Grand Mosque of Mersin

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Mersin Grand Mosque
Mersin Grandmosque.jpg
Basic information
Location Turkey Mersin, Turkey
Rite Sunni Islam
Province Mersin Province
Region Mediterranean Region
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1898 (original)-1979 (rebıuilt)
Capacity 3000

Mersin Grand Mosque (Turkish: Ulu Cami) is a mosque in Mersin, Turkey. (The name Ulu is used for many mosques in different cities of Turkey)

The building[edit]

The mosque is in Akdeniz intracity district of Mersin (Central Mersin). It is at the intersection of the main streets. Atatürk Park is to the south and business quarter of the city is to the north and west. The square ground area of the mosque is about 6,400 square metres (69,000 sq ft) The mosque shares this area with a small shopping area named Ulu Çarşı . The parking area is below the basement. It is a three storey mosque. The prayer section for 3000 people and nartex is at the ground floor. The conference room for 400 people and Youth center is at the basement. There are two minarets one at the east and one at the west. Each minaret has two minaret balconies (Turkish: şerefe)[1][2]


The original mosque, then named Yeni Cami (Turkish: New Mosque), had been built in 1898 by the leading people (like Abdülkadir Seydavi) of Mersin. In the 1970s, the mosque has been rebuilt and was renamed Ulu Cami.


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