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National radio stations[edit]

Broadcaster: Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

  • SRo 1 - Rádio Slovensko (news and informations with pop music (Modern AC) (RDS: _SRO_1__)
  • SRo 2 - Rádio Regina (regional and minority programmes with oldies and folk music) (RDS: _REGINA_)
  • SRo 3 - Rádio Devín (classical music, jazz, concerts, radio dramas, literature, art) (RDS: DEVIN___)
  • SRo 4 - Rádio_FM (alternative music) (RDS: RADIO_FM)
  • SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (programmes in Hungarian language with pop music) (RDS: PATRIA__)
  • SRo 6 - Radio Slovakia International (external service in foreign languages)
  • SRo 7 - Rádio Pyramída (classical music)
  • SRo 8 - Rádio Litera (literature)
  • SRo 9 - Rádio Junior (for children)

Stations 1-6 are broadcasting on FM & via DVB-T, satellite and the Internet. Slovakia Interational is available on FM in Bratislava, Dunajská Streda and Senec while others are available nationwide. _FM and Patria share one frequency in some places, _FM broadcasting from 18:00 until 6:00. Stations 7-9 only via DVB-T, satellite and the Internet. Slovensko, Devín, _FM, Patria, Slovakia International, Litera and Junior also broadcast on DAB+. Patria broadcasts from 6 to 18 and Slovakia International from 18 to 6.

Multiregional commercial radio stations[edit]

Name Format RDS
Rádio Expres pop music, info (Hot AC) EXPRES__
Fun Rádio pop music (Hot AC) FUNRADIO
Rádio Jemné pop music (Soft AC) Jemne___
Europa 2 pop music, dance music (CHR) EUROPA_2
Rádio Vlna pop music (AC) __VLNA__
Rádio Lumen Christian (CR) _LUMEN__
Rádio Anténa Rock rock music ANT.ROCK
Rádio Best FM oldies BEST_FM_

Regional radio stations[edit]

Name Format Broadcast area RDS
Rádio 7 Christian BA, BB, TN, KE RADIO7__
Rádio Beta pop music TN __BETA__
Rádio Frontinus pop music ZA FRONTIN_
Rádio Kiss pop music KE, PO K_I_S_S_
Rádio Košice pop music KE, PO _KOSICE_
Rádio Max pop music NR RADIOMAX
Radio One pop music, dance music BB, NR, ZA RADIOONE
Radio One Retro 90's pop music BB, NR, ZA RETRO___
Radio One Rock rock music BB, NR, TN, TT, ZA ROCK____
Rádio Rebeca pop music, regional info ZA _REBECA_
Rádio Aktual news, information, pop music (Soft AC) BA, BB, KE, TN, ZA
Šláger Rádio schlager music TN =SLAGER=
Rádio Šport pop music, sport info BB, KE, PO, ZA _SPORT__
Rádio WOW pop music TN, NR WOW(_____)
Záhorácke Rádio pop music TT ZAHORRAD

Local radio stations[edit]

Name Format Broadcast area Frequency RDS
Rádio Aligátor rock music Bratislava 97.2 FM ALIGATOR
Rádio Liptov pop music, regional info Liptovský Mikuláš 106.4 FM LIPTOV__
Rádio Modra pop music, regional info Modra 106.1 FM MODRA___
Rádio Piešťany alternative Piešťany 90.2 FM PIESTANY
Rádio Plus pop music, university radio Nitra 105.9 FM _R-PLUS_
Rádio Prešov pop music, regional info Prešov 91.4 FM _PRESOV_
Rádio SiTy dance music Bratislava, Galanta 89.7 FM, 92.3 FM, 96.0 FM,

98.5 FM, 107.0 FM ; 92.1 FM

Rádio Viva Metropol oldies Bratislava 94.9 FM, 101.1 FM _VIVA_M_
Rádio Yes pop music, regional info Topoľčany 102.9 FM RADIOYES

Internet radio stations (selection)[edit]

Name Format
G-Radio gospel, Christian
Radio Bunker rock music, alternative
Rádio Janko Hraško folk music
Slobodný vysielač talk radio
Radio TLIS alternative

Satellite Broadcasting[edit]

Satellite Thor 6 (0,8° W) Astra 3B (23,5° E)
TP/Pol. 11919/V 11836/H
SR 28000 27500
FEC 7/8 5/6
Standard DVB-S DVB-S
Encryption none none
Stations Rádio Expres

Rádio Expres Bratislava
Rádio Expres Žilina
Rádio Expres Západ
Rádio Expres Stred
Rádio Expres Východ
Fun Rádio 1
Fun Rádio 2
Fun Rádio 3
Fun Rádio 4
Fun Rádio 5
Európa 2 Sever
Rádio Best FM

SRo 1 - Rádio Slovensko

SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Bratislava
SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Banská Bystrica
SRo 2 - Rádio Regina Košice
SRo 3 - Rádio Devín
SRo 4 - Rádio_FM
SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (06-18) / SRo 4 - Rádio_FM (18-06)
SRo 5 - Rádio Patria (06-18) / SRo 3 - Rádio Devín (18-06)
SRo 6 - Radio Slovakia International
SRo 7 - Rádio Klasika
SRo 8 - Rádio Litera
SRo 9 - Rádio Junior
Jemné Melódie Západ
Jemné Melódie Sever
Jemné Melódie Východ
Rádio Lumen
Rádio Anténa Rock
Rádio 7
Rádio Rocková republika

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