Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sri Lanka)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Agency overview
Formed 1948
Preceding agency
Ministers responsible
Agency executive
  • Mrs. C. Vageeshwara, Secretary
Website Official Website
Coat of arms of Sri Lanka, showing a lion holding a sword in its right forepaw surrounded by a ring made from blue lotus petals which is placed on top of a grain vase sprouting rice grains to encircle it. A Dharmacakra is on the top while a sun and moon are at the bottom on each side of the vase.
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (also known as the Foreign Ministry) is a ministry of the Government of Sri Lanka that conducts and manages Sri Lanka's relations with other countries. The ministry is housed at the Republic Building in Colombo fort.


The ministry was formally established in 1948 following the independence of Ceylon as the Ministry of External Affairs and Defence, coming under the direct control of the Prime Minister of Ceylon. In 1977, J.R Jayawardena's government adapted two separate ministries, forming the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of External Affairs. A.C.S Hameed was appointed as Cabinet Minister of External Affairs.

Overseas missions[edit]

The ministry has 65 overseas missions including 13 High Commissions, a Deputy High Commission, 37 Embassies, 2 Permanent Representations to the United Nations, 11 consulates and a representative office. It provides consular assistance to Sri Lankans traveling, working and studying overseas.

Senior officials[edit]


  • General Administration Division
  • Overseas Administration Division
  • Consular Affairs Division
  • Protocol Division
  • Public Communications Division
  • Economic Affairs Division
  • Finance Division
  • IT Division
  • Legal Division
  • United Nations and Multilateral Affairs Division
  • South Asia and SAARC Division
  • Middle East and Africa Division
  • Europe, Americas and CIS Division
  • East Asia and Pacific Division

Statutory institutions[edit]

The old Legislative Council Building, Colombo fort. Today houses the Ministry of External Affairs

Ministers of Foreign Affairs[edit]

Permanent Secretaries[edit]


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