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Mahmoud Etemadzadeh AKA Behazin, (Persian: محمود اعتمادزاده؛ م.ا. به‌آذین‎; January 14, 1915– 2006 in Rasht, Iran) was a writer and literary translator.[1]

Behazin translated a large number of modern Western classics and some works by Shakespeare and Goethe. He was a member of the Tudeh Party. A group of his younger contemporaries recently provided a review of his work and life on the occasion of his centennial.[2]

Behazin is highly regarded by the literary circles in Iran for his quality and command of Persian and the resulting beauty and honesty of his translations into Persian of Western literary works.

Works of Translation[edit]

'And Quiet Flows the Don' by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov

'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' by William Shakespeare

'Othello' by William Shakespeare

'King Lear' by William Shakespeare

'The Enchanted Soul' by Romain Rolland

'Old Goriot' by Honore De Balzac

'Cousin Bette' by Honore De Balzac


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