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Adolf Hitler street sign being taken down in Trier during Denazification

This is a partial list of streets and squares named after Adolf Hitler during the era of Nazi Germany.

The zeal with which German municipal authorities attempted,[citation needed] immediately after the seizure of power, to play their part in the "National Rising" (German: Nationale Erhebung) is shown by the practice of conferring honorary municipal citizenship on Hitler, and even more by naming a street (Straße), a square or place (Platz), a promenade (Anlage), an avenue (Damm, Allee), a stadium (Kampfbahn), or a bridge (Brücke) after the new chancellor. As early as March and April 1933, a wave of renamings swept through Germany's cities. Most of the examples in the list come from this period.


City 1933–1945 name Pre-1933/Post-1945 name
Augsburg Adolf-Hitler-Platz Königsplatz
Berlin Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Charlottenburg; further renamings were planned for after the "Final Victory") Reichskanzlerplatz/Theodor-Heuss-Platz
Berlin Adolf-Hitler-Sport-Platz At the Ostpreussendamm and Krahmerstrasse, opposite of Schlosspark Lichterfelde. Now a footballfield. Still a stadium next to it.
Bratislava Hitlerovo námestie Masarykovo námestie (1918–1938), (1945–1953)/ Námestie 4. Apríla (1953–1989) / Hlavné námestie (1989–present)
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Brücke (Lüderitzbrücke after 1939) Große Weserbrücke (torn down, 1961)
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Brücke (new in 1939) Westbrücke/Stephaniebrücke
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Hemelingen) Rathausplatz
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Lesum) An der Lesumer Kirche
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Aumund) Hammersbecker Straße
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Lesum) Kellerstraße
(now Bydgoszcz, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Gdańska
(now Wrocław, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Friedrich-Ebert-Straße/Mickiewicza
Budapest VI. Hitler Adolf tér (1938–1945) Kodály körönd
Celje, Slovenia Adolf-Hitler-Platz Prešernova ulica
Cologne Adolf-Hitler-Platz Platz der Republik/Deutscher Platz (Ebertplatz after 1950)
Dortmund Adolf-Hitler-Allee Hainallee
Düsseldorf Adolf-Hitler-Platz Graf-Adolf-Platz
Düsseldorf Adolf-Hitler-Straße Haroldstraße
(now Bratislava, Slovakia)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Masarykova (1918–1938) / Benešova (1945–1948) / Stalinova (1948–1989) / Zadunajská cesta (1989–present)
Eppingen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Brettener Straße
Essen Adolf-Hitler-Platz Burgplatz
Essen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Kettwiger Straße; Viehofer Straße
Esslingen Adolf Hitlerplatz – / Marktplatz
Euskirchen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Hochstraße
(Now Twardogóra, Poland)
Adolf Hitler Platz Plac Piastów
Frankfurt am Main Adolf-Hitler-Anlage Gallus-Anlage
Freising Adolf-Hitler-Straße Obere Hauptstraße
(now Gdynia, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Świętojańska
Groß Glienicke
(since 1945 Berlin-Kladow)
Adolf-Hitler-Allee Seekorso
Hagen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Ebertstraße (1945–1960); function as main street and B7 taken over by nearby Graf-von-Galen-Ring and half of the street being destroyed in 1960; (1960–present) Am Hauptbahnhof
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Platz Rathausmarkt
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Winterhude) Bebelallee
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Altona) Platz der Republik
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Damm (Wandsbek) Friedrich-Ebert-Damm
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Wilhelmsburg) Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Hermann-Göring-Platz after 15 September 1933) Corvinusplatz
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Platz Theaterplatz
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Straße Bahnhofstraße
(now Jihlava, Czech Republic)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Masarykovo náměstí
(now Krnov, Czech Republic)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Hlavní náměstí (Main Square)
Karlsruhe Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Neureut) Welschneureuter Straße
Karlsruhe Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Hagsfeld) Schwetzinger Straße
Karlsruhe Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Knielingen) Neufeldstraße
Karlsruhe Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Grötzingen) Eugen-Kleiber-Straße
Kiel Adolf-Hitler-Platz Neumarkt/Rathausplatz
