List of rivers of Argentina

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This is a list of rivers in Argentina.

Longest Rivers[edit]

Name Length (km) Discharge ( m³/s)
Paraná River 4,880 16,806
Uruguay River 1,100 5,026
Negro River 635 865
Bermejo River 1,000 339
Pilcomayo River 850 152
Colorado River 860 134
Salado River (Buenos Aires) 700 88
San Juan River 500 56
River de la Semen 400 50
Chubut River 810 48
Salado del Norte River 2,000 15
Desaguadero River 1,200 14
Deseado River 615 5

By drainage basin[edit]

A map of Argentina's river drainage basins.

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. Rivers in the table above are in bold.

La Plata Basin[edit]

Atlantic Ocean - Patagonia[edit]

Interior basins[edit]

Pacific Ocean[edit]


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