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This is a list showing the organization structure of the Kenyan government ministries and ministers which have undergone significant change since independence in 1963.


Office of the Prime Minister[edit]

Prime Minister of Kenya[edit]

Deputy Prime Minister of Kenya[edit]

Minister of State office of the Prime Minister[edit]

Office of the President[edit]

In the Office of the President, Ministers of State have been:

Provincial Administration and National Security[edit]


Special Programmes[edit]

Minister of State[edit]

Office of the Vice President[edit]

The Vice-President of Kenya office has been held by the following:

Home Affairs[edit]

In the Office of the Vice President, the Ministry of Home Affairs has had the following Ministers of State:

National Heritage[edit]

In the Office of the Vice President, the Ministry of National Heritage has had the following Ministers of State:

Immigration and Registration of Persons[edit]

In the Office of the Vice President, the Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons has had the following Ministers of State:

External Affairs[edit]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs[edit]

Ministry of East African and Regional Cooperation[edit]

Minister of State (Pan African Affairs)[edit]

Governance and Internal Affairs[edit]

Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs[edit]

Ministry of Local Government and Regional Affairs[edit]

Commerce and Economy[edit]

Ministry of Finance[edit]

Ministry of Economic Planning and Development[edit]

Ministry of Commerce and Industry[edit]

Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing[edit]


Ministry of Energy[edit]

Ministry of Works[edit]

Ministry of Information and Communication[edit]

Social Services[edit]

Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development[edit]

Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services[edit]

Ministry of Housing and Social Services[edit]

Ministry of Health[edit]

(Ministry divided into Ministries of Public Health and Medical Services upon formation of Grand Coalition government)

Ministry of Research,Science and Technology[edit]

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology[edit]

(Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology created out of ministry of education upon creation of Grand Coalition in 2008)

Natural Resource Management[edit]

Ministry of Lands and Settlement[edit]

Ministry of Agriculture[edit]

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources[edit]

Ministry of Tourism[edit]

Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development[edit]

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