself in the context of the show during filming of the second episode. Peppermint on Season 9 is the first contestant to be openly out as trans prior to the competition. Monica confirmed in an interview that the show does not require contestants to identify as male and that transgender females can participate if they still consider themselves drag artists.[3]

Currently, the first and only contestant to pass away is season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport, who died in October 2012 at age 27.[4] Davenport was in a long-term relationship with season 3 contestant Manila Luzon at the time.


All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed and thus may vary from season to season for returning contestants.

  ^ Contestant returned for a second time
Ongina from Season 1 was later featured on the spinoff series RuPaul's Drag U
Pandora Boxx from Season 2 won Miss Congeniality and also won Most Vivacious Professor on RuPaul's Drag U's first season
Raja was crowned the winner of season 3 in April 2011. He is the first Asian American winner, the first non-African American winner, and the oldest winner crowned.
Willam Belli, from season 4, is the first, and only, contestant on the show to be disqualified for breaking the rules of the competition.
Chad Michaels was a runner-up from season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race, but went on to win All Stars.
Alyssa Edwards competed on season 5 of the program and stars in her online web series Alyssa's Secret.
Adore Delano competed on season 6 of the program, finishing as joint runner-up to Bianca Del Rio with Courtney Act.
Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, known mononymously as Katya on the show, was Miss Congeniality in the 7th season.
Drag Name Real Name Age1 Hometown Season Finish
Victoria "Porkchop" Parker 39 Raleigh, North Carolina 1 9th
Tammie Brown Keith Glen Schubert 26 Los Angeles, California 1 8th
Akashia 24 Cleveland, Ohio 1 7th
Jade David Sotomayor[5] 25 Chicago, Illinois 1 6th
Ongina 26 Los Angeles, California 1 5th
Shannel 26 Las Vegas, Nevada 1 4th
Rebecca Glasscock 26 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1 3rd
Nina Flowers Jorge Luis Flores Sanchez 34 Bayamón, Puerto Rico 1 Runner-up
BeBe Zahara Benet Nea Marshall Kudi 28 Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 Winner
Shangela Laquifa Wadley D.J. Pierce 28 Paris, Texas 2 12th
Nicole Paige Brooks 36 Atlanta, Georgia 2 11th
Mystique Summers Madison 25 Chicago, Illinois 2 10th
Sonique 26 Atlanta, Georgia 2 9th
Morgan McMichaels Thomas White 28 Mira Loma, California 2 8th
Sahara Davenport Antoine Ashley 25 New York, New York 2 7th
Jessica Wild José David Sierra 29 San Juan, Puerto Rico 2 6th
Pandora Boxx Michael Steck 37 Rochester, New York 2 5th
Tatianna Joey Santolini[5] 21 Falls Church, Virginia 2 4th
Jujubee Airline Inthyrath 25 Boston, Massachusetts 2 3rd
Raven David Petruschin 30 Riverside, California 2 Runner-up
Tyra Sanchez James Ross 21 Orlando, Florida 2 Winner
Venus D-Lite 26 Los Angeles, California 3 13th
Phoenix 29 Atlanta, Georgia 3 12th
Mimi Imfurst Braden Chapman 27 New York, New York 3 11th
India Ferrah 23 Dayton, Ohio 3 10th
