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Mini-Roman or Mini-Roman 2 Diamonds is contract bridge convention whereby the opening bid of 2 shows a three suited hand and 11-15 high card points. The convention allows responder to know whether there is game and in a suit contract or notrump.


An opening bid of 2 shows one of two hands and 11-15 HCP: 4441 or 5440 (the five card suit is usually not a major suit.)

The Mini-Roman 2 opening is a forcing bid. Responder has the following options.

  • 2: Pass or correct and non-forcing;
  • 2: Pass or correct to 3 and non-forcing;
  • 2NT: Forcing, asking opener to bid his short suit.
  • 3 or showing a long suit and interest in game in that suit or notrump if Opener is near the top of the bid.

Opener's rebids:

  • Over 2: pass or bid 2;
  • Over 2: with hearts, bid 3, pass with spades;
  • Over 2NT bid the short suit:

The advantage to the system is the power of the short suit. The hand lends itself to a cross ruff.


Some partnerships have an agreement that the singleton or void will always be in a minor suit. This allows for an easy exit at the two level, should responder not have many points.

Some partnerships have an agreement that the opener shows the singleton or void by bidding the suit under it (3N = ). This is sometimes referred to as the submarine treatment.

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