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This is a timeline of incidents in 1977 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 4 Shooting 1(+1) 1 Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina While integrating a group that carried out a traffic control near San Justo, province of Buenos Aires, the conscript soldier Guillermo Félix Dimitri was shot dead by a high-speed car occupied by Ana María González and two men. The security forces repelled the attack and seriously wounded one of the men and the young woman, who died hours later in a shelter of the organization and his body was cremated by his companions. ERP (Suspected) Dirty War
January 8 Bombings 7 37 Soviet Union Moscow, USSR Three explosions in Moscow. A bomb was detonated on a Moscow Metro train as it rolled into Kurskaya station. Seven people died and 33 were seriously injured in the incident.[1] Unknown
January 24 Massacre 5 4 Spain Madrid, Spain Massacre of members of Workers' Commissions and Communist Party of Spain members at the Atocha railway station in Madrid. Group calling itself Alianza Apostólica Anticomunista claimed responsibility and the men who carried out the shooting were linked the neo-fascist party Fuerza Nueva Neo-fascist militants
February 18 Attempted bombing 0 0 Argentina Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Argentina The so-called "Gaviota Operation" was an assassination attempt against the dictator of Argentina, Jorge Rafael Videla, by the guerrilla organization People's Revolutionary Army, but by faults in the detonator, exploded after (when the airplane was in the air).[2] ERP Dirty War
March 9–11 Hostage-taking 2 1 United States Washington, United States 12 gunmen from Nation of Islam splinter group "Hanafi" take over three buildings in Washington D.C., Washington City Hall, the headquarters of B'nai B'rith and the Islamic Center of Washington. They took 149 hostages and killed a radio journalist and a police officer and wounded future Washington mayor Marion Barry. Hanafi movement
March 27 Bombing 0 1  Spain A small bomb is detonated in the Canary Islands Airport, Spain. Although only injuring one person, the consequent closure of the airport lead to the greatest airplane collision in history, killing 583 people when two 747 airplanes collided in the regional airport of Tenerife.[3]
April 7 Shooting 2  West Germany, : Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback and his driver were shot by two Red Army Faction members. Red Army Faction
April 13 Kidnapping 0 1 France Verrières-le-Buisson, France Luchino Revelli-Beaumont director of FIAT in France was abducted on April 13, 1977 and was executed by a group of people who had been involved in guerrilla organizations in Argentina. According to the relatives of the businessman the fact was committed with the purpose of obtaining a ransom that, finally, was 2 million dollars. The kidnapping was released after 89 days and all but one of them were arrested but could not be tried. Argetinian Militants Dirty War
May 23 - June 11 Hostage-taking 0 0 (Several indirectly became ill) Netherlands Bovensmilde, The Netherlands Four South Moluccan youths take 105 children and 5 teachers at a school hostage for 20 days before surrendering. No one was injured by the hostage-takers but several children became ill. Free South Moluccan Youths
May 23 - June 11 Hostage-taking 2 (+6 terrorists) 6 Netherlands Glimmen, The Netherlands Nine South Moluccan youths take about 50 hostage on a train for 20 days simultaneously with the school hostage taking. Two hostages and six militants are killed when security forces raid the train. Free South Moluccan Youths
June 2 Shooting 3 United Kingdom Ardboe, United Kingdom Three members of a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) Police Force mobile patrol were shot and killed by Provisional Irish Republican Army snipers near Ardboe, County Tyrone. It was part of ongoing attacks against the police and army. PIRA
July 24 Bombing 0 (1 dog) 0  United States The home[where?] of Morris J. Amitay was bombed in the early morning hours.[4] Amitay was executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. None of the sleeping family was hurt but the family dog was killed. Unknown
July 30 Murder, attempted kidnapping 1 0 West Germany Oberursel, West Germany Jürgen Ponto is shot and killed in a botched kidnapping attempt by members of the Red Army Faction. Red Army Faction
August 3 Bombing 1 8 United States New York City, United States Puerto Rican nationalist group Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña in Manhattan, New York bombed the offices of Mobil Oil and a building containing United States Department of Defense security personnel, killing one person and injuring eight others in the Mobil offices. In addition, the group warned that bombs were located in thirteen other buildings, including the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center, resulting in the evacuation of one hundred thousand people. Five days later, a bomb attributed to the group was found in the American Express building.[5] FALN
September 28 - October 3 Hijacking 0 0 Japan/Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh Five members of the Japanese Red Army hijack Japan Airlines Flight 472 and demand $6 million USD as well as the release of nine imprisoned JRA members. The hijackers released all hostages without incident after their demands were met and after being given a safe passage to Algeria. Japanese Red Army
October 8 Assassination 3 0 Spain Guernica, Spain Guernica mayor and President of the Provincial Deputation of Biscay Augusto Unceta Barrenechea is assassinated along with his two bodyguards by ETA. ETA Basque conflict
October 13 Hijacking 1 (+3 terrorists) 3 (+1 terrorist) West Germany/Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia Lufthansa Flight 181 was hijacked by a group of four members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and taken to Mogadishu, Somalia; it was later released after a rescue operation launched by a GSG 9 commando group.[6] PFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
October 18 Kidnapping, murder 1 0 West Germany/ France Hanns Martin Schleyer is murdered by the Red Army Faction in France after three RAF members were found dead in prison. The RAF had kidnapped Schleyer six weeks earlier in Cologne. Red Army Faction German Autumn
December 4 Hijacking 100 0 Malaysia Tanjung Kupang, Malaysia Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 is hijacked by an unknown perpetrator and crashes about 40 minutes after the first reports of a hijacking. The hijacker and the circumstances of the crash have never been identified, however, several gunshots were heard over the cockpit voice recorder and the pilots may have said over the CVR that the hijacker was a Japanese Red Army member. Unknown
December 19 Bombing France Paris, France A bomb destroyed the luxury food shop Fauchon in Paris.
December 28 Bombing 1 0 Malta San Ġwann, Malta Karin Grech is killed by a letterbomb. Her father, Edwin Grech, who was the head of the OB/GYN department at St. Luke's Hospital was the likely target as there was a worker's strike going on St. Luke's at the time of the bombing. Unknown

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