List of rivers of Washington

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This is a list of rivers in the U.S. state of Washington.

By drainage basin[edit]

This list is arranged by drainage basin. Respective tributaries are indented under each larger stream's name and are ordered downstream to upstream.

Fraser River (British Columbia)[edit]

Strait of Georgia, Bellingham Bay, Samish Bay[edit]

Puget Sound[edit]

Whidbey Basin[edit]

Central Basin[edit]

South Basin[edit]

Hood Canal, Admiralty Inlet[edit]

Strait of Juan de Fuca[edit]

Pacific Coast[edit]

Grays Harbor[edit]

Willapa Bay[edit]

Columbia River[edit]

Columbia River Basin, showing major dams and tributaries

Lower Columbia Basin[edit]

Walla Walla and Snake River Basins[edit]

Central Columbian Basin[edit]

Yakima River Basin

Lake Chelan to Coulee Dam[edit]

Upper Columbia Basin[edit]

    • Sanpoil River
      • Twentythree Mile Creek
      • Seventeenmile Creek
      • West Fork Sanpoil River
        • Gold Creek
        • Lost Creek
        • Cape Labelle Creek
      • Granite Creek
      • O'Brien Creek
    • Hawk Creek
    • Spokane River
      • Spring Creek
      • Chamokane Creek
      • Little Spokane River
        • Deadman Creek
        • Dragoon Creek
        • Deer Creek
        • West Branch Little Spokane (Eloika Lake)
      • Deep Creek
      • Latah Creek (Hangman Creek)
        • California Creek
        • Rock Creek
        • Little Hangman Creek
    • Ninemile Creek
    • Wilmont Creek
    • Stranger Creek
    • Hall Creek
      • Lynx Creek
    • Barnaby Creek
    • Sherman Creek
    • Colville River
    • Kettle River
      • Deadman Creek
      • Boulder Creek
      • East Deer Creek
      • West Deer Creek
      • Lon Alec Creek
      • Curlew Creek (Curlew Lake)
        • Lambert Creek
        • Trout Creek
      • Tonata Creek
      • Toroda Creek
      • Myers Creek
        • Mary Ann Creek
    • Onion Creek
    • Big Sheep Creek
    • Deep Creek
    • Pend Oreille River (mouth just across Canada–United States border)
      • Slate Creek
      • Sullivan Creek
        • Harvey Creek (Sullivan Lake)
      • Ruby Creek
      • Le Clerc Creek
      • Tacoma Creek
      • Calispell Creek
        • Small Creek
        • Winchester Creek
      • Skookum Creek
      • Priest River (itself in Idaho, but Western tributaries in Washington)
        • Lower West Branch Priest River
        • Upper West Branch Priest River
        • Kalispell Creek
        • Granite Creek


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