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This is a list of airports in Baja California Sur (a Mexican state), grouped by type and sorted by location. It includes public-use, military and private-use airports.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name
 International airports
La Paz MMLP LAP Manuel Márquez de León International Airport
Loreto MMLT LTO Loreto International Airport
San José del Cabo MMSD SJD Los Cabos International Airport
Cabo San Lucas MMSL CSL Cabo San Lucas International Airport
 National airports
Ciudad Constitución MMDA CUA Ciudad Constitución Airport
Guerrero Negro MMGR GUB Guerrero Negro Airport
Santa Rosalía PVP Palo Verde Airport
 Other public-use airports
Bahía Asunción Bahía Asunción Airstrip
Bahía Ballenas Bahía Ballenas Airstrip
Bahía Tortugas Bahía Tortugas Airfield
Cadejé Cadejé Airstrip
Ciudad Constitución VIB Villa Constitución Airport
Ejido Melitón Albáñez Domínguez Melitón Albáñez Domínguez Airstrip
Isla Magdalena Punta Belcher Airstrip
Isla Natividad Isla Natividad Airstrip
La Bocana La Bocana Airstrip
La Ribera La Ribera Airstrip
La Ribera MMPL PCO Punta Colorada Airstrip
Las Barrancas Las Barrancas Airstrip (temporarily closed)
Los Frailes Los Frailes Airstrip
Mulegé El Gallito Airstrip
Mulegé MMMG MUG Mulegé Municipal Airstrip
Mulegé Punta San Pedro Airstrip
Puerto Adolfo López Mateos Puerto Adolfo López Mateos Airstrip
Punta Abreojos AJS Punta Abreojos Airstrip
San Ignacio SGM San Ignacio Airfield
San Ignacio San Ignacio Downtown Airstrip
San Juan de los Planes Punta Arena Airstrip
San Juanico San Juanico Airstrip (temporarily closed)
Santa Rosalía Santa María de Mulegé Airport
 Military airports
Puerto Cortez Puerto Cortés Military Airstrip
Santa Rosalía San Lucas Military Airstrip
 Private-use airports
Isla del Carmen Isla del Carmen Airstrip
Isla San Marcos Isla San Marcos Airstrip
Laguna San Ignacio Laguna San Ignacio Airstrip
La Purísima Palo Blanco Airstrip
La Purísima Río de Agua de Vida Airstrip
Las Cruces Rancho Las Cruces Airstrip
Mulegé Rancho Chávez Airstrip
Punta Chivato PCV Punta Chivato Airstrip
Punta Pescadero Punta Pescadero Airstrip
Vizcaíno Rancho El Caracol Airfield
Todos Santos Todos Santos Airstrip

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