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National radio stations[edit]

Broadcaster: Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

  • SRo 1 - Rádio Slovensko (news and information with pop music (Modern AC) (RDS: _SRO_1__)
  • SRo 2 - Rádio Regina (regional and minority programmes with oldies and folk music) (RDS: _REGINA_)
  • SRo 3 - Rádio Devín (classical music, jazz, concerts, radio dramas, literature, art) (RDS: DEVIN___)
  • SRo 4 - Rádio_FM (alternative music) (RDS: RADIO_FM)
  • SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (programmes in Hungarian language with pop music) (RDS: PATRIA__)
  • SRo 6 - Radio Slovakia International (external service in foreign languages)
  • SRo 7 - Rádio Pyramída (classical music)
  • SRo 8 - Rádio Litera (literature)
  • SRo 9 - Rádio Junior (for children)

Stations 1-6 are broadcasting on FM & via DVB-T, satellite and the Internet. Slovakia International is available on FM in Bratislava, Dunajská Streda and Senec while others are available nationwide. _FM and Patria share one frequency in some places, _FM broadcasting from 18:00 until 6:00. Stations 7-9 only via DVB-T, satellite and the Internet. Slovensko, Devín, _FM, Patria, Slovakia International, Litera and Junior also broadcast on DAB+. Patria broadcasts from 6 to 18 and Slovakia International from 18 to 6.

Multiregional commercial radio stations[edit]

Name Format RDS
Rádio Expres pop music, info (Hot AC) EXPRES__
Fun Rádio pop music (Hot AC) FUNRADIO
Rádio Jemné pop music (Soft AC) Jemne___
Europa 2 pop music, dance music (CHR) EUROPA_2
Rádio Vlna pop music (AC) __VLNA__
Rádio Lumen Christian (CR) _LUMEN__
Rádio Anténa Rock rock music ANT.ROCK
Rádio Best FM oldies BEST_FM_

Regional radio stations[edit]

Name Format Broadcast area RDS
Rádio 7 Christian BA, BB, TN, KE RADIO7__
Rádio Beta pop music TN __BETA__
Rádio Frontinus pop music ZA FRONTIN_
Rádio Kiss pop music KE, PO K_I_S_S_
Rádio Košice pop music KE, PO _KOSICE_
Rádio Max pop music NR RADIOMAX
Radio One pop music, dance music BB, NR, ZA RADIOONE
Radio One Retro 90's pop music BB, NR, ZA RETRO___
Radio One Rock rock music BB, NR, TN, TT, ZA ROCK____
Rádio Rebeca pop music, regional info ZA _REBECA_
Rádio Aktual news, information, pop music (Soft AC) BA, BB, KE, TN, ZA
Šláger Rádio schlager music TN =SLAGER=
Rádio Šport pop music, sport info BB, KE, PO, ZA _SPORT__
Rádio WOW pop music TN, NR WOW(_____)
Záhorácke Rádio pop music TT ZAHORRAD

Local radio stations[edit]

Name Format Broadcast area Frequency RDS
Trnavské Rádio pop music Trnava 103.9 FM TRNAVSKE
Rádio Aligátor rock music Bratislava 97.2 FM ALIGATOR
Rádio Liptov pop music, regional info Liptovský Mikuláš 106.4 FM LIPTOV__
Rádio Modra pop music, regional info Modra 106.1 FM MODRA___
Rádio Piešťany alternative Piešťany 90.2 FM PIESTANY
Rádio Plus pop music, university radio Nitra 105.9 FM _R-PLUS_
Rádio Prešov pop music, regional info Prešov 91.4 FM _PRESOV_
Rádio SiTy dance music Bratislava, Galanta 89.7 FM, 92.3 FM, 96.0 FM,

98.5 FM, 107.0 FM ; 92.1 FM

Rádio Viva Metropol oldies Bratislava 94.9 FM, 101.1 FM _VIVA_M_
Rádio Yes pop music, regional info Topoľčany 102.9 FM RADIOYES

Internet radio stations (selection)[edit]

Name Format
G-Radio gospel, Christian
Radio Bunker rock music, alternative
Rádio Janko Hraško folk music
Slobodný vysielač talk radio
Radio TLIS alternative

Satellite Broadcasting[edit]

Satellite Thor 6 (0,8° W) Astra 3B (23,5° E)
TP/Pol. 11919/V 11836/H
SR 28000 27500
FEC 7/8 5/6
Standard DVB-S DVB-S
Encryption none none
Stations Rádio Expres

Rádio Expres Bratislava
Rádio Expres Žilina
Rádio Expres Západ
Rádio Expres Stred
Rádio Expres Východ
Fun Rádio 1
Fun Rádio 2
Fun Rádio 3
Fun Rádio 4
Fun Rádio 5
Európa 2 Sever
Rádio Best FM

SRo 1 - Rádio Slovensko

SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Bratislava
SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Banská Bystrica
SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Košice
SRo 3 - Rádio Devín
SRo 4 - Rádio_FM
SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (06-18) / SRo 4 - Rádio_FM (18-06)
SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (06-18) / SRo 3 - Rádio Devín (18-06)
SRo 6 - Radio Slovakia International
SRo 7 - Rádio Klasika
SRo 8 - Rádio Litera
SRo 9 - Rádio Junior
Jemné Melódie Západ
Jemné Melódie Sever
Jemné Melódie Východ
Rádio Lumen
Rádio Anténa Rock
Rádio 7
Rádio Rocková republika

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