London Police Service

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London Police Service
Motto Facta Non Verba
Deeds not Words
Agency overview

February, 1855

Budget 2016 = $97,996,000
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction London, Ontario, Canada
Legal jurisdiction As per operations jurisdiction
General nature • Local civilian agency
Headquarters 601 Dundas Street London, Ontario
42°59′19″N 81°13′54″W / 42.9887°N 81.2318°W / 42.9887; -81.2318Coordinates: 42°59′19″N 81°13′54″W / 42.9887°N 81.2318°W / 42.9887; -81.2318

Sworn members 598[1]
Unsworn members 216
Elected officer responsible
Agency executive
  • John Pare, MOM, Chief

The London Police Service (LPS) provides policing services for the city of London, Ontario, Canada. They are responsible to the citizens of London for enforcing both the provincial laws of Ontario, and the federal laws of Canada including the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Established in 1855 and originally named the London Police Force, the Force initially began with just 8 sworn officers.

The original headquarters of the London Police Force was located on Richmond Street, overlooking the Covent Garden Market.

The London Police Force was first authorized to carry firearms in 1878, however this was only authorized during night patrols.

In 1991, the London Police Force changed their name to the London Police Service.[2]


The current Chief of Police is John B. Pare, MOM and supported by two Deputy Chiefs: Daryl Longworth and Stephen Williams.[3]


LPS is broken down into divisions, branches, teams and sections, etc.:

  • Corporate Services Division
    • Human Resources Branch
    • Recruiting and Training
    • Corporate Planning Branch
    • Professional Standards Branch
  • Support Services Division
    • Communications Section
    • Court Services Section
    • Firearms and Property
    • Fleet and Facilities Branch
    • Information and Technology Branch
  • Criminal Investigation Division
    • Major Crimes Section
    • Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Section
    • Domestic Abuse Unit
    • General Investigations Section
    • Robbery Unit
    • Auto and Arson Unit
    • Break and Enter Unit
    • Youth Crime Unit
    • Investigation Response Unit
    • Fraud Section
    • Vice and Drug Section
    • Forensic Identification Section
    • Explosive Disposal Unit
    • Mobile Surveillance Unit
    • Criminal Intelligence Section
    • Investigation Support Unit
    • Crime Stoppers Unit
  • Uniformed Division
    • Family Consultant/Victim Services
    • Traffic Management Unit
    • Police Reporting Centre
    • Community Services Unit
    • Crime Prevention
    • School Safety Patrol
    • Auxiliary Section
    • Colour Guard
    • Police Pipe Band
    • Community Oriented Response Unit
    • Downtown Community Foot Patrol
    • Emergency Response Section
    • Canine Unit
    • Alternate Response Unit
    • Headquarters Reception Unit
    • Incident Response Teams
    • Crisis Negotiation Unit
    • Public Order Unit
    • Bicycle Patrol
    • Marine Patrol