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Maître Gims
Maître Gims Cannes 2016 2.jpg
Background information
Birth nameGandhi Bilel Djuna
Also known asGims, Meugui, Meugiwarano
Born (1986-05-06) 6 May 1986 (age 33)
Kinshasa, Zaire
Occupation(s)Rapper, singer, composer
Years active2002–present
LabelsTF1 Musique, Play Two
Associated actsSexion d'Assaut, 3e Prototype

Gandhi Bilel Djuna (French pronunciation: ​[gɑ̃di bilɛl dʒuna], born 6 May 1986), better known by his stage name Maître Gims ([mɛtʁə ɡims][1]) or just Gims (sometimes stylized as GIMS), is a Congolese[2] singer, rapper and composer. He grew up in France and currently lives in France and Morocco. He is a former member of the hip hop group Sexion d'Assaut, and released his major label debut album, Subliminal, in 2013. The album went to sell over one million copies in France and peaked at number two in the French album chart. His next two albums reached number one in France and Belgium (Wallonia) and peaked on the top 40 across various European countries, including Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. He topped the French singles chart four times, including once as a featured artist, most recently in 2018 with his song "La même". The song was the most played in France in 2018 and it helped Gims to become the most played artist on French TV and radio for the same year.[3]

In 2018 he was the 7th most played artist worldwide on Deezer.[4] Across his career he has worked with several international artists such as Sia, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Stromae, Maluma, Sting and others.[5]


Djuna was born in Kinshasa, DR Congo, from where his family immigrated to Paris when he was two years old. Djuna started his music career while studying in junior high, collaborating with Sexion d'Assaut.

He recorded his first track with Sexion d'Assaut "Coup 2 Pression" and worked with JR in the Prototype 3015 duo project. He decided to add Maître to his name Gims and also used the pseudonyme "le Fléau" ("the Bane"). He also worked on a number of independent releases, and a mixtape La Terre du Milieu ("Middle-Earth") as part of 3e Prototype after taking Dawala as manager. In 2007, he also worked as producer, wrote instrumental pieces and released his maxi Pour ceux qui dorment les yeux ouverts ("For those who sleep with open eyes"). On the maxi were tracks with Sexion d'Assaut, rapper Koma (from Scred Connexion) and a singer Carole. Continuing to record tracks with Sexion d'Assaut at two Inch'All Star battles, he became a well-known French freestyler. He also took part with 3e Prototype in a new street album called Le Renouveau ("The Rebirth"). In 2011, Maître Gims issued a collaboration with his father Djuna Djanana in a new album of Djanana and in 2012, was the artist for a comic book called Au cœur du vortex ("In the Heart of the Vortex").

Maître Gims heavily promoted the release of his 2013 album Subliminal on 20 May 2013 as he announced with the video "Welcome to the Wa Part. 4: La Consécration". He also released a series of 6 consecutive releases included unpublished materials called Ceci n'est pas un Clip. On 1 March 2013, Maître Gims released "Meurtre par strangulation" (M.P.S.) as a first pre-release from the Subliminal album. On 15 March 2013, just two weeks later, he released a second track from the album "J'me tire", that topped the SNEP official French Singles Chart. Subliminal was a big commercial success and made it to number 2 in the French albums chart and number 1 in the Belgian French charts. On 2 December 2013, a new edition titled La face cachée was released by Wati B and Jive Records, containing 6 additional tracks in addition to the 18 tracks on the original Subliminal release. He has also started his own record label, MMC (Monstre Marin Corporation).

Maître Gims released his second album, Mon coeur avait raison on 28 August 2015. The album is divided into Pilule bleue (15 tracks) and Pilule rouge (11 tracks). The album reached number one in France SNEP and in Belgium Ultratop. The song Est-ce que tu m'aimes? reached number one in Italy FIMI and number 3 in France SNEP and was a popular hit throughout several European countries after its release.

On 23 March 2018, Maître Gims released his third album Ceinture noire. The album includes a total of 40 tracks, including tracks like a remix of the popular Armenian hit Mi Gna featuring Armenian American DJ Super Sako and Hayko, "Corazón" featuring American rapper Lil Wayne, "Loup Garou" featuring French rapper Sofiane, and La Même featuring French singer Vianney. The album reached #1 in French charts SNEP for eleven weeks.

On 26 April 2019, Gims re-released his album Ceinture noire titled Transcendance. The album includes 13 new songs and features collaborations with artists such as Latin singers Maluma and J Balvin, French singer and brother Dadju, French singer Vitaa, and English singer/songwriter Sting.