(now Kaliningrad, Russia)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Hansaplatz (now: Ploshchad Pobedy (Victory Square))
(now Kraków, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1939–1944) Rynek Główny (Main Square)
(now Włocławek, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)
(now Łódź, Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1939–1944) Piotrkowska Street[1]
(now Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)
Adolf-Hitlerstraße Avenue de la Liberté
(now Klaipėda, Lithuania)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße before 1939, Prezidento Smetonos Alėja / Präsident Smetona Allee
(now Mulhouse, France)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße rue du Sauvage (Wildemannstraße in German)
(Mulhouse, France)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz place de la Réunion
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Pasing) Avenariusplatz
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Allee (Solln) Diefenbachstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Obermenzing) Verdistraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Untermenzing) Eversbuschstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Allach) Vesaliusstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Aubing) Limesstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Lochhausen) Schussenrieder Straße
Neuburg an der Donau Adolf-Hitler-Straße Luitpoldstraße / Luitpoldstraße (1945-2014), Adolf-Hitler-Straße (2014-2016, by accident),[citation needed] Luitpoldstraße (planned 2016)
Nuremberg Adolf-Hitler-Platz Hauptmarkt
Osnabrück Adolf-Hitler-Platz Neumarkt
Osnabrück Adolf-Hitler-Straße Bramstraße
Považská Bystrica (Slovakia) Adolf-Hitler-Strasse Továrenská (-1939), Stalinova (1945-1989), Robotnícka (from 1990)
Reichenberg (Czechoslovakia) Adolf-Hitler-Platz Altstädter Platz (-1938), Náměstí bojovníků za mír (1945-1989), nám. Dr. E. Beneše (from 1990)
Riga, Latvia Adolf-Hitler-Allee (1942–1944)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1942–1944)
Brīvības bulvāris
Brīvības iela
Rome, Italy Viale Adolf Hitler Viale dei Partigiani
Saarbrücken Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1935–1945) Bahnhofstraße
Sofia, Bulgaria Adolf Hitler blvd. Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Boulevard[2]
Sulz unterm Wald
(now Soultz-sous-Forêts, France)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz rue des Barons-de-Fleckenstein
(now Strasbourg, France)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz place Broglie
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße Planie
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Birkach) Bei der Linde
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Stammheim)
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Feuerbach) Stuttgarter Straße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Plieningen) Paracelsusstraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Möhringen) Laustraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Vaihingen) Böblinger Straße/Hauptstraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Kampfbahn (Bad Cannstatt) Neckarstadion
Tallinn, Estonia Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1942–1944) Narva maantee
Tarnowskie Góry, Poland Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1939–1944) ul. Parkowa/ul. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego
Tartu, Estonia Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1942–1944) Raekoja plats
Újvidék (Нови Сад), Serbia Hitler Adolf utca (Хитлер Адолф улица) (1941-1944) Улица Краља Александра (King Alexander street) (1918-1941) / Стаљинова улица (Stalin's street) (1944-1948) / Улица Александра Ранковића (Aleksandar Ranković street) (1948-1966) / Улица Народних хероја (National heroes street) (1966-1992) / Улица Краља Александра (King Alexander street) (1992-present)
Valkenburg, Netherlands Adolf Hitler-Allee (1942–1944) Kloosterweg
Wien, Austria Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1938–1945) Rathausplatz
Warsaw, Poland Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1939–1944) Piłsudski Square, formerly Plac Saski (Saxon Square, named after the Saxon Palace) 1818–1928, 1939–40, 1945–46
Wilhelmshaven Adolf-Hitler-Straße Paul-Hug-Straße
Yaphank, New York, United States Adolf-Hitler-Street (1930s–?)[3]  
Zittau Adolf-Hitler-Straße  


Before 1931, there are records of a street named Rua Adolpho Hitler in the Campo Belo district of Santo Amaro, Brazil. Its name was changed in 1931 to Rua Almirante Barroso, but when Santo Amaro was merged into São Paulo on the next year, the street was again renamed to Rua Gil Eanes, due to a homonym street in Brás. The street still retains Gil Eanes’s name.[4]

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