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This List of fictional automobiles contains either automobiles that are the subject of a notable work of fiction, or else automobiles that are important elements of a work of fiction. For the purpose of this list, an "automobile" is a self-propelled artificial vehicle that runs in contact with the ground and that can be steered. This would include passenger cars, trucks and busses. This list includes vehicles that the characters of the story would regard as being the products of technological development, as opposed to supernatural or magical forces.

Automobiles in fiction may closely resemble real-life counterparts with only minor or unintentional deviations from a real-life namesake; such vehicles may still play an important role in a story. Or, the limitations of real automobiles may be completely ignored for story purposes; in extreme cases, describing the automobile is the main point of the story.


  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the sometimes-flying car, star of the book/film/musical of the same name
  • The Haunted Car
  • Gumdrop - an Austin Clifton "Heavy" 12/4, the eponymous star of a series of children's books by Val Biro
  • The Hirondel - A Model of car that was used often by Simon Templar, otherwise known as the Saint.
  • Melmoth - a car driven by Humbert Humbert in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita
  • "Christine" - a 1958 Plymouth Fury from Stephen King's novel of the same name. (Note: In the photoplay adaptation of that novel, a hardtop coupe was used because in the 1958 model-year, a four-door sedan version of the Plymouth Fury did not yet exist (and would not until 1959;) this was an error in the novel.)


Cars in animated films do not belong in this section.

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