Miss World 1951

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Miss World 1951
Date 29 July 1951
Presenters Eric Morley
Venue Lyceum Ballroom, London, United Kingdom
Entrants 26
Placements 5
Debuts Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
Winner Kiki Håkansson
1952 →

Miss World 1951, the first Miss World pageant, was held on 29 July 1951 at the Lyceum Ballroom in London, UK. A total of 26 contestants competed for the inaugural Miss World title.

The winner was Kiki Håkansson from Sweden. She wore a "bikini" when being crowned, the only winner to ever do so.


Final results Contestant
Miss World 1951
1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
3rd Runner-up
  •  France - Jacqueline Lemoine
4th Runner-up



Contestants who previously competed or will be competing at international beauty pageants:

Miss World
Miss Universe
Miss Europe
  • 1949:  Britain: Elayne Pryce
  • 1953:  Britain: Marlene Ann Dee (1st Runner-up)


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