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Below is a list of commercial banks in Ghana: [1]

. Premium bank limited

.heritage bank limited

. omni bank limited

.sovereign bank limited

Other banks[edit]

Banks with representative offices only[edit]

Finance Houses[edit]

Below is a list of Finance Houses in Ghana as at June 2015.[4]

  • Accent Financial Services
  • AFB Financial Services Limited
  • ASN Financial Services Limited
  • Bayport Financial Services Limited
  • Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited
  • Chrisline Financial Services Limited
  • City Investments Company Limited
  • Crest Finance House Limited
  • Darfin Finance Company Limited
  • Dream Finance Company Limited
  • Eximguaranty Company Ghana Limited
  • Export Finance Company Limited
  • Forms Capital Limited
  • Ideal Finance Limited
  • IFS Financial Services Limited
  • Izwe Loans Limited
  • Jislah Financial Services Limited
  • N.D.K. Financial Services Limited
  • OAK Financial Services Limited
  • Hebron fin investment limited
  • Profin Ghana Limited
  • Sterling Financial Services Limited
  • TF Financial Services Limited
  • TG Finance Limited

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