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Zeta Beta Tau is a fraternity at American universities. Until 1954 its membership was exclusively Jewish.

Name Notability Chapter Graduated College or university
Lawrence S. Bacow President, Harvard University Xi 1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eli Capilouto[1] President of the University of Kentucky Psi 1971 University of Alabama
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg[1] Delta 1959 Columbia University
Arts and entertainment
Armand "Army" Archerd[1] Daily Variety – Columnist Alpha Rho 1941 University of California – Los Angeles
Marc Bell[1] Two time Tony Award winner ReChartered Babson College
Jack Benny[1] Television and Radio Comedian Alpha Rho University of California – Los Angeles
Leonard Cohen[1] Singer, Songwriter, Poet, and Novelist Upsilon 1955 McGill University
Leonard Bernstein[1] Composer (West Side Story); Conductor (New York Philharmonic) Alpha Zeta 1939 Harvard University
Hal Block[2] Comedian; Comedy Writer; Producer Alpha Beta 1936 University of Chicago
Benjy Bronk[3] Comedian and Writer, The Howard Stern Show Alpha Psi 1993 Pennsylvania State University
Aaron Karo Author and Comedian Theta 2001 University of Pennsylvania
Robert Q. Lewis Television personality, actor, game show host Eta 1942 University of Michigan
Marvin Lipofsky First-generation American studio glass artist Rho 1961 University of Illinois
Mike Luckovich[4] American political cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Alpha Mu 1982 University of Washington
Michael Ovitz[1] President of Walt Disney Studios Alpha Rho 1969 University of California – Los Angeles
Jerry Herman[1] Playwright: Hello Dolly!, La Cage aux Folles Alpha Omega 1953 University of Miami
Albert Maltz[5] Screenwriter and member of the Hollywood Ten Delta 1930 Columbia University
Joseph L. Mankiewicz[1] Film director, screenwriter, and producer, best known as the writer-director of All About Eve. Delta 1928 Columbia University
Doug Morris[1] CEO of Sony Music Delta 1960 Columbia University
Harold Ramis[1] Writer, Director, Producer, Actor (Ghostbusters, Animal House, Analyze This) Alpha Xi 1966 Washington University in St. Louis
Ari Sandel Oscar-winning short film director and writer: West Bank Story Beta Alpha Theta 1998 University of Colorado – Boulder
Michael Shamberg[1] Jersey Films – Director, Producer, Actor Alpha Xi 1966 Washington University in St. Louis
Andrew Volpe Singer and rhythm guitarist for alternative rock band Ludo Alpha Xi 2002 Washington University in St. Louis
Jerry Bruckheimer American film and television producer Alpha Omicron 1965 University of Arizona
David Michael Barrett American screenwriter and film producer Gamma Beta 1993 California State University, Northridge
Business and philanthropy
Walter Annenberg[1] Founder/Publisher, TV Guide; Former Ambassador to Great Britain Zeta 1928 University of Pennsylvania
Burton Baskin[1] Founder, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Rho 1938 University of Illinois
Graenum Berger[1] Social Worker, writer, founder of American Association for Ethiopian Jews Omega 1929 University of Missouri
Henry W. Bloch[1] Co-founder, H & R Block Phi 1945 University of Michigan
Richard Bloch Co-founder, H & R Block Theta 1945 University of Pennsylvania
Paul Breitenbach[1] Co-founder of Kappa 1992 Cornell University
Jeffrey Brotman[1] Co-founder of Costco Wholesale Corporation Alpha Mu 1965 University of Washington
Jerome A. Chazen[1] Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Liz Claiborne, Inc. Alpha Kappa 1947 University of Wisconsin–Madison
Stuart A. Fraser[1] Vice Chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald Omega 1983 University of Missouri
William Gaines Publisher, Mad Magazine Sigma 1946 Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute
Bernard Gimbel Chairman of the Board, Gimbel Brothers Department Stores Theta 1906 University of Pennsylvania
Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Film Producer, Director; MGM Productions Alpha Beta 1947 University of Chicago
Richard C. Goodman[1] Henry Crown & Company – General Partner Iota 1979 University of Denver
Alan "Ace" Greenberg[1] Former Chairman of the Board, Bear Stearns Omega 1949 University of Missouri
Armand Hammer Founder and President, Occidental Petroleum Alpha 1919 Columbia University
