Meanings of minor planet names: 320,001–330,000

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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
320,001–321,000 [edit]
320260 Bertout 2007 QA5 Claude Bertout (b. 1946), a French astronomer and long-time editor of Astronomy and Astrophysics.
320790 Anestin 2008 EN145 Victor Anestin (1875-1918), a Romanian journalist who popularized astronomy and sciences.
320942 Jeanette-Jesse 2008 GC145 Jeanette (1916–2014) and Jesse (1916–2014) Wasserman, the beloved parents of the discoverer and his sister, Ruth.
321,001–322,000 [edit]
321024 Gijon 2008 MD1 Gijon (Xixón in Asturian) is the largest city and municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain.
321046 Klushantsev 2008 QL33 Pavel Vladimirovich Klushantsev (1910-1999), a Russian film director, producer, screenwriter of popular-science films.
321324 Vytautas 2009 HJ68 Vytautas Didysis the Great (1350-1430), one of the most famous rulers of medieval Lithuania.
321405 Ingehorst 2009 QZ Inge (b. 1938) and Horst Zimmer (b. 1931) are the parents of the second discoverer.
322,001–323,000 [edit]
322390 Planes de Son 2011 QN42 Les Planes de Son is a 1500-m-high plateau in the Catalan Pyrenees.
322510 Heinrichgrüber 2011 WR68 Heinrich Grüber (1891-1975), German theologian in Berlin.
322574 Werckmeister 2012 AS2 Andreas Werckmeister (1645-1706), an organist and a music theorist.
322912 Jedlik 2002 AS204 Ányos Jedlik (1800–1895), a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist and Benedictine priest.
325,001–326,000 [edit]
325366 Asturias 2008 QN16 The Principality of Asturias, in northwest Spain.
325369 Shishilov 2008 QJ29 Shishilov Viktor Fedorovich (b. 1939) contributed greatly to the development of tourism in Russia, in particular in Suzdal (Vladimir region).
325436 Khlebov 2009 OJ23 Khlebov Aleksandr Veniaminovich (b. 1966), head of the Observatory and the astronomical club DD(U)T (Izhevsk, Russia) between 1987 and 2003.
325455 Della Valle 2009 QJ26 Massimo Della Valle (b. 1957), an Italian astronomer.
325558 Guyane 2009 SP101 Guyane, the official name for French Guiana, an overseas region of France on the North Atlantic coast of South America.
325973 Cardinal 2010 VJ159 Robert Damian Cardinal (b. 1969), a research associate at the University of Calgary.
326,001–327,000 [edit]
326164 Miketoomey 2012 BJ94 Michael (Mike) Toomey (b. 1971), a longtime supporter of Lowell Observatory.
326290 Akhenaten 1998 HE3 Akhenaten, a pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died in 1336 or 1334 BC.
327,001–328,000 [edit]
327030 Alanmaclure 2004 RR289 Alan McClure (1929-2005), an exceptional amateur astronomer
327082 Tournesol 2004 VT65 Professor Tournesol is a fictional character in The Adventures of Tintin, the series of comic albums written and illustrated by Belgian artist Hergé.
327512 Bíró 2006 BR26 László József Bíró (1899–1985), Hungarian inventor of the easy-to-use writing implement generally known as the biro in Britain and the ballpoint pen in the U.S.
328,001–329,000 [edit]
328477 Eckstein 2009 HG36 Hartmut Eckstein (b. 1954), an experienced astrophotographer at the Starkenburg Observatory.
328563 Mosplanetarium 2009 SZ1 Moscow Planetarium, the oldest in Europe, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2014.
329,001–330,000 [edit]
329935 Prévôt 2005 OH19 Jean Prévôt (1585-1631) was born in Delémont in Swiss Jura, like the discoverer. Prévôt became a famous physician and professor in Italy at the University of Padua.

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