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The following is a list of lakes in Chile. It consists of lakes of varying types and origins but the majority of the lakes (especially those in southern Chile) are glacial in origin. The watershed or catchment area is the geographical area of land that drains into the lake.

Lakes by area[edit]

Note: The lakes are ordered by their area within the political boundaries of Chile.

Lakes with an area of more than 100 km²
Name Area in Chile (km²) Total area (km²)
General Carrera 970 1850
Llanquihue 860 860
O'Higgins 529 1058
Ranco 442 442
Presidente Ríos 352 352
Greve 240 240
Rupanco 223 223
del Toro 202 202
Todos los Santos 178.5 178.5
Villarrica 176 176
Cochrane 175.25 271
Puyehue 156 156
del Laja 128.1 128.1
San Rafael 123 123
Calafquén 120.6 120.6
Panguipulli 116 116
Yelcho 110 110
Palena 135
Cami 39 645

Lakes by natural region[edit]

Lakes in Norte Grande[edit]

Lakes in Norte Chico[edit]

Lakes in Zona Central[edit]

Lakes in Zona Sur[edit]

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Lakes in Zona Austral[edit]

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