Jon Hirschtick Founder, SolidWorks Xi 1993 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew "bunnie" Huang Hardware lead, Chumby; renowned researcher and hacker Xi 2002 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bruce J. Klatsky[1] Former Chairman and CEO, Phillips Van Heusen Lambda 1970 Case Western Reserve University
Jules Kroll[1] Founder of Kroll Associates Kappa 1992 Cornell University
Howard R. Levine[1] Chairman of the Board – Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Alpha Pi 1981 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Joseph Loeb, III[1] Producer of TV Series Smallville and Lost Delta 1979 Columbia University
Douglas L. Maine[1] Chief Financial Officer (retired) – IBM Alpha Beta 1970 Temple University
Stanley Marcus President and CEO, Neiman Marcus Department Stores Tau 1925 Harvard University
William S. Paley[1] Founder and Chairman of the Board, CBS Theta 1922 University of Pennsylvania
Jerry Speyer Co-Founder of Tishman Speyer Delta 1962 Columbia University
Jack L. Warner President, Warner Brothers Alpha Delta 1938 University of California – Los Angeles
Civil service
Rudy Boschwitz[1] Senator, Minnesota Rho 1951 Johns Hopkins University
Steve Cohen[1] Congressman, Tennessee Alpha Gamma 1971 Vanderbilt University
Steve Cooley[1] Los Angeles County District Attorney Gamma Nu 1970 California State University – Los Angeles
Ron Dermer[6] Israeli Ambassador to the United States Theta 1993 University of Pennsylvania
Kenneth Duberstein[1] Former Chief of Staff, President Ronald Reagan Alpha Tau 1965 Franklin & Marshall
Stuart Eizenstat[1] Former Ambassador to the European Union and Chief Presidential Adviser Alpha Pi 1964 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Martin Frost[1] Former Representative, Texas (CD24) Omega 1964 University of Missouri
Arthur Goldberg Former Supreme Court Justice Lambda 1927 DePaul University
Stanley Hartt Former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada Upsilon 1958 McGill University
Sam Massell Former Mayor of Atlanta Mu 1948 University of Georgia
Newton Minow Former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Gamma 1949 Northwestern University
Richard Neuberger Senator, Oregon Alpha Mu 1941 University of Washington
Abraham Ribicoff Representative and Senator, Connecticut Honorary Member New York University, University of Chicago
Robert Shapiro Lawyer, Attorney for OJ Simpson Alpha Rho 1967 University of California – Los Angeles
Richard Loeb[7] Half of notorious murder duo, Leopold and Loeb 1924 University of Chicago
Media and literature
Mel Allen Sports Broadcaster ("The Voice of the NY Yankees" and This Week in Baseball) Psi 1934 University of Alabama
Dick Schaap Sports Broadcaster Alpha Iota 1955 Cornell University
Mike Wallace[1] Senior Correspondent, 60 Minutes Eta 1939 University of Michigan
Stanley G. Weinbaum Science Fiction author and poet Alpha Kappa n/a but listed in 1923–1924 yearbook University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert Zelnick Former World News Tonight Pentagon Correspondent, Chairman of Boston University Department of Journalism Epsilon 1961 Cornell University
Tal Brody[8] American-Israeli basketball player Rho 1965 University of Illinois
Mike Epstein Major League Baseball player Alpha Eta 1964 University of California-Berkeley
Donnie Edwards All-Pro NFL Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs Alpha Rho 1995 University of California – Los Angeles
Sid Gillman Professional football coach Nu 1934 Ohio State University
Art Heyman[1] Professional basketball player ? 1963 Duke University
Robert Kraft[1] Owner, New England Patriots, New England Revolution, and Gillette Stadium Delta 1963 Columbia University
Barry Latman[1] Professional Baseball Pitcher Alpha Delta 1955 University of Southern California
Al Lerner[1] Founder of MBIA and former owner of the Cleveland Browns Delta 1955 Columbia University
Sid Luckman[1] Member of College & Professional Football Hall of Fames Delta 1939 Columbia University
Jim Nance[1] NFL fullback Omicron ? Syracuse University
Abe Pollin Owner, Washington Wizards Alpha Mu 1945 George Washington University
Carroll Rosenbloom[9] American entrepreneur and former owner of the Baltimore Colts and the Los Angeles Rams Theta University of Pennsylvania
Bruce Sherman Owner of the Miami Marlins Rho Iota 1969 University of Rhode Island
David Werblin Owner of New York Jets, Chairman of Madison Square Garden Beta Delta 1932 Rutgers University


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