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Type Porridge
Course Breakfast
Place of origin United States
Main ingredients Oatmeal
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1976 magazine ad for Maypo.

Maypo is a brand of instant maple-flavored oatmeal cereal. It was manufactured by Maltex Co. It was best known for its television commercials with the catchphrase, "I Want My Maypo" by Marky Maypo.


Maypo was developed by the Maltex Corporation in Burlington, Vermont, a company which had been manufacturing wheat and barley cereal since 1899 under the name Malted Cereals Company. The formula was invented in 1953 by Herbert A. Bahrenberg.[1]

Shortly after the development of Maypo, Maltex was sold and became a division of Heublein.[2][3] By the mid-1960s its market share had declined and Maltex was sold to American Home Products. [4]


The original "I Want My Maypo" ad was developed in 1956 by the Fletcher, Richards, Calkins & Holden Advertising Agency. The animation was created by John Hubley.[5][6]

Maypo's later television ads sometimes featured athletes—including Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain and Johnny Unitas—crying "I want my Maypo!"[7]

In popular culture[edit]

MTV's "I want my MTV!" image and branding campaign in 1982 was based on the "I want my Maypo!" catchphrase; both were developed by George Lois.[8] [9]

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