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At least 377 species of butterfly have been recorded in Taiwan, with some reports putting the number at over 400. Of these, 56 species are endemic to the island. Taiwan is in the Indomalaya ecozone.

Following is a list of all butterflies found in Taiwan.

Family Hesperiidae[edit]

Subfamily Coeliadinae[edit]

Subfamily Hesperiinae[edit]

Subfamily Pyrginae[edit]

Family Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily Papilioninae[edit]

Tribe Leptocircini[edit]

G. s. connectens

Tribe Papilionini[edit]

Papilio demoleus male
P. m. heronus male
P. m. heronus female
P. p. nakaharai male
Papilio protenor male

Tribe Troidini[edit]

Family Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily Coliadinae[edit]

Subfamily Pierinae[edit]

A. a. semperi female
H. g. formosana female
Pieris canidia female

Family Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily Curetinae[edit]

Subfamily Lycaeninae[edit]

H. i. matsumurae female

Subfamily Miletinae[edit]

Tribe Spalgini[edit]

Tribe Tarakini[edit]

Subfamily Polyommatinae[edit]

Tribe Polyommatini[edit]

Acytolepsis puspa myla
Z. m. okinawana

Subfamily Riodininae[edit]

Subfamily Theclinae[edit]

Tribe Aphnaeini[edit]

Tribe Arhopalini[edit]

Tribe Catapaecilmatini[edit]

Tribe Deudorigini[edit]

Tribe Eumaeini[edit]

Tribe Horagini[edit]

Tribe Hypolycaenini[edit]

Tribe Iolaini[edit]

Tribe Remelanini[edit]

Tribe Theclini[edit]

Family Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily Acraeinae[edit]

Subfamily Amathusiinae[edit]

Subfamily Apaturinae[edit]

Subfamily Calinaginae[edit]

Subfamily Charaxinae[edit]

Subfamily Danainae[edit]

Tribe Danaini[edit]

Danaus genutia male

Tribe Euploeini[edit]

Subfamily Libytheinae[edit]

Subfamily Nymphalinae[edit]

Tribe Argynniini[edit]

Argyreus hyperbius male
Cupha erymanthis

Tribe Biblidini[edit]

Tribe Euthaliini[edit]

Tribe Limenitidini[edit]

A. s. laela male

Tribe Marpesiini[edit]

C. t. formosana

Tribe Nymphalini[edit]

Hypolimnas misippus male
Junonia almana
K. c. drilon

Tribe Parthenini[edit]

Tribe Pseudoergolini[edit]

Subfamily Satyrinae[edit]

E. h. hainana female
L. e. pavida male
Penthema formosanum

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