Monstre Marin Corporation (MMC)[edit]

Maître Gims created his own record label MMC (standing for Monstre Marin Corporation) that is affiliated with Universal Music France. He signed rapper Bedjik (his younger sibling), rapper Yanslo (19e arrondissement), Vitaa, Coupé-Décalé artist DJ Arafat, DJ Last One who already DJs for Maître Gims and Amalya, a contestant in.

Personal life[edit]

Coming from a musical family, his father is Djanana Djuna, a vocalist of Papa Wemba's band. Maître Gims' brother Dadju is a French singer/rapper. Brothers Bedjik and Xgangs are also rappers in their own right. Maître Gims married very young and is the father to four children. In 2013, following the huge international success of "J'me tire", Maître Gims launched Vortex, his own clothing line. In the music video for "J'me tire", he is seen wearing one of his Vortex creation T-shirts. He was Catholic but converted to Muslim faith and took Bilal as his second name.


(For discography as part of Sexion d'Assaut, see discography sections there)


Solo albums

Year Album Peak positions Units (sales) Certifications







2013 Subliminal
  • Release date: 20 May 2013
  • Record label: Wati B, MMC (Standard Edition)
2 47 1 94 11
2015 Mon cœur avait raison
  • Release date: 28 August 2015
  • Record label: Wati B, Sony Music
1 24 1 4 40 3
2018 Ceinture noire
  • Release date: 23 March 2018
  • Record label: Wati B
1 28 1 93 1
  • FRA: 570,000 (incl. 315,000 traditional sales)[12]


  • 2013: La face cachée (18 tracks of Subliminal, plus 6 additional tracks) [Wati B / Jive Records]
  • 2016: À contrecœur (13 tracks of Mon cœur avait raison, plus 7 additional tracks) [Wati B]


  • 2004–2009: Gims, Le fléau (compilation)
  • 2004–2009: 100% Maître Gims (compilation)

Mixtapes and street albums[edit]

  • 2005: La terre du milieu" (3e Prototype Mixtape)
  • 2008: Le Renouveau (3e Prototype Street album)


Year EP title Peak positions
2013 Simon Lemay 193


Year Single Peak positions Album


2006 Pour ceux qui dorment les yeux ouverts
(Maxi single)
Non-album release
2013 "Meurtre par strangulation" 59 17*
"J'me tire" 1 4 1 5 17
"Bella" 3 6*
3 25
"One Shot"
(feat. Dry)
16 7*
"Ça marche"
(feat. The Shin Sekaï)
29 59*
"Changer" 9 15
"Zombie" 3 21 66 The hidden side of
"Warano-Style" 21 49
2015 "Est-ce que tu m'aimes?" 3 19 2 4 1 43 Mon cœur avait raison
"Laissez passer" 7 26
"Brisé" 6 36
"Sapés comme jamais"
(feat. Niska)
3 21
2016 "Ma beauté" 11 48 À contrecoeur
"150" 61
(feat. Jul and DJ Last One)
21 44
"Tout donner" 18 26
2017 "Loin"
(featuring Dany Synthé, soFLY & Nius)
33 6 71
"Marabout" 19 22*
"Caméléon" 7
32 38
2018 "Mi Gna (Maître Gims Remix)"
(with Super Sako featuring Hayko)
4 21 74
"Loup garou"
(featuring Sofiane)
3 38 86
"La même"
(featuring Vianney)
1 21 1 24
"Corazón" (Remix)
(featuring Lil Wayne and French Montana)
"Lo Mismo"[24]
(with Álvaro Soler)
2019 "Miami Vice" 39
37 83
"Hola señorita"
(with Maluma)
5 23 12
(with Dadju and Alonzo)
"On Off"
(with Shirin David)[28]
3 6
(with Sting)

*Did not appear in the official Belgian Ultratop 50 charts, but rather in the bubbling under Ultratip charts.

