List of towns with German town law

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A list of towns in Europe with German town law. Year of law granting is listed when known.

Schleswig law[edit]

German: Schleswiger Recht)

Lübeck law[edit]

(Lübisches Recht)

Riga law[edit]

(Rigaer Recht)

Schwerin-Parchim law[edit]

(Schweriner und Parchimer Recht)

Stendal law[edit]

(Stendaler Recht)

Brandenburg law[edit]

(Brandenburger Recht)

Kulm law[edit]

(Kulmer Recht)

Magdeburg law[edit]

(Magdeburger Recht)

Görlitz law[edit]

(Görlitzer Recht)

Lwówek Śląski law[edit]

(Löwenberger Recht)

Cheb law[edit]

(Egerer Recht)

Old Prague law[edit]

(Prag-Altstädter Recht)

Litoměřice law[edit]

(Leitmeritzer Recht)

Jihlava law[edit]

(Iglauer Recht)

Brno law[edit]

(Brünner Recht)

Olomouc law[edit]

(Olmützer Recht)

Nysa law[edit]

(Neisser Recht)

Głubczyce law[edit]

(Leobschützer Recht)

Środa Śląska law[edit]

Sroda Slaska law (Latin: ius Novi Fori, ius sredense, German: Neumarkt-Magdeburger Recht) was a legal constitution for a municipal form of government used in some Polish cities during the Middle Ages. It was based on town charter of Halle (Saale), a town located in German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Sroda Slaska law was popular in the 13th century in Lower Silesia, eastern Greater Poland and northern Lesser Poland. Altogether, some 100 towns were granted Sroda Slaska law, together with hundreds of villages. Introduction of this law was supported by Silesian Duke Henry I the Bearded, who frequently sent his envoys to Halle for consultation. Compared with Magdeburg rights, Sroda law as less advanced and more conservative, providing limited autonomy to towns. First town in the Kingdom of Poland which was granted Sroda Slaska law was Kostomloty (probably 1241), followed by Ujow and Sobotka.

Kalisz law (Latin: ius Calisiense) was a local variety of Sroda Slaska law, used in eastern Greater Poland and Wieluń Land. In 1283, Duke Przemysl II created high court of German law, located in Kalisz.

South German law[edit]

(Süddeutsches Stadtrecht)


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