List of cities in the Gaza Strip

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Map of Gaza Strip
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The following is the list of cities in the Gaza strip, included within five governorates, administered by Hamas Government in Gaza.


After the 1995 Interim Agreements, the PNA took control of civil affairs in both designated Areas, A and B where ultimately all Palestinian population centers are located (except those within the municipal borders of East Jerusalem). Israeli Defense Forces became responsible for security in Area B. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics took its first official census in 1997, and has not taken one since, however they have used provisional estimates to determine the current population.[1] The most current estimate was in 2006. Shortly after, the Hamas took power in Gaza Strip, following the Battle of Gaza (2007) and became the de facto administration in the area.

List of cities[edit]

The following is a list of all Hamas administered Palestinian cities, their governorates, their specific jurisdictions and their provisional populations as of 2006 by the PCBS.

Common Name Arabic Name Governorate Jurisdiction Population (2006)[2]
Bani Suheila بني سهيلا Khan Yunis Area A 32,800
Beit Hanoun بيت حانون North Gaza Area A 32,200
Beit Lahiya بيت لاهيا North Gaza Area A 59,500
Deir al-Balah دير البلح Deir al-Balah Area A 62,200
Gaza City (Ghazzah) غزة هاشم Gaza Area A 830,700
Jabalia جباليا North Gaza Area A 82,900
Khan Yunis خان يونس Khan Yunis Area A 179,800
Rafah رفح Rafah Area A 71,000

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