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MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co KG
Company typeLimited public partnership (GmbH & KG)
Contract manufacturing
FounderFrank Stronach
Key people
Roland Prettner, President
ProductsComplete vehicle automobile manufacturing, automobile components
ServicesConsultancy services
Number of employees
13,500 (2022)
ParentMagna International

Magna Steyr GmbH & Co KG is an automobile manufacturer based in Graz, Austria, where its primary manufacturing plant is also located. It is a subsidiary of Canadian-based Magna International and was previously part of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate.

Magna Steyr engineers develop and assemble automobiles for other companies on a contractual basis; therefore, Magna Steyr is not an automobile marque. In 2002, the company absorbed Daimler AG's Eurostar vehicle assembly facility. With an annual production capacity of approximately 200,000 vehicles as of 2018,[1] it is the largest contract manufacturer for automobiles worldwide.[2] The company has several manufacturing sites, with its main car production in Graz in Austria.

Magna Steyr developed Mercedes-Benz's "4Matic" all-wheel drive (AWD) system, and was the sole manufacturer of all E-Class 4Matic models between 1996 and 2006.[3] The company also undertook substantial development on the BMW X3 and manufactured all original X3s (model code E83), and the Aston Martin Rapide. The company developed several cars on behalf of manufacturers such as the Audi TT, Fiat Bravo and Peugeot RCZ.


Magna Steyr GmbH & Co KG was founded in 2001 after Magna International Inc. acquired a majority shareholding in Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG three years earlier.[4]

During the second quarter of 2015, the Magna Steyr battery pack business was sold to Samsung SDI for approximately $120 million.[5]



In March 2017 Magna Steyr started to produce the new BMW 5 Series sedan; production was shared with BMW Group's manufacturing plant in Dingolfing, Germany.[6]

In early December 2016 Magna International announced it will build the new Jaguar I-Pace, the company’s first battery electric vehicle. Jaguar later said Magna Steyr will also assemble its E-Pace crossover, starting later in 2017. Magna Steyr confirmed the deal following Jaguar's announcement.[7] Production for the I-Pace started in early 2018.

In January 2020, Sony presented a concept car, the Sony Vision-S, which was developed and built in cooperation with Magna Steyr. In October 2020 Magna International announced it would build a new electric vehicle, the Fisker Ocean, while taking a 6% ownership interest in Fisker Inc.[8] Also the Ineos Grenadier 4x4 has been developed with expertise from Magna Steyr, with subsidiary Magna Powertrain working on the development of the chassis and suspension and the car being built at the former Smartville plant at Hambach in France.[9][10][11][12][13]

Past models[edit]

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Cancelled contracts[edit]

Porsche had announced in June 2008 that the Boxster and Cayman models would be manufactured by Magna Steyr from 2012, but this contract was cancelled in December 2009 and transferred to Karmann, a German car assembly company which was recently taken over by Porsche's parent company, Volkswagen.[20]


Magna Steyr MILA Concept

Magna Steyr created the MILA (Magna Innovation Lightweight Auto)[21] brand for its technology and research. Several concept cars have been shown at motor shows.

MILA Concept[edit]

The showcar was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2005 as a one-seater sportscar. The first prototype of the CNG-powered vehicle was built in 2006. Mila 2, the two-seater version, followed.

MILA Future[edit]

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2007, the Mila Future is a sculpture with four roof options: coupé, landaulet, coupster (a crossover between a coupé and a roadster) and roadster.

MILA Alpin[edit]

Magna Steyr MILA Alpin concept

The Alpin was a small, lightweight off-road vehicle for four passengers in a 3+1 seat arrangement announced at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.[22] It had an unusual mid-engine layout and was based on a low-cost production concept.[23] It was 3,540 millimetres (11.61 ft) long, 1,703 millimetres (5.587 ft) wide and 1,750 millimetres (5.74 ft) high, with a 3-cylinder 1.0 L (999cc) engine in two versions; CNG natural gas or petrol. The petrol version was much lighter, with a weight of 906 kilograms (1,997 lb).

MILA EV[edit]

The Mila EV was a plug-in electric vehicle concept[24] based on a modular lightweight platform, displayed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.[25]

MILA Aerolight[edit]

At the Geneva Motor Show 2011, the fifth Mila concept car was presented: Mila Aerolight, a compact four-seater, powered by CNG.

Magna Steyr MILA Blue

MILA Coupic[edit]

The sixth concept car in the Mila family, the Mila Coupic, combines three vehicle concepts in one: a SUV coupé which can be transformed into a pick-up or a convertible. It was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.

MILA Blue[edit]

MILA Blue is a natural-gas powered lightweight concept vehicle with emissions of CO2 of less than 49 grams per kilometre (2.8 oz/mi). The car achieves a weight saving of 300 kilograms (660 lb) compared to typical current A-segment vehicles powered by CNG.[26]

MILA Plus[edit]

MILA Plus combines a lightweight construction with alternative-drive for performance and eco-friendliness. With an all-electric range of 75 kilometres (47 mi) and a vehicle weight of 1,520 kilograms (3,350 lb), MILA Plus achieves reduced CO2 emissions of 32 grams per kilometre (1.8 oz/mi).[27] It was introduced to the public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.[28]

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