List of protected areas of Yukon

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This is a list of protected areas of Yukon.

National parks[edit]

Territorial parks[edit]

# WD-Item Name Established Commons-Category Picture Coordinates Upload
1 Q4227536 Coal River Springs Territorial Park 1991 60°09′34″N 127°25′15″W / 60.159424°N 127.420807°W / 60.159424; -127.420807 (Coal River Springs Territorial Park) Upload a picture
2 Q7023414 Ni'iinlii'njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park 1995 66°24′38″N 139°21′36″W / 66.4106°N 139.36°W / 66.4106; -139.36 (Ni'iinlii'njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park) Upload a picture
3 Q29561314 Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park 1984 69°35′23″N 139°05′57″W / 69.589722222222°N 139.09916666667°W / 69.589722222222; -139.09916666667 (Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park) Upload a picture
4 Q844692 Tombstone Territorial Park 2000 Tombstone Territorial Park
Tombstone Mountain 2007.JPG
64°04′58″N 138°30′40″W / 64.0829°N 138.511°W / 64.0829; -138.511 (Tombstone Territorial Park) Upload a picture

Parks that haven't been formally established yet (declared as "parks in progress"):

  • Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk
  • Kusawa Territorial Park
  • Agay Mene Territorial Park
  • Asi Keyi Territorial Park

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