Liu Ba (Three Kingdoms)

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Liu Ba
Official of Shu Han
Died 222[1]
Traditional Chinese 劉巴
Simplified Chinese 刘巴
Pinyin Líu Bā
Wade–Giles Liu Pa
Courtesy name Zichu (Chinese: 子初; pinyin: Zǐchū; Wade–Giles: Tzu-ch'u)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Liu.

Liu Ba (died 222),[1] courtesy name Zichu, was an official in the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He originally served under the warlord Liu Zhang before becoming a subordinate of Liu Bei (the founding emperor of Shu) after Liu Zhang's surrender to Liu Bei in 214. Liu Ba was instrumental in helping Liu Bei reward his subordinates from the treasury without impoverishing the common people after their conquest of Yi province. Liu Ba also helped write the Shu Ke (蜀科), the legal code of Shu, along with Zhuge Liang, Li Yan, Mi Zhu, Dong He and others. Liu Ba served as a high-ranking minister in Shu until his death in 222.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Maocai (茂才)
  • Assistant Official (掾)
  • West Assistant Officer to the General of the Left (左將軍西曹掾)
  • Master of Writing (尚書)
  • Prefect of the Masters of Writing (尚書令)

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  1. ^ a b Liu Ba's biography in Records of the Three Kingdoms stated that he died in the 2nd year of the Zhangwu era (221-223) in Liu Bei's reign. (章武二年卒。)