Mariah 29 Atlanta, Georgia 3 9th
Stacy Layne Matthews 25 Back Swamp, North Carolina 3 8th
Delta Work 34 Norwalk, California 3 7th
Carmen Carrera Christopher Roman3 25 Elmwood Park, New Jersey 3 6th
Shangela Laquifa Wadley^ D.J. Pierce 29 Paris, Texas 3 5th
Yara Sofia Gabriel Burgos Ortiz 26 Manatí, Puerto Rico 3 4th
Alexis Mateo Alexis Mateo Pacheco 30 Saint Petersburg, Florida 3 3rd
Manila Luzon Karl Westerberg 28 Cottage Grove, Minnesota 3 Runner-up
Raja Sutan Amrull 36 Los Angeles, California 3 Winner
Alisa Summers 23 Tampa, Florida 4 13th
Lashauwn Beyond 21 Fort Lauderdale,Florida 4 12th
The Princess 32 Chicago, Illinois 4 11th
Madame LaQueer 29 Carolina, Puerto Rico 4 10th
Milan 36 Florence, South Carolina 4 9th
Jiggly Caliente 30 Queens, New York 4 8th
Willam Willam Belli 29 Los Angeles, California 4 7th
DiDa Ritz 25 Chicago, Illinois 4 6th
Kenya Michaels 21 Dorado, Puerto Rico 4 5th
Latrice Royale Timothy Wilcots 39 South Beach, Florida 4 4th
Phi Phi O'Hara Jaremi Carey[5] 25 Chicago, Illinois 4 Runner-up4
Chad Michaels Chad Michaels 40 San Diego, California 4 Runner-up4
Sharon Needles Aaron Coady 29 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 4 Winner
Mimi Imfurst^ Braden Chapman 29 New York, New York All Stars 1 11th/12th
Pandora Boxx^ Michael Steck 39 Rochester, New York All Stars 1 11th/12th
Tammie Brown^ Keith Glen Schubert 31 Los Angeles, California All Stars 1 9th/10th
Nina Flowers^ Jorge Luis Flores Sánchez 38 Denver, Colorado All Stars 1 9th/10th
Latrice Royale^ Timothy Wilcots 40 South Beach, Florida All Stars 1 7th/8th
Manila Luzon^ Karl Westerberg 31 New York, New York All Stars 1 7th/8th
Alexis Mateo^ Alexis Mateo Pacheco 32 Saint Petersburg, Florida All Stars 1 5th/6th
Yara Sofia^ Gabriel Burgos Ortiz 28 Manatí, Puerto Rico All Stars 1 5th/6th
Shannel^ Bryan Watkins 32 Las Vegas, Nevada All Stars 1 3rd/4th
Jujubee^ Airline Inthyrath 28 Boston, Massachusetts All Stars 1 3rd/4th
Raven^ David Petruschin 33 Riverside, California All Stars 1 Runner-up
Chad Michaels^ 41 San Diego, California All Stars 1 Winner
Penny Tration 39 Cincinnati, Ohio 5 14th
Serena ChaCha 21 Tallahassee, Florida 5 13th
Monica Beverly Hillz Juan DeJesus Anaya 27 Owensboro, Kentucky 5 12th
Honey Mahogany Alpha Mulugeta 29 San Francisco, California 5 10th/11th5
Vivienne Pinay 26 New York, New York 5 10th/11th5
Lineysha Sparx Andy Trinidad[5] 24 San Juan, Puerto Rico 5 9th
Jade Jolie 25 Gainesville, Florida 5 8th
Ivy Winters Dustin Winters[5] 26 New York, New York 5 7th
Alyssa Edwards Justin Johnson[6] 32 Mesquite, Texas 5 6th
Coco Montrese 37 Las Vegas, Nevada 5 5th
Detox Matthew Sanderson 27 Los Angeles, California 5 4th
Roxxxy Andrews Michael Feliciano 28 Orlando, Florida 5 Runner-up4
Alaska Justin Honard 27 [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5 Runner-up4
Jinkx Monsoon Jerick Hoffer 24 Seattle, Washington 5 Winner
Kelly Mantle Kelly Mantle 37 Los Angeles, California 6 14th
Magnolia Crawford 27 Seattle, Washington 6 13th
Vivacious 40 New York, New York 6 12th
April Carrión 24 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 6 11th
Gia Gunn 23 Chicago, Illinois 6 10th
Milk 25 New York, New York 6 9th
