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Made In Spain is a 2008 food and travel TV series starring José Andrés, the show focuses on ingredients, cooking techniques and historic locations. Cooking is shown both in Spanish restaurants and in Andrés' home kitchen near Washington, DC.


Each episode features several Spanish dishes and their place of origin. Focusing on one region per show, Andrés promotes the use of Spanish ingredients, like Spanish olive oil or vinegar, culture, and cooking techniques. At the end of the episode, he will usually also recommend a wine to accompany the meal.

# Title Location[1] Air date[2]
101 "How They Cook Back Home" Asturias
102 "A Pilgrim's Progress in Food" Galicia
103 "The Sweet Spanish Center" Madrid
104 "Spain's Vegetable Garden" Navarra
105 "Tuna and Tapas" Andalucia
106 "Surf and Turf" Cataluña
107 "Earth, Wind and Fire" Pais Vasco
108 "The Magic of Saffron and Cervantes" Castilla La Mancha
109 "A Taste of the Sea" Galicia
110 "Food for the Family" Asturias
111 "A Cultural and Culinary Capital" Madrid
112 "Food Arts" Cataluña
113 "Red Wine" La Rioja
114 "Liquid Gold" Andalucia
115 "The Onion That Would Be King" Cataluña
116 "The Land of Fire" Castile & León July 6
117 "The Tale of the Drunken Goat" Murcia Sep 27
118 "Paella Day" Valencia Oct 2
119 "Seas of Delicacies" Baleares Oct 9
120 "Cold Soup and Hot Flamenco" Andalucia
121 "Sophisticated Tastes" Pais Vasco
122 "Green Spain" Cantabria
123 "Jose Goes Nuts" Valencia
124 "Cherries and Cheese" Extremadura
125 "A Fairy Tale Come True" Aragon
126 "Islands in the Sun" Canarias

This show is produced by ThinkFoodGroup, a collection of Andrés' restaurants in Washington DC, and Philip Lerman Productions.[3]


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