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Software development
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This is a list of approaches, styles, and philosophies in software development. It also contains programming paradigms, software development methodologies, software development processes, and single practices, principles and laws.

Software development philosophies[edit]

Large-scale programming styles[edit]

Specification-related paradigms[edit]

Comprehensive systems[edit]

Rules of thumb, laws and principles[edit]


  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar - book comparing top-down vs. bottom-up open-source software
  • Davis 201 Principles of Software Development[1]
  • Where's the Theory for Software Engineering?[2]
  • The Philosophy of Computer Science[3]
  • Don't Make Me Think (Principles of intuitive navigation and information design)[4]

Programming paradigms[edit]

Software development methodologies[edit]

Software development processes[edit]

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