Laganja Estranja Jay Jackson 24 Van Nuys, California 6 8th
Trinity K. Bonet 22 Atlanta, Georgia 6 7th
Joslyn Fox 26 Worcester, Massachusetts 6 6th
BenDeLaCreme Benjamin Putnam 31 Seattle, Washington 6 5th
Darienne Lake 41 Rochester, New York 6 4th
Courtney Act 31 West Hollywood, California 6 Runner-up4
Adore Delano Danny Noriega 23 Azusa, California 6 Runner-up4
Bianca Del Rio Roy Haylock 36 New Orleans, Louisiana 6 Winner
Tempest DuJour 46 Tucson, Arizona 7 14th
Sasha Belle 28 Iowa City, Iowa 7 13th
Jasmine Masters 37 Los Angeles, California 7 12th
Mrs. Kasha Davis 43 Rochester, New York 7 11th
Kandy Ho 28 Cayey, Puerto Rico 7 10th
Max 22 Hudson, Wisconsin 7 9th
Jaidynn Diore Fierce 25 Nashville, Tennessee 7 8th
Miss Fame Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen 29 [New York, New York 7 7th
Trixie Mattel Brian Firkus 26 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 7 6th
Katya Brian McCook 32 Boston, Massachusetts 7 5th
Kennedy Davenport 33 Dallas, Texas 7 4th
Pearl Matthew James Lent 23 Brooklyn, New York 7 Runner-up4
Ginger Minj Joshua Eads-Brown 29 Orlando, Florida 7 Runner-up4
Violet Chachki Jason Dardo 22 Atlanta, Georgia 7 Winner
Laila McQueen Tyler Devlin[7] 22 Gloucester, Massachusetts 8 11th/12th7
Dax ExclamationPoint 31 Savannah, Georgia 8 11th/12th7
Cynthia Lee Fontaine 34 Austin, Texas 8 10th
Naysha Lopez 31 Chicago, Illinois 8 9th
Acid Betty 37 Brooklyn, New York 8 8th
Robbie Turner 33 Seattle, Washington 8 7th
Thorgy Thor 31 Brooklyn, New York 8 6th
Derrick Barry 32 Las Vegas, Nevada 8 5th
Chi Chi DeVayne Zavion Davenport[8] 30 Shreveport, Louisiana 8 4th
Kim Chi Sang-young Shin[9] 27 Chicago, Illinois 8 Runner-up4
Naomi Smalls Davis Heppenstall[10] 21 Redlands, California 8 Runner-up4
Bob the Drag Queen Christopher Caldwell 29 Brooklyn, New York 8 Winner
Coco Montrese^ 40 Las Vegas, Nevada All Stars 2 10th
Adore Delano^ Danny Noriega 26 Azusa, California All Stars 2 9th
Ginger Minj^ Joshua Eads-Brown 31 Orlando, Florida All Stars 2 8th
Phi Phi O'Hara^ Jaremi Carey 29 New York, New York All Stars 2 7th
Tatianna^ Joey Santolini 27 Washington, D.C. All Stars 2 6th
Alyssa Edwards^ Justin Johnson 35 Dallas, Texas All Stars 2 5th
Roxxxy Andrews^ Michael Feliciano 31 Orlando, Florida All Stars 2 4th
Detox^ Matthew Sanderson 30 Los Angeles, California All Stars 2 Runner-up4
Katya^ Brian McCook 33 Boston, Massachusetts All Stars 2 Runner-up4
Alaska^ Justin Andrew Honard 30 Los Angeles, California All Stars 2 Winner
Jaymes Mansfield James Wirth[11] 26 Madison, Wisconsin 9 14th
Kimora Blac 28 Las Vegas, Nevada 9 13th
Charlie Hides Charlie Hides 52 London, UK 9 12th
Eureka O'Hara 25 Johnson City, Tennessee 9 11th
Cynthia Lee Fontaine^ 34 Austin, Texas 9 10th
Aja 22 Brooklyn, New York 9 TBA
Alexis Michelle Alex Michaels[12] 33 New York, New York 9 TBA
Farrah Moan 23 Las Vegas, Nevada 9 TBA
Nina Bo'nina Brown 34 Atlanta, Georgia 9 TBA
Peppermint Agnes Moore 37 New York, New York 9 TBA
Sasha Velour Sasha Steinberg[13] 29 Brooklyn, New York 9 TBA
Shea Couleé Jaren Shea[14] 27 Chicago, Illinois 9 TBA
Trinity Taylor Ryan Taylor[15] 31 Orlando, Florida 9 TBA
Valentina 25 Los Angeles, California 9 TBA