Other releases and charted songs

Year Single Peak positions Album
"VQ2PQ" 66 Subliminal
"Épuisé" 79
"Pas touché"
(feat. Pitbull)
"Ça décoiffe"
(feat. Black M & Jr O Crom)
"À la base" 134
"La chute" 137
(feat. H Magnum)
(feat. Beidjik - Dadju (The Shin Sekaï) - Xgangs)
"Où est ton arme"
(feat. Maska)
"Laisse tomber"
(feat. Dr. Beriz & Insolent (L'Institut))
(feat. Charly Bell)
92 Les Chroniques du Wati Boss
"Monstre marin" 50 The hidden side of
"Close Your Eyes"
(feat. Jr O Crom)
"De Marseille à Paris"
(feat. Bedjik, Dr. Beriz, H Magnum & Soprano)
"You Lose" 65
2015 "Melynda Gates" 112 Mon coeur avait raison
"Longue vie"
(featuring Lefa)
"Je te pardonne"
(featuring Sia)
"Tu vas me manquer" 8
"Mon cœur avait raison" 54
"Hasta luego" 75
"Habibi" 86
(featuring Barack Adama)
"Number One"
(featuring H Magnum)
"ABCD" 165
"La main du roi" 171
"Cadeaux" 183
"Sans rétro"
(featuring Dadju)
2016 "Pense à moi" 55 À contrecoeur
"Paname" 94
2018 "Tu ne le vois pas"
(feat. Dadju)
14 Ceinture noire
"Tu reviendras" 31
"Corazón" 32
"T'es partie" 69
"Malheur, malheur" 81
"Les roses ont des épines" 89
"Tu me l'avais promis" 100
"Merci maman" 104
"Le pire" 105
"Bonita" 133
"Appelez la police" (feat. MHD) 138
"Laissez-moi tranquille" 141
"Où aller" 145
"La nuit c'est fait pour dormir"
(feat. Orelsan & H Magnum)
"Gunshot" 150
"Je t'en veux" 153
"Anakin" 164
"60%" 166
"Fuegolando" 175
"Tu m'as dit"
(feat. Bedjik)

Featured in

Year Single Peak positions Certifications Album

2011 "Pas de nouvelle bonne nouvelle"
(DJ Abdel feat. Maître Gims & Black M)
2012 "Ma mélodie"
(Dry feat. Maître Gims)
33 27
(Colonel Reyel avec Maître Gims)
149 Colonel Reyel album
Soldat de l'amour
2013 "Fin de dream"
(H Magnum feat. Maître Gims)
(Stromae with Maître Gims & Orelsan)
43 38 Stromae album
Racine carrée
"Game Over"
(Vitaa feat. Maître Gims)
1 68*
"Le choix"
(Dry feat. Maître Gims)
"Longueur d'avance"
(Booba feat. Maître Gims)
13 48 Booba album
Futur 2.0
2014 "Pour commencer"
(Marin Monster feat. Maître Gims)
46 27*
"Prie pour moi"
(Maska feat. Maître Gims)
50 44*
"Du swagg"
(DJ Kayz feat. H Magnum & Maître Gims)
"A contre sens"
(Shaniz feat. Maître Gims)
"Laisse-moi te dire"
(Mac Tyer feat. Maître Gims)
40 38*
"Dans son sac"
(Alonzo feat. Maître Gims)
2015 "Au cœur de Lutéce"
(Hayce Lemsi feat. Maître Gims)
"Petit jaloux"
(Lacrim feat. Maître Gims)
64 Lacrim album
Ripro Vol. 2
2016 "Pourquoi tu m'en veux?"
(H Magnum feat. Maître Gims)
89 34*
2017 "Tu la regardes"
(John Mamann feat. Maître Gims)

*Did not appear in the official Belgian Ultratop 50 charts, but rather in the bubbling under Ultratip charts.

Other appearances

  • 2005: "Le Coup Final" (Black Mesrimes and Bakry feat. Maître Gims, Adams, Anraye & Haplokia (Maxi Le Pacte)
  • 2006: "Spectre du débit" (Maître Gims feat. Lefa & JR O Crom)
  • 2008: "Ghetto Girl" (feat. Kizito)
  • 2008: "Yougata vibe" (feat. Mister you)
  • 2008: "P'tit son d'été" (Sexion d'Assaut)
  • 2009: "L'effet papillon" (Youssoupha)
  • 2009: "D'après vous" (feat. Mister You & JR O Crom)
  • 2009: "Wati Bonhomme" (feat. Dry)
  • 2010: Ça Marche En Équipe (street tape by H Magnum feat. Sexion d'Assault)
  • 2011: "Donnez-nous de la funk" (feat. DJ Abdel on album Evolution 2011)
  • 2011: "Sahbi" (Sexion d'Assaut on compuilation album Rai'nb Fever 4)
  • 2011: "Blood Diamondz" (feat. Sniper)
  • 2012: "Avant qu'elle parte" (Sexion d'Assaut)
  • 2012: "Excellent" (feat. H Magnum)
  • 2012: "Mon Défaut" (feat. Dry)
  • 2012: "Ils sont cools" (Orelsan feat. Gringe (Maître Gims appears in music video)
  • 2014: "Prie Pour Moi" (Maska feat. Maître Gims)


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