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Malumel Bhagavathy
Malumel Bhagavathy
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 690523
Vehicle registration KL-23
Climate moderate (Köppen)
Malumel Temple

Malumel is a village in the Karunagappalli Municipality of Quilon district, Kerala, India.


Pallikkalaar is a stream flowing through the village.


There is a temple called the Malumel Bhagavathi Kshethram (temple). The idol is goddess Bhadrakali.Deshadevatha of Malumel.


Moreover, the history about the temple is very mythological belief as it says that Devi was flowing through the waters of pallikkalar, the historical brook, and a lady came to see this thing and she thought something very different as something circling around that baby, so superficial, kind of yellow, holy ray of light and she informed the head of Kadavil family.And he informed the shastri, belonging to nelloor family, nelloor is the local family there, worshiping the bhadra, and other lords like lord vishnu, lord ganapathi, lord shiva, lord nagraja, etc. so, nelloor shastri went for picking up the superficial baby and placed her under a big old peepal tree at nelloor. The shastri informed the local king, the kayankulam raja and the raja asked for the prophets to initialize the stars and find why this superficial thing has occurred. The prophets said that it is the goddess bhadrakali, who appeared as the baby, wanted to sit beside pallikalar and give her blessings to local people over malumel. so the nelloor shastri and kayankulam raja constructed a kshetra(temple) for the devi(goddess), thus fulfilling her wish. Thus kshetra on nelloor was the root kshetra and then devi was displaced accordingly by raja to a big kshetra near the pallikalar. The kshetra also holds lord shiva, lord ganapathi, lord nagaraja in its spiritual environment which provides great feeling of relief from our problems we wanna face in our life.

Sports and games[edit]

The village has a vast playground in which there is a pipal tree and a banyan tree.