RuPaul's Drag U[edit]

From 2010 to 2012, Logo aired a spin-off to Drag Race entitled "RuPaul's Drag U". The series saw members of the public receive drag-inspired makeovers from selected memorable contestants from Drag Race. Following the completion of its third season, it was revealed that Drag U would not be returning. The contestants selected to return as "professors" were:

Professors Season Appearances RuPaul's Drag Race Season
1 2 3
Raven Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY 12 Season 2 – Runner-up
All-Stars - Runner-up
Jujubee Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY 12 Season 2 – 3rd Place
All Stars – 3rd Place
Pandora Boxx Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY 10 Season 2 – 5th Place & Miss Congeniality
All Stars – 12th/11th Place
Shannel Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY 8 Season 1 – 4th Place
All Stars – 3rd Place
Morgan McMichaels Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY 5 Season 2 – 8th place
Ongina Green tickY Green tickY Red XN 5 Season 1 – 5th Place
Tammie Brown Green tickY Red XN Red XN 1 Season 1 – 8th Place
All Stars – 10th/9th Place
Nina Flowers Green tickY Red XN Red XN 1 Season 1 – Runner-up & Miss Congeniality
All Stars – 10th/9th Place
Manila Luzon Red XN Green tickY Green tickY 4 Season 3 – Runner-up
All Stars – 8th/7th Place
Mariah Red XN Green tickY Green tickY 4 Season 3 – 9th Place
BeBe Zahara Benet Red XN Green tickY Red XN 2 Season 1 – Winner
Carmen Carrera Red XN Green tickY Red XN 2 Season 3 – 5th Place
Tyra Sanchez Red XN Green tickY Red XN 1 Season 2 – Winner
Latrice Royale Red XN Red XN Green tickY 3 Season 4 – 4th Place & Miss Congeniality
AllStars – 8th/7th Place
Chad Michaels Red XN Red XN Green tickY 2 Season 4 – Runner-up
All Stars – Winner
Raja Red XN Red XN Green tickY 2 Season 3 – Winner
Alexis Mateo Red XN Red XN Green tickY 1 Season 3 – 3rd Place
All Stars – 6th/5th Place
Delta Work Red XN Red XN Green tickY 1 Season 3 – 7th Place
Sharon Needles Red XN Red XN Green tickY 1 Season 4 – Winner
Willam Red XN Red XN Green tickY 1 Season 4 – 6th Place


  • ^1 Contestants' ages are at the time of their respective season's filming.
  • ^2 She maintains Sonique as a stage name, but has legally changed her name to Kylie Sonique Love.
  • ^3 Carmen entered the competition amidst transitioning, stopping treatment just before and during her time on the show to meet the requirements to compete. After being eliminated, she began her transition to live full-time as female. She now goes by Carmen Carrera both professionally and personally.
  • ^4 Starting from season 4, the winner was chosen from the final three contestants, and no specific position was announced between the remaining two. Thus, the two losing finalists are both listed as runner-up.
  • ^5 Vivienne and Honey were both eliminated in the same episode, placing them both in the 10th/11th finishing place.
  • ^6 In season 6, there were two opening episodes, Kelly and Magnolia were eliminated in their respective openings, before the contestants merged into one group, placing them both in the 14th/13th finishing place.
  • ^8 Laila and Dax were both eliminated in the same episode, placing them both in the 11th/12th finishing place


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