Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova
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Andrei Galbur.jpg
Andrei Galbur

since 20 January 2016
Style His/Her Excellency
Appointer Parliament of Moldova
Term length Four years

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova (Ministerul Afacerilor Externe şi Integrării Europene) is one of the nine ministries of the Government of Moldova.

The current Minister is Andrei Galbur, member of Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM).

History of the office[edit]

According to Constitution of Moldova (1994), the structure of the Government is determined by organic law. The office of Foreign Minister is one of the most high-profile positions in the Government of Moldova.


  • Ensures the sovereign rights of the Republic of Moldova in international relations.
  • Promotes Moldova's foreign policy in relations with other states and international organizations.
  • Informs the President, Parliament and Government on major international events, and make proposals on Moldova's position towards them.
  • Negotiates on behalf of the Republic of Moldova and participate in negotiating treaties and international agreements.
  • Directs and controls the activity of diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova to other countries and international organizations.
  • Analyzes internal and external situation of countries with which Moldova has diplomatic relations, identifies and evaluates development opportunities of trade and economic relations with these countries.
  • Cooperates with the central specialized bodies and other structures of government in external economic relations and promotion of the state's unified policy externally.

Office holders[edit]

Name From Until Party
Ion Pelivan 21 Dec 1917 9 Apr 1918
Nicolae Ţâu b.1945 1990 28 Oct 1993
Ion Botnaru (b. 1954) (acting) 28 Oct 1993 5 Apr 1994
Mihai Popov (b. 1949) 5 Apr 1994 28 Jul 1997
Nicolae Tăbăcaru (b. 1955) 28 Jul 1997 23 Nov 2000
Nicolae Cernomaz (b. 1949) 23 Nov 2000 27 Jul 2001
Iurie Leancă (b. 1963) (1st time) (acting) 27 Jul 2001 4 Sep 2001
Nicolae Dudău (b. 1945) 4 Sep 2001 4 Feb 2004
Andrei Stratan (b. 1966) 4 Feb 2004 25 Sep 2009
Iurie Leancă (2nd time) 25 Sept 2009 31 May 2013
Natalia Gherman 31 May 2013 20 January 2016
Andrei Galbur 20 January 2016

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