Bozyazı Island

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Bozyazı Island
Native name:
Bozyazı Adası
Bozyazı Island is located in Turkey
Bozyazı Island
Bozyazı Island
LocationMediterranean Sea
Coordinates36°05′45″N 32°58′33″E / 36.09583°N 32.97583°E / 36.09583; 32.97583
İl (province)Mersin Province

Bozyazı Island is a small Mediterranean island in Turkey.

The island faces Bozyazı ilçe (district) of Mersin Province at 36°05′45″N 32°58′33″E / 36.09583°N 32.97583°E / 36.09583; 32.97583. Its distance to shore is only 200 metres (660 ft) and in 1982 a road was constructed between the main land and the island by embankment. But in 2009 the artificial connection was abandoned. [1]

Although it is currently uninhabited there are ruins on the island.The island was once a part of the Nagidos ancient city.[2] However, during the Cilician pirates age the city lost its former importance and the population mostly concentrated in the island then called "Nagidudos" or "Tagiduda". [3]

The total area of the island is about 11,500 square metres (124,000 sq ft). According to the Ministry od Forestry the island is declared an archaeological site .[4]


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