Mana Sakura

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Mana Sakura
Mana Sakura, 2017 (cropped).jpg
Mana Sakura, in 2017
Native name
Born (1993-03-23) March 23, 1993 (age 26)
Height1.56 m (5 ft 1 12 in)

Mana Sakura (Japanese: 紗倉まな, Hepburn: Sakura Mana, born March 23, 1993) is a Japanese AV idol, gravure model and novelist. Originally debuting as a model, she transitioned to AV in 2012, becoming an exclusive performer for Soft On Demand and starred over 100 adult films since her debut.[1] Sakura is considerd one of the most popular and recognizable AV idols of the 2010's as she managed to crossover into mainstream entertainment with apperances in television, film and video games as well.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Tokyo, Mana Sakura studied at the Department of Public Works, then enrolled at College of Technology.[2] She debuted as a mainstream model at 18 in the gravure video 18 Years Old Mana Sakura Pretty Moe Factory, published in November 2011.[3]

In February 2012, Sakura entered the AV industry with the video AV Debut Mana released by the manufacturer Soft On Demand.[4][5] Users at Twitter recognized her as a student at the Technical College and the subsequent publicity[6] resulted in her debut video ranking first in DVD sales for that month at the major Japanese distributor, the DMM Corporation.[7]

In 2013 she was named Best New Actress at the Adult Broadcasting Awards[8][9] and at the same ceremony she also won the FLASH Award.[8] Also in 2013 she appeared in the mainstream movie Goddotan: Kisu gaman senshuken the Movie (ゴッドタン キス我慢選手権 THE MOVIE), a film adaptation of the popular Japanese late night TV variety show Goddotan.[10]

In 2014 she was voted into second place in the election for a character in the latest Yakuza video game.[11] She was a regular cast member in the second season of the Tokyo Broadcasting System's TV drama Ushijima the Loan Shark broadcast from January to March 2014.[12] In the Fall of 2014, Sakura was enlisted to write a column for, a promotional portal for Toyota. A spokesman said that the company considered her background and interest in driving "to be suitable for their needs."[13] She also appeared in a second mainstream movie in 2014, the action science fiction film Danger Dolls released in September 2014.[14]

She was once again a winner at the 2015 Adult Broadcasting Awards, this time taking the Best Actress Award and a second FLASH Award.[6][15]

AV idol[edit]

Sakura is a member of the band Sexy-J.[16]




Video Games[edit]

  • Yakuza Zero


  • The Lowlife (最低。) (2016)
  • Ōtotsu (凹凸) (2017)
  • Haru, shinan (春、死なん) (2018)
  • Negawakuba, Raise mo Ningen de (願わくば、来世も人間で) (2018)


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